History Repeats Because the Elements Don’t Change.

The sign of insanity is the repetition of something using the same ingredients while only changing the name of the elements without changing their construct and expecting a different result. The heart of man we are told is wicked who can understand it? We fight because we are made in the image of God and …

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Show Us Signs and Wonders!

The religious leaders of Jesus’s day asked him to show them a sign, many were scoffing at HIM and laughing and this long before the trial of the Pharisees who were inspecting the sacrifice. Luke 9:51-56 (51)  And it came to pass, when the time was come that he should be received up, he stedfastly …

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From ite’s to ism’s finding and fighting our way in.

Life is a gift though those who suffer may not think so. There are quadriplegics who do more for God than those of us who walk freely. Stephen Hawking noted Physicist who died on Pi day 3.14 also the birthday of Albert Einstien another noted Jewish Physicists one of God’s chosen people. Hawking could have …

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Holy Moses We’re Doing it Again

Another Exodus this time to the real promised land. One of the reasons the enemy fought for Moses body was that he needed another. The one he had decayed and he knew his time would come after an Exodus and it would be a leader of God’s people. To help win the world to Christ, …

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A Good Shepherd is Elect

Jesus is the good shepherd who watches over us.  Pastor’s are called to watch over their flocks. To ensure the Master that the sheep are well cared for and to watch for the wolves who would devour and destroy the sheep of the Master.  In our case, the Master is Jesus. Pastor’s are to make …

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God is Alive and Well On Planet Earth

God is spirit and HE is eternal, HE lives in the heart of those who call upon HIM,  HE saw the end before the beginning.  He knew you would be here, to address man he came as a man.  I’m here to help those who have not found HIM to find HIM and come to …

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About the Enemy

First off he denies Jesus is Lord because he denies God exists, he keeps the word of God away from the lost and smiles as dust builds up on our Bibles. Jesus called him a liar from the beginning my understanding of this was that he may have claimed to have seen the SON of …

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The Sin of Gluttony

The act of overindulgence of food in medieval times as well as in the early days of the Greeks and Romans feasting among the wealthy nobles was commonplace and guests would use a place to purge the contents of the stomach in order to taste more of the delicacies, while others in the kingdom went …

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Going Out by Twos

Before Jesus went into a community messengers were sent ahead by twos this is an effective way to prepare the hearts of others to be opened to his ministry and the message HE brings. Luke 10:1-3 (1)  After these things, the Lord appointed other seventy also and sent them two and two before his face …

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I Only Point to the Antichrist

If the owner’s dog doesn’t like you,  chances are the owner doesn’t like you either. You will find nothing on these pages that does not seek to open the word or reveal the truth, Jesus sowed the seed, HIS ministry lasted 3.5 years which is half of Seven.  There is another 3.5 (555) that needs …

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Resurrection Happens Only Once

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