A real Mrs. B. Eagle Exposes the Truth about her Church and Why this must all end.

We are blessed to have two men so faithful to God such as Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, men working to win the lost to Christ, those of you in the know and who have watched the movie “Fireproof” an Alex Kendrick film which stars Kirk Cameron who plays Caleb Holt whose marriage is in meltdown.  The woman playing his wife in the movie is Erin Bethea as Catherine Holt. A scene is called to be shot where reconciliation has taken place and he must kiss his stage wife,  the scene was done in silhouette and the woman he kissed was his actual wife.  A true show of Christian maturity way to go Kirk bless you, my brother! You certainly are not a Hollywood star in bondage but a free man in Christ.   I have been looking for straight arrows as I was given a bow, Ray and Kirk… Read moreA real Mrs. B. Eagle Exposes the Truth about her Church and Why this must all end.

They never repent, never surrender, never give in, the church does the compromising.

  Which means they do not stand on God’s word.  With a little over 23 years in the Christian film festivals of America acting as a counselor or as an usher cleaning out the auditoriums between shows, I always liked seeing the altar call and the many souls that were saved that came to know HIM and begin their walk with Christ. We involved local churches in the area to aid in counseling and sent a follow-up pastor from an area church to them based upon where they came from; it was a great opportunity for those who struggled with sharing the good news with others. It allowed us to do it, and all the individual had to do was invite a friend to a free movie. If the friend gave his heart to Christ, you made a new brother and gained a crown, a friend who could trust you… Read moreThey never repent, never surrender, never give in, the church does the compromising.


Deoxyribonucleic acid (/diːˈɒksɪˌraɪboʊnjuːˌkliːɪk, -ˌkleɪ-/ is a molecule composed of two polynucleotide chains that coil around each other to form a double helix carrying genetic instructions for the development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of all known organisms and many viruses. DNA and ribonucleic acid (RNA) are nucleic acids. Alongside proteins, lipids, and complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides), nucleic acids are among the four major types of macromolecules that are essential for all known forms of life. Do you know what is grand about my call? It says God is real and HE is alive and that HE is coming back. You would think that was enough for some, but they seek POWER, and without the word going forth, how is that even possible when God’s power is in HIS word? It is only towards the end of days we find this piece of information DNA as different in each of us as is… Read moreDNA AND NDA UP UP and Away

Calling Down The Fire of Revival

An excerpt from the book “The Life of Elijah” by A.W. Pink is quoted below. When it comes to God’s consuming fire, Elijah has great insight. If the priests of baal only called on the name of Jesus, it would have looked like a revival??? Talking about Mrs. Doubtfire will not bring about a fire; in fact, as funny of a movie that may have been for some, we were warned by God not to tolerate the act of men dressing as women. In the old testament, it was called an abomination.  God never changes. HE would be a transgressor if today HE saw it as acceptable.  God is masculine. It is the male who determines the gender of the child.  If anyone is gender-confused, get tested for either XY for male or XX for female chromosomes. For the virgin to conceive Jesus, a Y chromosome had to be introduced,… Read moreCalling Down The Fire of Revival

Dragons Fly This Dragon Has Been Pinned Down.

  We war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places who rule over the affairs of men. Like puppeteers, they direct us to war against God. Simply by hiding his word and having us sin continually against HIM. Ritual makes for a poor relationship with God; the only rituals we should consider is the one we call prayer and Bible study. Don’t be the armor this dragon hides behind; it will only get you left behind. The passages of scripture the dragonfly points to are four Psalms at the bottom of the videos are the details. The videos will help you see the dragon more closely. By taking away the world’s wealth, they have left us to seek other ways to run our world economic system. They are behind the mark of the beast just as much as they are behind us wearing the masks…. Read moreDragons Fly This Dragon Has Been Pinned Down.

The Power of Suggestion

I suggest you give your life to Jesus Christ and attend a Seventh Day Adventist or a Semi Charismatic Baptist Church. Please stay away from the false teachers and fake gifts that use the power of suggestion for evil intent that leaves its victims with no discernment of knowing the difference between good and evil. Many good Bible teachers can be found at oneplace.com. If you are near one of these Churches, it’s good to take advantage of the free education into all things spiritual. A few of them have said things that to me are silly,  such as God had no hand in placing the numbers in HIS book. However,  HE could make the stars and all the creatures but numbering the Bible HE could not do??? Sounds Jesuitly ignorant. I have heard others say that the Prince of Persia is the Devil nothing like insulting your allies, keeping… Read moreThe Power of Suggestion

Columbus Did not Discover America and Other Truths You should Know

They named the Capitol of OHIO after Columbus which is 777 miles to the Protestant Capitol of Boston Mass where we took a stand for American independence and the first shot was fired at Bunker Hill.   America had to become neutral ground in order to expose the harlot of revelation and her followers a monarchy here would not do. A two-party system divides the waters and exposes the demonic.  If America were heaven who would destroy it? America had been visited by the Vikings and Knights Templars long before Christopher Columbus,  what Columbus had going for him was the name of Jesus but again their rock is not our ROCK they use the name but do not know HIM. Mother Theresa was a great woman but had no surety of her eternity as they do not allow one to be dependant on God alone. The priesthood never did even… Read moreColumbus Did not Discover America and Other Truths You should Know

In the day you eat of it you shall surely die.

