The Amazing Word of God

We are told about this battle between good and evil Jesus on one side and HIS and our adversary the Devil on the other.

Who only got to be the Devil by denying the existence of the SON and proclaimed that he would raise himself above the most high God and exalt himself above the throne of the most high and sit on the sides of the North and be as God. Sounds like most people of today.   The best he has done so far is move the most high into a manger in Bethlehem and himself into our sanctuaries shouting HO, HO, HO.

The story reveals itself wonderfully does it not?

Why has he not been able to destroy and just get rid of the Bible altogether?

We know he hates the word of God and does NOT want anyone to read it.
His minions and servants proclaim that,  “if it wasn’t for them” the Huns or the Vikings would have destroyed it.  Poppycock!

It is protected just as Jesus was protected from Herod or Job was protected. Even my own life is protected and those closest to me because within it “the Bible”  is what is needed to bring peace into the middle east and for him to get his temple built so destroying it was not an option. He said the most high the SON of man before even man was created could not make him like God?

Follow me on this I know its a stretch for many of you to conceive,  but please try.  I believe God likes being God,  I believe HE is great at what HE does. I do not believe HE will ever stop being God and HE  certainly would not allow something so heinous and wicked to have power to create so that he can continue watching us who are made in the image of God to keep killing each other for his twisted amusement.

Making him like God on the earth is as good as it’s going to get for him and then again only briefly. To make this possible he needed the technology we have been led to discover in order for him to have the powers like God on the earth. He cannot be everywhere though his priesthood has tried they do not see every little detail of your life like God our creator can.

So now we have cameras and Facebook in every home and on every street corner but even so, with England having camera’s on every street corner and knowing that they are being watched they do not care and continue to do atrocities against the society at large.

Heaven is heaven because cretins like that do not get into it,  leaving it heaven.

People who use the SON of God as a tool to profit by and mock HIS finished work serve darkness, the light knows the value of the SON of God. If HE is indeed living in your heart then you are aware of the truth.

We are told in scripture God’s elect cannot be deceived but it is clear not everyone is elect. Not if they are drawn and following after Rome who reveals saving the Jewish people or anyone else is not on their agenda. The new American standard is not my standard.

In 70 years America went from defeating a hideous most horrible regime called Nazis only to be looking like it 70 years later.  That’s all it took for the ecumenical and Rome to destroy America. If this were heaven you would do the same. That is why it is best to leave behind the wicked and traitors of the word of God.

So that during the tribulation you can shake your fist at HIM asking why you were left behind while proclaiming I did this for you and I did that for you. It is the relentless mercy of God,  a plane full of people is not a tube full of demons but lost souls they are only lost because you side with the darkness that keeps them that way who hide the word of God.

spot the traitors
Dressing in White does not make you Holy. Can you spot the traitors?

But they’re for pro-life! Not pro-American life. Like Germany, we spread the word of God and they lost customers and profit but what they stole in the inquisition from Protestants and people they didn’t like is loaned to governments today to fight wars they inspire. Destroying nations is what they do.

Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map. From Psalm 37:35 I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.



You cannot ask God to forgive you after death,  the atonement for sin is only on this side.

I said in an earlier post that for God to complete the work in you then FORGIVENESS is the key.

He is not looking to make you supermen but loving, kind, and compassionate people like HIMSELF. The enemy said he wanted to be like the most high but had no idea what that entailed. The most high started in a manger and worked his way to the top by honoring God’s word.

God, as we know, would like us all to be like Jesus and so when I thought Obama was the antichrist and one of the reasons my life was riddled with torment is because God’s protection over me like HIS word was that I was HIS and that to be sure nothing happened to me I would reveal to the world who the antichrist was first.

I truly believed it was Obama (Obamanation like con man Constantine) because it was a horrid transgression to promote a false messiah to the Muslim people with a loss of 700 billion dollars before the election Daniel 8:23. I simply put 2 and 2 together one party had to buy out the other party. Those who did so do not know Christ which makes them antichrist who would place this false Messiah to the lost nation of Islam rather than show them, Christ. I thought Obama was the guy and said to people at Church “I hope he is I want to shake his hand and put my arms around him and thank him for coming, my Jesus is next.”

