It’s Mothers Day

Thank you, mom wherever and whoever you are,  sorry I missed you.

Thank you for giving me life…I met Jesus!

We are to treat our women with respect and honor.

Fathers love your daughters and be the first man she dates and wants to marry and you will love your son in law.

First from the wiki on Mother’s day and then my twenty-two cents.

The Founding of Mother’s Day

Andrews Methodists Episcopal Church is most noted for holding the first official celebration of Mother’s Day in 1908. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, conceived the idea as a way to venerate “a mother’s private service to her family.” This reflected Anna’s desire to use Mother’s Day as a sentimental way to remember her own mother, Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, following her mother’s death in 1905.

Following the original celebrations of Mother’s Day in 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jarvis’ holiday quickly gained support across America. Jarvis campaigned for recognition of Mother’s Day as an official holiday. Anna chose the second Sunday in May as the annual date for the holiday because it marked the anniversary of her mother’s death.

The white carnation became a symbol of the day and was selected by Jarvis to honor her mother’s favorite flower. The celebration also extended to many foreign countries within only a few years of its conception.

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that flags be flown “on the second Sunday in May as a public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.”The 1914 proclamation by Wilson represents a victory for Jarvis since it recognized her holiday and mothers across America. The year 2014 represents the 100th anniversary of Wilson’s proclamation and the official national recognition of Mother’s Day as a holiday. The International Mother’s Day Shrine in Grafton, West Virginia holds special commemorations and events in recognition of this anniversary.

Now what I know of Mothers.

Eve we know is the mother of all that is living the start of the existence of man, taken from Adam’s rib, and upon her creation, in the heavens, she is brought to Adam by God passing her by the Angels on her way to Adam. (When you are tempted do not say you are not tempted by God James 1:13). Eve would not have had to have been, had the angels just believed in faith in God’s SON. God saw after HE had Adam name all the animals that it was not good that man was alone but also knowing HE needed to reveal to the doubting and unbelieving angels that HE has a SON and one that is responsible for all that they and we have.

Without the SON life could not exist it all revolves around the only begotten SON of God.  Knowing long in advance HE would have to take on flesh and blood so HE made the womb of the woman in a HOLY place to be a HOLY place for HIS SON and the rest of us to come through.

The fruit of the womb is a BLESSING from God Psalm 127:3.

The apostle Paul tells us a woman is saved through childbearing because when they teach their children the precepts of God they are building the Next Generation so how ought we as men treat them?

1 Timothy 2:15 KJV
(15)  Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

My stepmother was an alcoholic verbally abusive a cistern of demons she would have liked the NASB’s translation below if only they would have let her read the word of God while growing up in the Catholic orphanage for twelve years.

1 Timothy 2:15 NASB

(15) But women will be preserved through the bearing of children if they continue in faith and love and sanctity with self-restraint.

I prefer the word sobriety.  But we can agree to disagree over the word of God???

You can’t teach others about Christ if you do not know HIM and reading the Bible was considered a sin in the Catholic Church if not properly translated by them. You know who they are with all their idols and statues and leaving Christ on the cross striking the rock continuously the one so many hope I will bow to in order to get the kingdoms of the earth. Jesus said HE was worth an expensive bottle of perfume here I am thinking HIS HONOR is Worth the World but I have to bow to Catholicism before they take notice of me.

We can agree to disagree the elect cannot be deceived, phrases like that come from a person who doesn’t know he is teaching doctrines of demons.

If you need anything on the outside of you and you can call them whatever you want, icons or idols to remind you of what is birthed into you as a Christian then HE is probably not there, to begin with, which could possibly mean you are not saved. Did God give you the HOLY SPIRIT in order to be offended by HIM? If you are not offended by what offends HIM then what does that reveal?  Is God divided against himself no wonder there is so much confusion in the church and we are at each other’s throats, God can’t decide if HIS SON’s honor is worth the world or not?

Well, we agree to disagree I say that man was not intelligent enough before Abraham to have known where the center of the globe was,  they had no planes or any way of knowing that Egypt was the center of the globe and low and behold one of the seven wonders of the world end up there. Before Abraham was I am and Abraham by faith sought a city whose builder and maker is God. Egypt is where we find that city built by someone who wanted to be God. In order for angels to live here and be here, to begin their new world order they needed flesh.


Genesis 6:3 KJV
(3)  And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years.

That was the second rebellion in heaven long after the first Enoch chapter 6 because women were birthing giants and they began eating men who were abundant on the earth. In 900 years how many children can a mother birth?

