Why TRUMP may be the last TRUMP!

I began placing up new terms of service in what I believe complies with the GDPR rules, though when it comes to rules none is more important than the ten GOD gave us. Because humanity refuses to honor those we have all these others.  The enforcer is wickedly conniving and makes it harder for others to live every day.

This would not have happened had the first group of angels just continued to worship the SON rather than insisting on seeing HIM they lacked as many do today faith.

Like I say in my newsticker. Jesus came to me in 2008 and said to me it was over HE was ending it because “They learn nothing!”,  in response to a Mormon family member who wanted to trade the word of God in CD off in a Yankee swap for a bottle of booze. My stepfamily was prone to Alcoholism and those that were were mostly Catholic.

Throughout history, the Priesthood before Moses and after him had served false gods making slaves of people and or killing off the overburden to alleviate the loss of their materials food and the like.

They survived only by keeping their man or king in position.

John F. Kennedy nearly gave away his own Church in his secret society speech which got him killed. The takeover of America had begun.

Being shot at the apex of a Pyramid in Dealy Plaza was a signal to the rest of the underworld forces of darkness “remember who is boss.” A boss who can easily force the demons ride to go away and that demon would need to start all over from the bottom again. Placing people in political power has always been at the seat of Rome before Jesus came.

Without too many reiterations of the terms of service, when you say you do not have a problem with Catholicism you are telling God you embrace evil and find nothing wrong with it.

Jesus should always be number one and in no one’s shadow.

Brother Abel.


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