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There are people screaming at the top of their lungs with apologies trying to get into this club.

Unfortunately, they were not seekers of truth but of pleasure and not the kind Father approves of and HE is the HEAD of all of this.   We are an exclusive and all-inclusive club we do not turn away members who will happily receive Christ as their Savior.

Before you decide to sign up here consider your gifts what G-d has given you such as helps or cook or wedding planner and we are going to need a lot of those.  Each site caters to a different individual but you all must have a clean sense of humor and the HOLY SPIRIT to be a member of any of these fraternities.

Organizers Meet at GR44.ORG
We have a lot of Arrows And Know
How to Use them.
Anyone and Everyone
Can be part of
We like to Shine!
Anglers and those who like
to Fish Hunt and Cook
Join GR44.NET
blessed is the amn who has a quiver full.
Those who like to Evangelize
and Play Music Do
No one and I mean no one is allowed to join this group those who are in it need to come out of it.
It’s Black and White
And the Servants of All the  Five Kings and their Cohorts who will handle all the other groups. We must move these Kings to the Top of the Hill.
It's Black and White and they will make you Red all over. Ride with the King

Where did this idea all come from the Same Person who wrote the Bible where Else?


In the movie War Games, the computer asks the question “Do you want to play a game?”  Full-on thermal Nuclear war no one wins.  Going into eternity without Christ is a bad choice the suffering never ends but there are those who for the lack of care keep playing their stupid war games because it lines their coffers with money and in turn, they hand you a cookie with a false hope that they know G-d it’s the one eye winking “I know God”  the lie the devil told in heaven he had seen the Son and knew him but the others were saying the same thing.

Does this look like he knew the SON?

If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.


Liar from the beginning! “I know God.” I laugh when I hear men teach the Antichrist is coming with all false signs and wonders and he is going to speak mesmerizing words and seduce many away from G-d. They don’t know G-d!

God did not start this game of King of the Hill but we know how to finish it!

Welcome to the 21st Century.


G-d is looking at this generation to fill HIS home with those who would love HIM and appreciate life.

Games,  boy do we love games! Good games, of course, this game with killing and shedding blood is not a good game.

Older Saints you agreed…Matthew 20:1-16  less work the same wages.

My websites are designed to get the job done!  Some countries get blocked by hackers and evil minions who bombard my sites with brute force attacks using automated spam bots preventing honest seekers of G-d from viewing the site while some countries just hate Jesus and Christians and block us anyway.

The dragon and his cronies placed a lot of bad people in a lot of places to thwart the message of the gospel from going forth and HE needs a peace plan.   Whatever in the world could that be I wonder?


My pastor keeps saying how G-d is in control so I am pretty sure G-d has one that HE would like them to have.

There is a solution through using a COOKIE yes you read that right a “COOKIE”  placed in their browser and even your own if you would like by sending the seeker to another URL that has not been blocked.

Missionaries will find they can access the sites as well in communists countries that block access to Christian material.

That information is found here.

Security is at a premium because of who we are up against.  I chose the best after searching many.  When I began I had to send smartphones to another theme entirely.  My site kept getting hacked and I kept learning.  With the new protocols and technology, one theme does it all it was the best choice.  It fits any device.

I have no education above High School including 900 hrs of Technical Computer Classes. Today I am just a lowly Truck driver and thank’s to Jesus I’m on my way to becoming a King.   I’m taking friends with me let’s have some fun before they blow it all apart and they will.

To think I found a COOKIE that may actually be able to save souls by helping to get the word of G-d in their hands and in their hearts that can be passed to the seeker’s browser that will allow him to bypass any blocks my protection may throw up as a result if his country undermining our work.


I have spent money and time developing each site to get the word out that JESUS IS ON HIS WAY I am the first casualty among men of the dragons disrespect of G-d.

The angels were waiting for the SON to arrive and I found a new family so no hard feelings Cain. I gave them HOPE that Christ would come and look I am doing it again trying to bring HOPE only the devil keeps getting in the way with wanting signs and wonders. A very jealous creature but it was he who gave it all up.

Want signs and wonders,  grab the kids get in the car go for a drive look around a little.  You weren’t fascinated with the Earth and the real Planets but look how fascinated they are in England over our crop circles.  Trust me on this when I say it gets better.

It wasn’t just Cain who disrespected the offering it was the dragon as well pushing him to kill his brother it was jealousy so glad that doesn’t happen anymore among us Christians who have Jesus living in them.

There will be Five Administrators to manage each of the sites the work is easy and it Pays Well and working for the LORD has even greater rewards.

Each member who joins a site is subject to the Administrator (Queen Bee) or ( King Bee) but never an undecided bee.

They will have at their disposal a task manager in the Administration area.

Get to know it, if you are interested in an Admin Position it is the nicest one I found as we begin the developer may assist us in improving it for our final goal.

Preparing the bride will take a lot of work but she needs to be adorned for her husband.   The dragon and his minion have been saving up a dowry for such an occasion.  This will get us the peace we need to get his temple underway.

An Administrator must be trustworthy and selected as a leader from among yourselves.  I will not pick you-you just need an endorsement from your Pastor if you are a Pastor you will need one from your congregation.   Admin’s assign tasks to the worker bees that’s team “Yellow “for example.

We need a day at six flags so several buses will need to be secured someone assigned to it can coordinate with the other community churches.

We are also going to need food for all those hungry children. Someone can do that.  I’m sure Wal-Mart and JB Hunt would be happy to join in.

Someone has to coordinate the “Christian” musicians who will be playing in the parks. There is scheduling and lets not forget the people who have been waiting for me for a long time those evil wicked Mason’s.

Want to know where these ideas came from?

My First Family!

Angels Protecting the Park from men who would harm Children in the name of G-d.

Did you know that bees work hardest producing honey when it gets to be a certain temperature?

No site has copyright though I may have some copy written material on them. But hey I’m the lawless one and that’s to be expected.

Assigned tasks are too willing individuals to perform.
(Free Wiling) we do not hold guns to people’s heads like the other guys.  They have their own site that I  set up just for them at

Don’t be offended I’m just trying to make a point that it is a cattle drive to heaven.  Let’s pray they become members of the others sites and leave the team they’re on.

Brother Abel