2 Chronicles 7:14 Dragnet and Catch Them All

We have been planting seeds from before any of you were born with every intention to win you to the love of Jesus Christ and taking you away from here. What is unfortunate is because I will not bow down to your Pontificate Maximus many will not hear the truth. Many say they know God; only many of them cannot prove it. Is that the HOLY SPIRIT guiding you to […]

A Total Eclipse of the SON leaves us with this Corona.

It is when one heavenly body blocks the light of another; the good news is an eclipse is only momentary.  Though during it, we can see the future of the plans of darkness and the new world order. Which began long before man was created. I don’t see those floor stickers being lifted anytime soon, do you? They look pretty permanent, telling us not to invade another’s space to keep […]

National Socialism Again or the acronym version N.S.A.

Let’s visit the plans of the ecumenical full of the spirit of God Pentecostals. The Video below tells you what’s up the man teaching this is Walter Vieght. He is one of my trusted teachers. His Church is SAFE or the non-acronym for S.A.F.E. Seventh Day Adventist For Escape. So if you need a Church right away, the Seventh Day Adventist is the church to belong to. They stand on […]

About the Apostles Creed

With the Pandamec looming and no one acting as a protection against God’s wrath I felt we needed to revisit this one. Let his people come and remove the stumbling blocks that blind the Jewish people,   you   anti-semites. The name implies that the original apostles were in attendance or in  some way placed their seal of approval on it. The tenants it states are true, but change a word or […]

HE will complete the work HE began in you.

What exactly is that work that Jesus began in you?  Some think it is the power to raise the dead and open blind eyes and to heal the afflicted. We can all open blind eyes by telling people the truth, especially when it comes to the eternal road they find themselves on it is either towards heaven or hell. God sends no one to hell; it is all in who […]

Lessons From Nature

The Bible says all things are here to bring glory to God, saving the world’s souls would do just that, which means getting the lost to see the light. The featured image is that of a sharks mouth that distorts the significant star of David for without them we would not have a savior. You cannot change the nature of a shark they are killing machines and are you glad […]

Have Protestants Failed God in the Harvest?

In my last post, I posted a video from a Catholic Conference where a Nun says we have failed in the harvest. I added I feel we have not even begun the final harvest. I desire as my heavenly Father desires that none should perish, but all come to repentance and the full knowledge of Jesus Christ.   Thus I want to reveal to the Church of Rome the three invocations […]

SEVEN Eyes made TWO eyes to overthrow ONE eye!

Picking up where I left off with the one hundred and fifty-three fish that the book of John, reveals Peter hauled in after the resurrection of Jesus.  Now let’s LOOK  closer at the seven eyes, which made our two, which will help us to destroy the one. We observe, and in observation, there is learning. Abel was killed because the enemy thought it was him that would crush his head […]

Intelligent Design Done by a Perfect God. UPDATE 1-21-2020

The devil is a liar and a deceiver seeking in whom he may devour.  He creates chaos and confusion the enemy had the Jewish people believing in a Messiah who would be just like King David, a man after God’s own heart.  That would overthrow their persecutors the Romans and establish a  kingdom without end, as Isaiah says it shall happen. The stars are unchangeable and the twelve tribes were […]

John Donald Imus Jr. Made the Appointed Times List

Known to many as the first American Shock Jock radio personality,  he was not careful of what he said on the air, nor did he care.  Much like his Hollywood counterparts that God points to in the “Star in Bondage”  crop circle.  His lips were his own. This star, with its twelve bands, points to Psalm 12. Psalms 12:1-8 KJV (1)  To the chief Musician upon Sheminith, A Psalm of […]

Sam Walton Made the Appointed Times List?

From the Wiki~, “Walton supported various charitable causes. He and Helen were active in the church of Christ in Bentonville, Arkansas; Sam served as an Elder and a Sunday School teacher, teaching high school age students. The family made substantial contributions to the congregation. Sam became the youngest Eagle Scout in the state’s history. In adult life, Walton became a recipient of the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award from the Boy […]

What Will They Do With all Those Vacant Walmarts?

Sanctions on China is a  move that would not fit into the intelligence arena unless the intelligence is to remove vast amounts of people from society to protect what resources are left for them.  There is a  high price to pay for having low prices. (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price )There is a video by the same name that reveals the agenda of Wal-Mart, who employees people in […]

Reality Check Man Had 6000 Years to Setup.

So how long did the fallen angels cast out of heaven have on the earth?  We know women do not come into the story until after the fall and the naming of all the animals by Adam, the first man created to have life breathed into him by God. Now, if Adam looked anything like man’s idea of the first man as shown in the featured image, its no wonder […]

William Franklin Graham Jr. Made the Appointed Times List

Billy Graham was a wise man who spoke righteousness and sought to shine a light on the soul in darkness. He was a Baptist Evangelist. My first work as a new Christian in Christ was to act as a counselor at his Boston Crusade in  May of 1982  the same month, and the year I was saved. I was saved on the fifth of May soul winning on the thirtieth […]

Spotting the Fake Can You?

