Insanity Repeating History

It is said that it was Albert Einstein who coined the phrase to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results is insanity.  What can I say other than the man was a Genius?? Minus the fact he never understood Messiah nor accepted the one God had sent to be his Messiah,  he died a failure he died in his sins,  so he was a genius only by the world’s standards he was a loser in God’s economy, and so was Stephen Hawking who died denying God existed, he died on the same day Albert Einstien was born 3.14 do you know what the odds of that were? When the sheep do not recognize they are being led to the slaughter by the same system over and over again, what’s that, make them? When their shepherds support the system, the Bible refers to them as wolves… Read moreInsanity Repeating History

Does This Ring A Bell For You?

He wanted to rule above the creator, which would mean a new order and a regime change in heaven. He wanted to exalt himself above the most high (Jesus, who is the Son of man before man was created). Our God is one God  REVEALED in three Persons. Lucifer led his rebellion by lying to the angels saying, “God has no SON!” No, he was not Islamic because they had not been born as yet and what we hear from Islam is an echo of what the second rebellion heard from the first rebellion. That is why they will not in the spirit world give up their ground to the dragon, and Islam will never become Catholic as they are the image of the beast.  So a shout out to the Prince of Persia, hold that ground and we will get that oil into the hands of the right nation;… Read moreDoes This Ring A Bell For You?

The meme and a picture is worth how many words?

The Bible is a book no one wants to read, so it is not hard to condemn many to hell by keeping it away from them. GOD is a Spirit, and they who worship HIM must do so in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. First, God sent the prophets to tell us how things will go and end. The rider to the red horse is on the scene, and the Whitehorse still not Pentacostal enough nor prepared to bow to the image of the beast. God sent images to help save the lost, but the saved prefer a godlike power, and isn’t it so odd and at the same time equally sad those who have spiritual gifts cannot see the image of the beast? If they can, they are certainly not helping anyone to stay away from him. The meme is a great way to get a message out; although I… Read moreThe meme and a picture is worth how many words?

History Repeats Because We Fail to Learn From It.

History (His Story) I have what I have because I found what I found because I am who I am because HE is who HE is and that HE loves us with a great love though the sentiment does not seem to be reciprocated. I will make the SON of God my pet if HE ever shows up is what the Sphinx says to me. I am confirmed in my findings from God when he gives me the answer to Meet Mrs. B. Eagle This really does not need interpretation once you know what is going on. How about one last chance to understand it, and we all need to be listening as the preacher preaches and yes even to the choir who stands in defense of evil. Ecclesiastes 1:12-14 KJV (12)  I the Preacher was king over Israel in Jerusalem. (13)  And I gave my heart to seek and… Read moreHistory Repeats Because We Fail to Learn From It.

Why The Darkness Hates America

For the same reason, they began the destruction of Germany. For the Christian, this should not be hard to figure out. Gutenberg Press was invented in Germany; along with the press came more Bible reading. It is where the reformation began. Lutherism had its birth. They did not like calling it the reformation because they saw no need to reform or repent, so today, it is called restoration and is ecumenical in its purpose. Whose winning who? Full Movie Full Movie The enemy hated the idea people read the Bible because it is the answer to his destruction and the revelation that God has called us all to be priests to HIM and that there are seven angels over seven Churches that make up the one body.  Then there is the dragon’s church that seeks to consume all the others. One with a history of stealing, killing and destroying, and… Read moreWhy The Darkness Hates America

What if?

What if Columbus had been a Protestant then possibly Akron, Dayton or Cincinnati would be the Capitol of OHIO maybe even holy Toledo?  Even the indigents he came across could have been hearers of the word maybe even doers, had they learned who they were in Christ 1 Peter 2:9. What if they could have even performed the LORD’s Supper without the aid of a priest from the church of compromise and ignorance. The church claiming to be “The Church” was birthed where all the gods gathered to keep Christ from his purpose known as ROME. What if true repentance and remorse had come to those souls who worshiped all those false gods in ROME? What if the false gods did not turn down the heat and make Christians comfortable until they had brought back the system Jesus came to erase by making us all priests to himself? What if… Read moreWhat if?

About That Third Archangel Was He Necessary?

How often I hear the unbeliever ask if God knows everything then why did HE create Satan? HE did not create Satan HE created Lucifer the carrier of light before we were asked too,  he took his free will just like ours and turned against God he was not the first Judas and certainly not the last, many of us who claim to be Christian do it too. Because he was closest to God he had influence over the angels and led a rebellion by insisting he could give them what they were seeking power to rule with him in the heavens without worshiping the SON. Here he has been establishing their spirits in political positions by possessing men. Politics is a soul-sucking institution that makes people compromise their positions one should never compromise the commandments and teachings of Christ if we do we have an advocate in the heavens…. Read moreAbout That Third Archangel Was He Necessary?

Who is behind it Angel or Devil Test Your Powers of Discernment?

Below this short brief is a series of movies and programs you may or may have not seen, each with a message attached,  is it a message from a heavenly perspective or a demonic perspective? If it encourages sin there is no question where it is from God tempts no one. Not even when HE paraded Eve past the Angels on her way to Adam they had not known the pleasures of the human form and there was no desire until the time of Noah. Let us see how well you can discern if it is God in the message who casts away all fear because HE loves us completely or is the devil behind it? The Bible is the manual for life the word is God-breathed and several times the blood of the prophets was shed for having spoken it. We are told by the word where there is… Read moreWho is behind it Angel or Devil Test Your Powers of Discernment?