As one man’s sin caused death to enter the world it took one man to remove the sting of death to offer us eternal life. The body may die however, the soul is eternal, and Christ promises us new bodies that will never die a place where doctors and lawyers are no longer needed. Though of course I do welcome them to join us some doctors and lawyers would make better Pastors and Preachers if they desire to remain doctors and lawyers here they would benefit more with Jesus in their heart. Heaven is heaven because hell is where the trash goes.  God trashes no one they trash themselves by not being able to see their true value and potential to be better people,  Christ in us makes becoming better happen. Without Christ, we do not get back HOME. To dishonor HIS finished work and reject HIS HOLY SPIRIT is… Read moreIn the day you eat of it you shall surely die.

The Crooked Arrow Misses Its Mark

Blessed is the man who has a quiver full of straight arrows. For the minister who left his church and let it suffer because he wanted to see power while hiding the word from the lost. This is for you. Would you be free from the burden of sin? There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood; Would you o’er evil a victory win? There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood. Refrain: There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r In the blood of the Lamb; There is pow’r, pow’r, wonder-working pow’r In the precious blood of the Lamb. Would you be free from your passion and pride? There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood; Come for a cleansing to Calvary’s tide; There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood. Would you be whiter, much whiter than snow? There’s pow’r in the blood, pow’r in the blood; Sin-stains are lost in its… Read moreThe Crooked Arrow Misses Its Mark

Finding Your Way to a Straight Street Moment

Matthew 7:13-14 KJV (13)  Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Matthew 7:14 (7 77) Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Saul from the tribe of Benjamin was on his way to Damascus to catch himself some of those evil people calling themselves “The Way” only to have them arrested imprisoned even martyred in Roman games.  Rome was more than happy to aid in eradicating these people claiming the SON of God was crucified and resurrected. It was more dangerous back then to be a Christian than it is today. The enemy has a mean growl but his bite and sting of death are gone. Vote Biden / Harass and it will be… Read moreFinding Your Way to a Straight Street Moment

Doctrines of Demons Serve a Nefarious Purpose Hence From Them

Take the quiz below see if you are in the know,  two cannot walk as one unless they be agreed Amos 3:3. One can set a thousand and two ten thousand to flight. Their rock is not as our ROCK. The quiz is not on any other site but Whitehorse so I can see where I stand. Misery loves the company and those who have not hidden God’s word in their heart are open to the seduction of strange doctrines.  The purpose of the doctrine to divide and conquer keeping away the lost souls from Christ. Many of them have obtained the art of outward appearances but their actions and the non-biblical doctrines say still LOST. The United States was United to overcome all powers both foreign and domestic we allowed for the freedom of religion, but the state was to keep out of the church’s affairs, Strong families make… Read moreDoctrines of Demons Serve a Nefarious Purpose Hence From Them

Last Rights – No such doctrine and consider the source.

Honey you know I love you,  however, I want to be with all the others, and in the end, we will be together forever just not now?!? God may tell us HE is not a respecter of persons, however,  we can be pretty sure and guarantee that HE respects himself. Would any intelligent woman or man take you after a statement like that? Is God not intelligent? How will you be any different when you get into heaven if you do not do what HE asks now? Last rite is a wicked idea born from wicked individuals who reveal more doctrines of demons than any other church I know. This is where all this non-Biblical stuff comes from the lies and the treachery. Live for and like the devil and when you enter their care facilities they will comfort you and your health and neglect you from knowing God’s word… Read moreLast Rights – No such doctrine and consider the source.

A Better Antichrist Coming One that Won’t Disappoint

The reapers have begun to reap what else could it be?  Opening up the word of God or lifting the effigy of Jesus that was built before the creation of man was not enough for the Pentacostal / Ecumenical that entertain the idea they are filled with the HOLY SPIRIT how can that be when I hear so many of them defend a Church that destroys nations and whose HISTORY was killing the saints along with anyone who read the word of God or accused them of being the harlot? Vote for Uncle Joe he is a good Catholic. We love you Jesus but we cannot tell the difference as to what is good and what is evil?   So soon we forget their true god.   What was that HOLY SPIRIT for again? To this very day, they still have idols in their Medical establishments. The Bible reveals there… Read moreA Better Antichrist Coming One that Won’t Disappoint

They cannot any longer deny who they really are!

And who they really serve!   Unlike men, Christ never forgot who HIS first love is. Jerusalem, Jerusalem how HE longed to gather you as a HEN gathers her chicks beneath her wings but you would not have HIM. Is the PROTEST really over? Then real Christians lose??? I don’t think so! He is still waiting to be lifted Kenny, Luke 13:34-35 KJV (34) O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which killest the prophets, and stonest them that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! (35) Behold, your house is left unto you desolate: and verily I say unto you, Ye shall not see me, until the time come when ye shall say, Blessed, is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. Nazis to the left ONE WING Nazis to the… Read moreThey cannot any longer deny who they really are!

The Amazing Word of God

We are told about this battle between good and evil Jesus on one side and HIS and our adversary the Devil on the other. Who only got to be the Devil by denying the existence of the SON and proclaimed that he would raise himself above the most high God and exalt himself above the throne of the most high and sit on the sides of the North and be as God. Sounds like most people of today.   The best he has done so far is move the most high into a manger in Bethlehem and himself into our sanctuaries shouting HO, HO, HO. The story reveals itself wonderfully does it not? Why has he not been able to destroy and just get rid of the Bible altogether? We know he hates the word of God and does NOT want anyone to read it. His minions and servants proclaim… Read moreThe Amazing Word of God