In my last post, the featured image was an impersonator and not the real   Tom Cruise,  only their parents could tell them apart. Jesus admonishes us to bear with one spiritual Father and with good reason, so when an imposter comes along, we will know it. For those who believe and invited Christ into their lives have had the  Holy Spirit deposited in them. They can discern the good from […]

Kings Without Kingdom’s God Can Play Ten Dimensional Chess

And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. Revelation  17:12 The featured image is a three-tiered chessboard we are going to do this final game on a ten tier chessboard.  The idea for multidimensional chess was the brainchild of Ferdinand Maack (1861–1930). He was a German doctor, inventor, and occultist. He […]

Preach the Kingdom to All Nations

As a commercial truck driver in the transportation industry, I come across the gospel billboards that I would like to see more of across America.  Going viral should not just be for the internet; we should be building a net to haul in the catch-all across America. The latest billboard I just witnessed is shown below and is linked to the other samples that are out there.   Click on the […]

Don’t Be a Dunce!

The featured image came off the video “The Devil Next Door,” and many people had blamed the Jewish People for the crucifixion of Christ when it was actually the Roman Empire that did the deed. They did not do a very good job of it,  because three days later  HE is up walking around making merry and surprising people. The devil is angry at them for not recognizing  Jesus as […]

5 Star Witness Tool Everyone should get to Know This Method.

You know that we are called to reach out to the lost make disciples of all Nations and share our faith, however, the enemy you feel is blocking that opportunity. The following App for Android will make you’re witnessing more effective. I taught this course at a First Baptist Adult  Sunday school and I am thrilled it has been made into an  App. I used it this past Saturday to […]

Dwight L. Moody made the Appointed Times List

Dwight Lyman Moody (February 5, 1837 – December 22, 1899 age 62), also known as D. L. Moody, was an American evangelist and publisher connected with the Holiness Movement, who founded the Moody Church, Northfield School and Mount Hermon School in Massachusetts (now Northfield Mount Hermon School), Moody Bible Institute and Moody Publishers. One of his most famous quotes was “Faith makes all things possible… Love makes all things easy.“ […]

Maria Gaetana Agnesi Made the Appointed Times List

Her Life  Points to Their Theology. Born 16 May 1718,  Died 9 January 1799, age 80, she was an Italian mathematician, philosopher, theologian, and humanitarian. She was the first woman to write a mathematics handbook and the first woman appointed as a mathematics professor at a university. She is credited with writing the first book discussing both differential and integral calculus and was a member of the faculty at the […]

Georges Henri Joseph Édouard Lemaître Made the Appointed Times List

You will get a Bang out of this he was born on the17th of July 1894 he died 20 June 1966 and was 71 years old when he died without Christ or the Born Again Experience. An experience Jesus insists on happening to every believer. JOHN 3:3, we know that at  33, Christ offers Himself upon the cross for this to be able to happen to every believer.   Without this […]

The New World Order Began Over SEVEN Thousand Years Ago.

The image is found on the back of every US dollar; it is the great seal of the United States. It was designed by a Bible Scholar and Bible Translator by the name of Charles Thomson. The first question is what is missing in the above image” It is the symbol God chose to reveal himself with. The owl is on the front of the dollar; it is a symbol […]

Whatever you Bind and Loose

“Binding and loosing is originally a Jewish Mishnaic phrase also mentioned in the New Testament, as well as in the Targum. In usage, to bind and to loose simply means to forbid by an indisputable authority and to permit by an indisputable authority. The Targum to a particular Psalm implies that these actions were considered to be as effectual as the spell of an enchanter. The poseks had, by virtue […]

Walking on the Water With POPE Peter???

How to focus on what’s important. We are to believe that a restored priesthood of 313 AD of Gentile origins has Peter as their first Pope, the one in whom Jesus commissioned three times to go to the lost sheep of Israel and feed them.  They have failed severely, having placed a rock of offense in the path of the Jews.  Idolatry is forbidden by our God among them, and […]

Hath God need money for Revival?

This sentence was spoken to me twice sixty days apart when I tried to explain what God had told me.  Once by the treasure, he used the “Hath” having possessed a KJV and the second time by the Pastor with the NASB who used the “Has” word for word.   I could see it was the same spirit defenders of the dragon and his treasury. The answer is no he does […]

No Fishing in the Sea of Forgetfulness

Before anyone enters into heaven sin must be discarded, removed, eliminated from the individual it is not welcome in heaven to go there with it would make heaven like earth and God has plans to destroy this earth in favor of a new heaven and earth where sin has no place in it. HE promises all those who come to HIM, that HE will take our sins and cast them […]