Who is behind it Angel or Devil Test Your Powers of Discernment?

Below this short brief is a series of movies and programs you may or may have not seen, each with a message attached,  is it a message from a heavenly perspective or a demonic perspective? If it encourages sin there is no question where it is from God tempts no one. Not even when HE paraded Eve past the Angels on her way to Adam they had not known the pleasures of the human form and there was no desire until the time of Noah.

Let us see how well you can discern if it is God in the message who casts away all fear because HE loves us completely or is the devil behind it?

The Bible is the manual for life the word is God-breathed and several times the blood of the prophets was shed for having spoken it. We are told by the word where there is perfect love there is no fear. Being truly perfect is God alone, the rest of us are working to that end and remain in the favor of God we hold precious what HE holds precious.

That is why there are no UFO’s or other civilizations,  we have not completed free will in line with the will of God. To be like Jesus one must forgive like Jesus. Until free will is matured and sin-free the SON will not be needing to die on other planets. But when you reject the value of Christ and the purpose of Christ then you of course count him not precious and dream up other worlds with life on them.

Sadly it only aids to diminish your value by denying you are precious to God.

Angel outpost observing man. Learning what is good and what is evil.

We are surrounded by witnesses and angels who observe our steps,  the angels protect and defend the ones they know who are chosen by God to do great things for the kingdom. The greater the truth the more valuable one is in the kingdom,  it is the truth that sets us free.

The word is what is most important of all that will never perish.

Before I begin with my list of Inspired programs I wanted to tell you about a wonderful movie I just watched called. “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.”   A London writer bonds with the colorful residents of Guernsey as she learns about the book club they formed during the WWII German occupation. It morphs into a love story that tugs at the heartstrings and who doesn’t like a good love story? The club formed as a result of maintaining a small fellowship as there were laws against unauthorized meetings especially of the faith in God kind. I see trouble coming and the same people who did it the first time are behind it again.

I have said in posts past that angels behold the face of Children and those who love God love children the message is clear to those who walk with the LORD and it is art imitating life and sadly much of life imitates art and that is why discernment is necessary.  We are not to dwell on the wicked or place it before our eyes in the end we are bombarded with it on every channel. The entertainment industry is a distraction from what is really going on. At times it gets it right and at other times it confuses things. It is mostly the latter that is conveyed and slowly our conscience is seared and we are worn by the relentless pursuit of the enemy for our souls.

Shows such as the “Flying Nun” with the lovely Sally Fields back in my day, there were movies with big-name actors Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, and  Henry Hull in “Boys Town.”  During the Reagan and George Bush Sr. White House a scandal had broken in where White House pages had been being used for sex, they were allegedly bussed in from Boys Town.

The story was said to have been a hoax but even Donald Rumsfeld in his memoir, “The Known and Unknown” concluded there was in house blackmail going on to motivate politicians. Blackmail is the only mail the devil uses to build his new world order. I wouldn’t put it past them because when it comes to caring about children it is not in there calling.

Then there was the hit series M.A.S.H we are given a likable call no man Father “Father Mulcahy” all eroding at the conscience of man and provoking God to anger.  The Antichrist wears down the saints until we finally have the Apostate Church with their ecumenical ways who point to what is good and call it evil and take evil and call it good. On my personal checks, I have printed “Woe unto those who call the darkness light.” and equally the reverse is true.

They never repent they never compromise they bend the light to their will until I am so hated for standing on the word and not surrendering to them as so many have. Is the strong delusion that we are winning souls? What is the quality of the souls we think we are winning? Especially when they call darkness light and light the darkness.

In children’s animation today we have coming out of the east such things as mysticism and witchcraft even Disney has gotten onboard with corrupting the souls of our children.

In the book “Watership Down” and recently watched by me on can you discern what spirit is behind it? I was touched that God would have the rabbit named Fiver be the one who has the visions and tells the Warren of rabbits they must find another home. If it was not for Fiver they would have perished where they remained.

In the “Minion” Movie we find King Bobby needing to get the crown from Protestant England was it the angels or the demons behind its creation?

The movie “Toy Story” talks of the new meeting the old,  to infinity, and beyond the premise of the story they are preparing to move into a new home, and having someone write their name on them let them know they belonged to him the one who has their name on them? Who was behind it Angel or Demon?

The series placed up by Netflix called the “Umbrella Academy” caught my attention because an Umbrella is a covering that protects us from the elements.   In the case of God’s covering to protect us from the evil elements.  It talks about seven unusual births that take place around the globe each of the seven has certain powers, each of them is called by their number and are raised to be heroes. Number five is an 80-year-old man in a child’s body who jumps through time and is trying to prevent the apocalypse. His mocking gives him away and it is not done by the Angels because it is disturbing on so many levels with Monkeys talking like humans and genetic mutations that only could be dreamed up by Demons.

Be it known I am not trying to prevent the Apocolypse I am trying to get souls to the cross before Germany Two takes place created by the Catholic Church here in America because they are the Antichrists church. You would have to have the Spirit of God in you to know that.

The “Matrix” had a mix of both but the story included such things as an Oracle, Trinity, doors, and keys,  and using people like slaves to build their world here on earth.

Amazon has a series “Good Omens” talking about how they cannot find the antichrist, they have him with unusual powers that are not realistic at all.  God is never giving anyone the power to create something from nothing that was for the FATHER only to make all things for HIS SON.

The most-high God had his start in a manger and somebody wants to be just like HIM. So why is everyone looking at the top of the hill where the evil one placed all his leadership? Not to mention his ministers of righteousness behind our pulpits. Well, I’m waiting.

Father told me you would come and get me, but I can see you are no longer interested in a peace plan for the middle east? Keep in mind FIVER has the vision.


Brother Abel (Benjamin)


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