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There Are Absolute Truths – Absolutely

We cannot call ourselves Christians and reject the truth that is absolutely forbidden when we know G-d absolutely rejoices in the truth. Those who would deny truth are in the other camp on the no-fly list until they learn it.  Those who reject the truth reject G-d and HIS heaven. Daniel 8:12  And a host was given …

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Looking at the MOST HIGH

I have been a believer in G-d from the day I arrived on the planet earth 6:10:59 when these numbers are added together we have 75 or 15 x 5 or 555 Five days a week 555 will always come before 666. I surrendered my life to HIM on May 13, 1982, after finally reading the …

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Not looking for the approval of the Jesuit Judas

G-d has made HIS decision clear so why has no one rallied to lift up Jesus and open up the word to the lost? The whole world could see them and many have.   The unbelievers have more faith in them than believers do. If there was some way, we can show the word that they point too. …

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Fishing with Jesus simply follow HIM and call in other boats to help.

When we look at our world Father is doing something and can you tell what it is? If you see it are you willing to do it and honor the LORD? I hope you said yes. John 5:19 (19)  Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can …

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Crime In the Church

When did it become a crime to open the word of G-d up to the world or to lift up the name of Jesus? The crop circle made by a supernatural hand is a book with 56 raised outer markings with the marker on verse 4.  You have to hand it to those aliens they know …

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How does this happen here in America of all Places?

It is because the people responsible for it originally are still very much among us, they are not preachers or teachers of G-d’s word but merely puppets of Satan and his work pretending they are serving G-d using the Son’s name in vain. History repeats itself because we fail to learn from it the first time. Satan …

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Father to the fatherless

Foster families are not real families millions of children pass through the foster care system and never feel as if they belong or are loved. Many turn to drugs, alcohol and sell themselves out for sex feeling invaluable as human souls. Psalms 68:1-5 (1) Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also …

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A Fishing Derby For Jesus

This image reveals, the angels of G-d hanging off a starship with their fishing lures and the message is clear catch the big fish and the little ones will follow. Leaving planet earth and going to our eternal home everyone is invited. Those who honor G-d and keep HIS commandments are guaranteed a place; they …

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