It was a trap! But a great one,  because In that moment blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. He took me to Egypt and shown me how it all began before man was made. God looks into the heart of man.

Once we gave America to Satan and his church we are not getting it back unless you honor God’s word as HE asked us to do!

The title deed for the earth has always belonged to God nowhere in the word does it say Satan got it. Adam and Eve lost it,  but it did not go to him they failed because they ate of the tree they were told not to eat from, the worst of that scenario was the idea they could become like God. Satan lost his position with God because of that same ideology and knew how it would incense God.

The deed to the earth was tied into what was hidden in Egypt,  isn’t God wonderful?

The THEY half holy shaping their leader, he once covered the Spirit of the most high God.

So to have me do what you want me to do after it is clear so many betrayed the word, would put me in a bad place with God but the devil knows what happened to him so he tries to do it with me. Why would a Pentacostal pastor reject the value of Christ and play up in front of me the role of devil’s advocate?

So that in order for God to complete the work in you and make you loving compassionate and merciful like HIS SON we now stand six feet apart? You will not be shaking my hand and placing your arms around me and thanking me that Jesus is next.  Isn’t the devil clever?? I won’t get my hugs and I won’t in turn do what he was supposed to do,  thank God, and bring the praise and worship from the congregation to God. I always give God the thanks for every hug I receive, I did not get them as a child but appreciate them at any time, hugs started coming when I gave my life to Christ.

Revelation and the HORSEMEN of Revelation is framed by two white horses the red horse takes peace from the earth which means peace has to be here at some point. Jesus is riding outside of the second white horse at the end of it all, so for the Reverand who called me a dirtbag,  I have really bad news for you, something wonderful lives in my heart but I clearly see HE is not in yours. You are just like the inside of that coffee cup you constantly carry and never wash.

You should also know that Jesus is not a Hindu deity we are made in his image and only have one right hand but you tell all your congregation, they will sit at Jesus’s right hand.  You, sir, gave yourself away as a Jesuit a minister of righteousness hiding in an AG church. It is for God to decide who shall sit at his right and so you must be God or think you are,  you lie to others of your knowledge of God’s word just like a Jesuit the answer to who sits on God’s right side and Who sits at HIS SON’s right side is found in Psalm 110:1 and I do not wish to ever separate them again unlike you.

The priesthood throughout history has lied to people that they knew God and forced those at the bottom to serve them at the top.  Each place we find a pyramid is where Satan had his ride. just like the King of Tyre found in Ezekiel 28:11-13. The false gods were his idea so that man would serve him and not the true and living God.  America reveals the true and living God above us.  At one time all our lights shone on the greatest of all,  the Son of the living God.

America designed by God.

Satan and his churches where the people are their slaves.

The priesthood ended when Jesus was made the final sacrifice the only Priesthood God wanted was designed in the wilderness after the Exodus of the Jews by Moses and the children of Israel.

Why is there so much sickness and disease in our world if Jesus brought us healing in the atonement?

Look at it carefully and you will see that the enemy loads the chambers of the revolver he shoots himself with.

You can substitute POPE or right now who the enemy is protecting at the top of the hill the last TRUMP!

We can have this again but you have to stop seeing me as the dirtbag but a true bearer of light.


Who is antichrist well I can assure you it’s not me I see value in the SON of God and HIS HONOR.  I seek to lift him up but the enemy has you not trusting in God! Why are you wearing that mask are you afraid to die?   That sends a bad message to a lost and dying world thats headed to hell,  does it not. Maybe you would rather a martyr’s death in the tribulation? We don’t have to leave anyone behind if we do as Jesus desires,  and lift HIM up. I solved it the month before my 50th birthday and he wished me a happy birthday.


Brother Abel.

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