Rejoicing in the Justice of God.

Any person who sees the truth and chooses to hide it is a servant of the darkness; the Lord Jesus made it very clear that the devil, our adversary, is a liar and the father of lies. This same Jesus told HIS disciples to call no man father Matthew 23:9 while He was rebuking the religious people in their day. Fully aware of what the future held and HIS enemies’ false Church that ignores the second commandment and has it removed from their ten. How does this please Jesus? Yet I am peer pressured into joining with the traitors or excusing the ugly truth of who they represent. Let me remind you Jesus came for the Jewish people first who rejected HIM that we may be saved.  HE has never rejected them, and HE would never place an offense in their path. The time of the gentiles has ended, and… Read moreRejoicing in the Justice of God.

Is There a Penalty for Silencing the Watchman?

How oxy Mormon of me. My mastery of the English language leaves me often doubtful of my calling.  I check all my writing by using a program called Grammarly. As a child, I attended school with only a few poker chips, and those which I had,  I hung on to tightly. I  mostly got by with my wit, good looks, and charm. While many students with good families and positive affirmation came to school with pockets full of chips, and it was OK if they got something wrong, they would go home and have their chips replaced.  I know I was not the only one; many of you know what I am speaking about you lived it too. I couldn’t afford to get it wrong because I went home every day to a casino that did not pay out. It ran late hours, leaving little time for sleeping, and I… Read moreIs There a Penalty for Silencing the Watchman?

Never forget Nanjing (Nanking) the Watchman Sees it Coming Again.

On 11/9, 2004, Iris Chang took her own life at 36. She published “The Rape of Nanking” about the atrocities committed in China’s province of Nanking. The Iris is part of the eye that controls the amount of light allowed into the optic nerve. If she knew Jesus, she would have had an inner light to lean against and trust.  How could the church not see this woman’s deep need for Jesus and encouragement?  No one undertaking such a work should do it alone.  No matter what that work may be when it comes to informing the lost and ignorant of something so important. But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s… Read moreNever forget Nanjing (Nanking) the Watchman Sees it Coming Again.

They Are Telling You Their Plans I Still Say God Has a Better Plan Found In The Bible.

The following video clip about an Elephant should become the Republican Party’s wake-up call to unite and the Church to stand up and speak out against the Democrats who have turned America into the Antichrist System it has become. Their healthcare plan tries keeping group gatherings under 25 to create their one-world order.  America stood for the freedom to worship and give out the good news by allowing missionaries from here to other countries, which has now turned around.  God made it obvious to who it was you could not trust with the kingdom, and those who would follow would be the ones who betrayed the light and called the darkness light and the light darkness. Jesus said those who break the LEAST of these commandments and teach others to do the same. Will be called least in the kingdom of Heaven; they do so because of the absence of… Read moreThey Are Telling You Their Plans I Still Say God Has a Better Plan Found In The Bible.

Those Costly New Translations We Can’t Afford Any More.

How can we tell that God is angry with a nation? The costly judgments that come upon them. I received my call in 2009 and looked back through history from before my call to see the direction the enemy was taking us. It was fun doing all those crop circles to bring hope to the body and help bring your loved ones to Christ, and I pray you use them to do that. They are there so that everyone can see them and read the word of God for themselves,  Not like those spotty apparitions of someone imitating Mary to thwart the purpose Christ came to do,  which was to lift and exalt HIS FATHER and one good lift deserves another. Ezekiel 33:6  The 33rd act of God in the world is found in Genesis 6, the destruction of Noah’s Generation. What Noah didn’t have that we have is we… Read moreThose Costly New Translations We Can’t Afford Any More.

40 Years With Jesus is it My Time to Move into the Promised Land?

May 1982, I was 23 years old when I gave my life to Christ and was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT 5+19+82+23 = 129 Psalm 129 5 (1+9)(8+2)(2+3) 5 55 55 5 When I began to cry out to Abba Father, knowing that my true HOLY FATHER was not on Earth, but HIS throne is in Heaven with HIS only SON by HIS right hand. Psalm 110:1 HIS Spirit sent back on Pentecost to finish the work. I claim Psalm 23:5 for my enemies are many who seek me to bow before the image of the beast who was once covered with every precious stone and swore that he would give those who followed him power dominions and kingdoms. He is a liar from the beginning.  During the war in heaven, he was stripped of his position and his precious stones taken from him.  Because he sought the seat at… Read more40 Years With Jesus is it My Time to Move into the Promised Land?

Believer vs Unbeliever

A believer’s number one goal is to spread the gospel and reconcile the lost (unbeliever) back to God, which can only be through introducing them to Christ.  We are looking at our world and seeing the results of what sin does to a people or any society, angelic or otherwise. Our only hope is in Jesus and the word of God. Wait a minute; HE is the word! Some lack light, so they are lost in the darkness because they cannot see Jesus through their deceptions. Some are self-motivated, and the motivation of the other delusions outside themselves, generally religious people with convoluted ideas who ignore their history and why it repeats.   Man is still in the habit of making a designer God who ignores the commandments that the true God of Israel laid down.  The word of God places us on target and on track; deviation from it… Read moreBeliever vs Unbeliever

Leonard Bernstein Was Born in Lawrence Massachusettes.

My stepmother was also born in Lawrence, Mass. He was eight years her senior. Bernstein was a composer best known for the movie we all watched in school, “West Side Story” my Son and I attended the Symphony of the Americas Gershwin & Bernstein’s Broadway while we vacationed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was a vacation like no other for over 23 years. I never took a real break to pamper myself. I gave one week a year to counsel or usher at the Christian Film Festivals of America.  Several Churches got involved, and we would lead others to Christ and direct them to a Church in their community. We handed the Pastor of the Church their counseling information for follow-up. I absolutely adored the ministry. We never sent anyone to a Catholic Church, and the way the ecumenical thing works out, we really didn’t have to. The performance was… Read moreLeonard Bernstein Was Born in Lawrence Massachusettes.