I wish to control the narrative it was fallen angels not ancient aliens who built it smack dab in the center and only three arc degrees from true north the beginning of his new world order where the SON of God would not be the only one to worship.

The movie below reveals how wicked this system has become when it comes to harming children and families. Pregnancies have been happening out of wedlock from before Christ came. In these societies, they were often offered up as sacrifices or left somewhere to die. Roman soldiers were frowned upon from having families as it would not be beneficial to the state of ROME it still holds true for the army of priests.

The movie Philomena I just recently watched and it reveals the love of a mother who desires to know her son taken from her by the Catholic church as they did many others, in Ireland and sold to American Catholic families for thousands of dollars in the 1950s, in her old age she just wanted to look at him and know how his life went.  Back then a thousand dollars was equivalent to having 9000 dollars today. So each child then was worth anywhere up to two or three thousand dollars or in today’s market 20-30 thousand dollars.

My Philomena will never come for me I was a Catholic Charities child given away free to my second foster family (holding to the idea my first foster family had to be the angels in heaven thanks to Cain) as my stepfather’s sister worked at the CC and he only had to give the lawyer 125 dollars and twenty-five of that was for a tie to be worn in front of the judge,  he laminated it for posterity.

Was there an appointed time for this to happen 12+29+19+59?

Psalm 119:1-176 it was for a 125 dollars Psalm 119:125 if it had remained the actual 100 and my dad brought his own tie Psalm 119:100.

Abortion is wrong but so is sexual relations outside of marriage,  I’m a child born out of adultery, and like Bathsheba, my mother tried to convince her husband that I was his and not King David’s. Just as Nathan the prophet realized as my mother’s husband realized the numbers just didn’t add up and it was time to seek God out and find out why?

God will always tell you why if you seek Him with a pure heart and the right motives.

Should her husband have stayed with his cheating wife and raised me as his own? It would have probably not been any better, I was hated the minute I arrived.

God’s hand of protection over me was that I would know before any other who the antichrist would be.

I thought it was Obama but so did many others his name sounded like Osama and I knew who was behind the BS a false messiah to bring false peace to a lost people of Abraham because they do not know Jesus. They gave themselves away but look how many follow them and support them who along with them bore false witness against Abraham’s offspring and you cant see why God is bringing judgment against America? They gave us the Inquisition and Hitler and now they want to finish his work.

The image of the beast is one who does not like women they were not part of his creation he and his minions did get them into the worm of their spirits they just wanted to rule over everything without honoring God’s word or HIS SON they wanted power and of course without God giving them it. They have to make slaves of others in order to have it and it usually means slavery to those who follow them.

Though I never met my parents I know who my Heavenly Father is thanks to Jesus. Like HIM, I had a stepfather and because of HIM, I know I have a heavenly father.

My stepfather was a carpenter a blue-collar worker who when I brought home my first paycheck from my high tech job had tears in his eyes it took him a whole month when he was my age to make what I was making each week so to him 125 dollars in 1959 was in today’s dollars 1,126.  He often embarrassed me but that’s what fathers are there for to build character.

During his retirement years, he worked in a bakery and could he make an apple pie. He helped the youth group once make apple pies part of a bake sale and I heard a young lady say how my stepdad was a flesh burner and didn’t I know it.

Below is an audio message and the images and explanations are tagged by the time.


At 1:38 the eyes are explained.


Steering wheel behind it is the Trinity Driving made of 18 parts Psalm 18:1-50 is the truckers Psalm you find HE’s a deliver, a horn and a buckler for safety and salvation.



Placing the symbols where they belong. America turned his system upside down. He had to make it his. So I caught him doing it on Election 2008 when he bought the GOP seat to place Obama in the white house VP Joe Biden a Catholic.


Another graven image HEY Mom’s how many children do you think all that gold, silver, and precious stones feed? His preterist doctrine from his society of Jesus shipwrecks the faith of many. His society has kept the word of God from the world and replaced it with works being good and supporting the eating of cookies.

Ignatius of Loyola you can tell how the devil loves this man he has sent more souls to hell with his order and taken the world than any other man.

China should watch the movie “Silence” so they can see why Japan was so cruel to them in WWII they were making converts twice the children of hell as themselves.

They had to wait for a priest to offer the last supper, to teach them to read the word they would have to understand it themselves. Being “Born Again” would have helped. The movie reveals them, in the end, sitting on the docks turning away from the shores of Japan items that are made by Christians.

They gave us the inquisition and Revelation 6:10 says our brothers martyred and in heaven are seeking justice.

Thanks again Mom Mother of all living.


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