The Breaking of the American Spirit

No fourth of July celebrations next year either.  All fireworks are imported from China,  and towns are going broke as our illustrious leaders who without a clue are throwing our treasury away to citizens who sit on their keesters and do nothing, to begin with. (They know what they are doing,  it is the sheep that do not.  The wolves are after the death of the sheep.) Finding who is essential and who is not is a Nazi tactic it was revealed in one of those WWII movies. People stood in front of the guard with no heart or conscience asking a Jewish man what his profession was, he said,  professor of music or something like that and the guard said non-essential take your place in the train.

There are those who hate our freedoms and desire to control us so that their lifestyle can continue on (priesthood), the Bible was not written for private interpretation and the message is clear we are sinners separated from God who is HOLY and to get back in right relationship with HIM we must inspect the sacrifice ourselves,  and not trust others to do it for us.

Even Caiphus errored in his inspection of the lamb of God.  Caiphus had on that day,  several religious degrees.

To be ignorant of the teachings of Christ is not knowing HIM. What is worse than this COVID 19 which is a fictitious blown out of proportion by Catholic quislings who run hospitals all over the globe. They are Satans pets and tools of darkness worse than COVID 19 is hearing Jesus say away from me I never knew you,  depart from me into the fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

Mrs. B. Eagle needs to get God off her mind and into her heart and leave her dog trainers behind quit being an enabler to the destruction of America. Mrs. B. Eagle, you would destroy heaven as well,  you are getting left behind you are unable to discern what is good and what is evil.  Which means God is clearly not in you. Those who stand and defend them are no better than them. Gay people believe it is love for their partner but it is not complete love if it does not care for the soul of the individual. Saying you love them without correcting them to not offend God,  is offending God.

Our world is riddled with sickness doctors do not want to cure,  it was their Latin education no doubt.

Virgo is beneath cancer in the structure that God had Moses make in the wilderness tabernacle,  it was his feet on top of cancer so all your disease and cursings come from not leaving her where God placed her,  in the constellations, she interferes with the work of Leo. Hospitals all over the globe have Mary Queen of death standing outside them.  As long as she rules death is inevitable.  Jesus came to lift up the Father and I seek to lift them both up. Mary and her ecumenical ministers of righteousness seek to condemn all to hell.

Many of us know that we won World War Two but the spirit behind us winning was God.  God does not honor the blessings of the wicked but sees them as curses said over those who seek them,  many German soldiers were blessed by Catholic Priests before going to war, and as an American, I am thankful they were.  They destroy everything they set their hand too.   Because God sees their mockery of HIS SON’s finished work.  Seeing what they are doing to America is without a doubt justification as to why they will not make resurrection the first time. Those who side with them will of course continue to side with them.   They would be trouble in heaven and shall remain behind to get right with God.

Figure it out it is not hard.

Replace the word Pharoah with Trump or Pope.

The seventh day Adventists do a wonderful job at showing how everything God made HOLY they trash. Done in the video, that I titled “Who and what is Antichrist?” America is the second witness to their destruction and why they are headed to hell. They do not know Christ at all and why is it those with supernatural giftings don’t see it? Because some of those gifts came out of Vatican two in order to deceive.

It is the relentless mercy of God that they will shake their fists at him saying we did this and that for you after being left behind, better to get right while you have flesh to do it in. Because once that judgment seat of Christ takes place,  repentance will be too late.

Heaven is heaven because the creature keeps the wicked out of it, he has a purpose and that is to teach us why he should not be God he has no values, no standards, his world is anything goes except for those who follow him they only go to hell.  His way is chaos and why God should always be number one. I do not want to put him on the earthly throne but I have no choice it is as it is written.

God’s heaven is his throne but we are moving that which is up down and that which has always been here to fight on this plane, yes the enemy gets to sit in the throne for seven years as the word teaches,  but this is not the true heaven it is to be made to look like it. Just before the casting out of Satan and his angels this time they get left behind.  Giving the lost and those without knowledge visual knowledge. America was like heaven in its heyday.  Who brought the darkness to our shores and hides the word of God so that men may not know God? Just ask those spirit-filled men who sleep with her who it is? They must know??? I mean the elect cannot be deceived and isn’t that disheartening that they are?

Brother Abel

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