In Hollywood the Common Phrase is “What’s My Motivation?”

The featured image has a target on it; it is the star we find on the Hollywood walk of fame it is a group we need to target intensely after all they have out of so many others have sold their soul to the prince of darkness to have what they have. So it is now time to collect on their contracts,  we need a peace plan,  we need a temple built, we need the oil. What does the oil represent again? It’s just like wine it’s something spiritual. As a player in the final act of history, I need to ask, “What’s my motivation?” The bands are bands of bondage made up of guilt and shame. They defend their self-abuse as being part of the role they play.  The ten bands represent the broken commandments ones we all have broken, for there is none righteous, no not one Romans… Read moreIn Hollywood the Common Phrase is “What’s My Motivation?”

In Possession of the Greatest Gift on Earth

In today’s climate, the need for oil is catamount, weapons, cars, industry, etc. etc.  A prophet by the name of Elisha blesses a woman and her two sons who are to be taken away to pay a debt.  They are instructed by Elisha to get as many empty jars as they can to fill each of them with oil and as long as there were jars the oil continued to flow. We have many empty jars that we as saints need to fill. However, you have to place Virgo where God placed her and not allow Jesuits to lay hands on the infirmed until they are truly “Born Again” and repentant. They are carriers of devils that are worse than COVID 19 and they are the reason it is here. Oil represents the essence of God the HOLY SPIRIT making the system of man run smoothly.  Oil and wine are… Read moreIn Possession of the Greatest Gift on Earth

Never Forget What They Are Like – Yes There are Monsters So Quit Lying to Your Kids.

Matthew 23:37 KJV (37)  (777) O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Man is just a shell, a container to carry thought and ideologies. I for one will not Heil Hydra! America’s way of life had to end in order for theirs to survive we can say we GOTCHA or ignore it and let them have the U.S. One ideology seeks to rule over all the others and they are ruthless the leader they follow is vicious a known killer and predator and you are not safe as long as he insists on supremacy. They distort the truth they push propaganda and JFK warned us about them, in his secret society speech.  Like Kennedy,  Abraham Lincoln or as… Read moreNever Forget What They Are Like – Yes There are Monsters So Quit Lying to Your Kids.

Hallmark should be running Hollywood

When Jesus returns, I am sure they will,  we will be staying for a thousand years, and I am not interested in what the dark desires but what it is the light desires. The featured image is one I have done hundreds of times it represents our stars of Hollywood and it is in bondage and we need to target that particular place where trash is spewed and the LORD’s name is used in vain on the big screen. They and their worshippers have no protection from the wrath of God.  Nine is the number of judgment and there is only one GOD  19 so six, in this case, would be very important. The covering needs to do his job! Not answer impertinent questions or malicious digs. From Romes puppets taught  in Parochial schools to be clever and keep the word from others. People who enjoy and find pleasure in… Read moreHallmark should be running Hollywood

Entertainment There is more Fun in Heaven then Here.

After the last post, I did on setting up a series of those teachers I trust I should have watched the movie now I’m confused maybe you are too? The message was outstanding, and I enjoyed it because we could all strive to be better people.  However,  the movie not so much, I was quick to enable the Family Play feature in VUDU and found that it was going off every five minutes or so after viewing the rating and content. He stated he watched movies for entertainment, not for doctrinal content.    A shepherd of God’s sheep watches over the flock to protect it from wolves. The angels see our programming as well; in fact, the Matrix was a great movie in revealing a lot of serious truth; it was so well done. God knew most of you were watching it.  A crop circle was built based on it…. Read moreEntertainment There is more Fun in Heaven then Here.

Mary and John C. Were Neighbors of Mine.

I could stand on the steps of my home’s front door and hit the back of their house with a rock.  Mary and John lived on the next street down. Between us was a small cottage home where a mother and her son lived. I’ll call Helen, who had a statue of Catholic Mary  standing in her clamshell on top of a filled over concrete wading pool that as children we once played in. They filled it in as we got older later on Mary was placed on top to guard it against ever being used again.  If there were any Jewish people or Muslims in the neighborhood, they would not have found Christ at either of our three houses we were religious, not relational. When did Mary have  the time to pose for her statue?  Why would a Jewish woman like Mary mother of Jesus  sanction a statue of… Read moreMary and John C. Were Neighbors of Mine.

The Covering is for Your Protection

A brother thinking he knew God once asked me, does God need Protecting? That is not a question that you would ask an angel who watched man beat the most wonderful man who ever lived until his visage was unrecognizable—God who came to us in the form of Jesus Christ. That angel would say it will never happen again, and we will not fail to worship! The Son now has an eternal visible body we can all see in heaven. God created the covering cherub to protect the Kingdom and bring praise back to the throne of God and the SON of God, who  God told them was responsible for all that the angels saw and enjoyed and worthy of all praise. God, we know, seen the end from the beginning and knew the value of the  SON to build His Kingdom with love instead of delusion. Lazurus  (the disciple… Read moreThe Covering is for Your Protection