Our only HOPE is that it Is not a FALSE Peace Plan the next Time or We Suffer Another Financial Disaster Worse then all the OTHERS.

For the sake of America, it better be the right peace plan!  None of us can afford it not to be. Whenever we did not bring the peace plan God desired, we suffered financial hardships in natural disasters right after we tried. The same is true whenever a new translation of HIS word is published; we pay dearly with financial repercussions.  I listed all of them below. Our children’s future is looking bleak because we do not learn. I know there is one last revival left in that 400-year-old translation that helped us found America, and I do believe in miracles. I need you to listen, not try and make me into someone I was never meant to be. The misunderstanding of scripture permeates the Church, with those in the dark trying to explain it with what little light they have isn’t helping. The word of God has been taken… Read moreOur only HOPE is that it Is not a FALSE Peace Plan the next Time or We Suffer Another Financial Disaster Worse then all the OTHERS.

A Model Church for the Whole World

Setting captives free requires one not to bow down to the image of the beast. Doing so causes spiritual blindness; having once been covered with all precious stones, he seduces many with his outward appearance. While inwardly they are ravenous wolves, his image is here and has been for a long time, and many have been drawn by it and killed by it. We see them doing it again.  Why couldn’t they just let America alone to send out its missionaries? Instead they seduced us with a few good stands which are only works on controversial issues? We lose sight of the actual plan and purpose. They play both sides its double-minded behavior, and no one wins. The souls lost are the fallout from not being single-minded. We can build Churches just like this one.  I have three huge properties I set my sights on right here in New England… Read moreA Model Church for the Whole World

Debtors Prison No More Bailouts for Americans It’s China’s Money This Time. The same wicked people are at it again.

Light does not leave others sitting in the dark! If you do not know what is going on ask someone who does. Our only hope is to call upon Jesus and make the first departure. They that call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved! China has the second-highest rate of transplants in the world with more than 10,000 procedures performed every year, however, the combined number of registered organ donors and the organs from executed prisoners does not account for all the operations. An exhibition of preserved human corpses in Birmingham may have included political prisoners executed in China, according to British parliamentarians. So you think socialized medicine is a good thing for America?  The Obama Campaign and health reform are how Biden got into the Whitehouse after the Bailout with our tax dollars, and the ones behind it knew we would bail them out. See the… Read moreDebtors Prison No More Bailouts for Americans It’s China’s Money This Time. The same wicked people are at it again.

The High Cost of Low Prices and Playing With China’s Money When the Economy Collapses Again.

First, let me tell you we are all guilty of what I am about to describe to you. It’s like buying a mutual fund or having money in a 401K but not knowing that some money is funding immoral investments. Sin affects us all, and HIS people perish for their lack of knowledge. Let me show you the enemy’s final plan for Americans and how many will pay back their debt to China; they will get their pound of flesh because it is their money.    Children tell your parents about Jesus,  Parents who get saved now tell your children about Jesus; HE has a plan. I do not advocate wars or violence of any kind; however, I encourage today’s Christians to buy guns and ammunition, leaving them in a safe place with a Bible with highlighted verses to the salvation passages.  Set your gun in a locked box with a… Read moreThe High Cost of Low Prices and Playing With China’s Money When the Economy Collapses Again.

The Only Top King Forever the King of Kings all Three Sections Combined.

April 10th, 2022, was Palm Sunday Easter week, and I had chosen to spend it with my only son. We met up in Ft. Lauderdale; he flew in from California. He is my only lineage, past or present that I have known whom I have not seen in nearly seven years. I would undoubtedly see more of him if the Church could only embrace this excellent plan of God of compelling the lost to come in. Men do war, and Women do weddings. Which is God more glorified by? Just saying. Maybe it’s time for the woman to shine; they have been blamed for the fall from the beginning when God made it clear to Adam,  “BECAUSE I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT OF IT.” Last year, I heard the devil was busy making sure women knew their place. Jesus is coming back for a bride without spot or blemish,… Read moreThe Only Top King Forever the King of Kings all Three Sections Combined.

A very bad interpertation of the word can cause a world of (to) hurt.

I often listen to KRDU FM on iHeart radio in the big truck; it’s California’s Christian Talk Radio. One of the programs I love to hear is “Thru the Bible Radio,” a broadcast with J. Vernon McGee, who is now at home with the LORD. He was a Presbyterian like D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge ministries, another great man of God who loved America with all its freedoms, especially where we have the right to worship God and gather together without fear. Ask Protestant Christians what it is like to worship God in China. That’s what made America great.  So how did we get here? The movie “Inside Job” reveals how morally corrupt people take our investment dollars and tax bailout money and pay themselves large sums of money while entertaining clients with drugs, drinking, and prostitutes.  They are at it again, only this time they’re doing it with… Read moreA very bad interpertation of the word can cause a world of (to) hurt.

She NY UN America Before Communism

If I compound the word Cat and Holic, a veil falls over one’s eyes like the veil that remains over the nation of Israel; when the law of Moses is read, they need to know the lamb has been slain and who that lamb is and one Church calling itself Christian out of them all denies the lamb even ever came and that HE was the SON of God if they believed it they would honor HIS teachings every last one of them. Cats are cute; they make us laugh and fill our hearts with love for them; and I can talk to you about Cats all day long, and we can even conversate over addictions and how one can be set free from them, such as workaholics,  alcoholics, and even sexaholics things that take and destroy our souls, but when I compound the two we don’t talk at all,… Read moreShe NY UN America Before Communism