Last Rights – No such doctrine and consider the source.

Honey you know I love you,  however, I want to be with all the others, and in the end, we will be together forever just not now?!?

God may tell us HE is not a respecter of persons, however,  we can be pretty sure and guarantee that HE respects himself.

Would any intelligent woman or man take you after a statement like that? Is God not intelligent?

How will you be any different when you get into heaven if you do not do what HE asks now? Last rite is a wicked idea born from wicked individuals who reveal more doctrines of demons than any other church I know. This is where all this non-Biblical stuff comes from the lies and the treachery.

Live for and like the devil and when you enter their care facilities they will comfort you and your health and neglect you from knowing God’s word and truth before you die.  Why change course now because you lie in one of their hospitals?  They are very pleased to send you to hell after all look who they serve. He enjoys seeing Jesus continually suffer and why he never lets him off the crucifix.

Sadly those claiming to be men of God do not defend the word of God or expose the wicked practices of these doctrines.

Your child is beaten by bullies and dies and his last moments go viral on Snapchat, the friends who claim to love you put his tragic moment on display and then invite you into their homes? Feeling good, aren’t you? Looking to stay and settle in with a constant reminder of something you already been through and they just don’t get it. Satan loves to relive that single moment in time that Jesus suffered, I attest that HE suffers no more,  only over those who dwell on his suffering and not HIS victory. His victory defeats those who made HIM suffer.

Christ came to have relationship and reconcile us /you back to HIS Father these doctrines take you away from that relationship. Keep in mind Lucifer was once a carrier of light like ourselves.  We are forgiven who have been “Born Again” John 3:3 we are not granted a license to sin but the power to overcome it. Forgiven for the past,  present, and future sins those who have the HOLY SPIRIT need not have an idol or crucifix as their reminder of the work Christ.  HE resides on the throne of our hearts.

In order to obtain the highest position on the planet to be the Priest of all the Pantheon of gods of Rome the Pontificate Maximus, you must climb the ranks which never includes being a Biblical Bishop. A system God began only to end after the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Who reveals their pantheon of gods is a group who doesn’t care for you as HE does.

Then just before HE returns gather HIS elected priesthood together and bring them a great peace plan.

God only made one way back to HIM, the same SON the angels refused to worship in heaven because of unbelief and doubt forced mankind into existence causing the SPIRIT of God to take on flesh and blood so they could see the SON that they worshiped and they did it half-heartedly. It is this half-hearted nature that caused all of our problems. They shaped their leader because they were not feeling the need to have someone encourage worship back to the SON’s well-deserved position.

God knew his enemy would destroy the temple and scatter the only priesthood HE ordained, which is the only one that can rebuild the temple and sanctify it properly for God to rule from. Which can only mean that the Pontificate Maximus is not the HOLY position one should strive to be,  because it can do nothing to bring peace in the middle east.

But build and design a world that only the devil himself would want, is what they have done best.

The map comes from the Jesuit website. Is the world a better place is America any longer the nation we once so loved?Psalm 37:35 I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.

It hides Christ in its pantheon of gods and changes the names with those of Christian patriarchs, like the television show Dragnet there is no one innocent, and ignorance of God’s word is no excuse to break HIS laws.

To not inspect the sacrifice for yourself leaves a door wide open to lies, confusion, and abuse.

Where can you find God in the universe? The four major planets that have life on them and in them is outlined in this crop image below.


The Bible is made up of 66 books but four of them are special because they reveal G-d’s heart and will the time he came to earth. Found in Matthew, Mark which shows equal sizes and were both eyewitnesses of the center the largest the gospel of John the one that shines the brightest especially chapter 3 and the tiniest the book of Luke the Dan Rather of the Middle East around 58-63 AD.

The position of the SUN is the best place to find the SON the four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (written by Lazarus) surrounded by the 66 books these are pointing to our need to know the ones that reveal God’s heart for you. Jesus is God wearing HIS heart out in the open. John the one that needs to be looked at closer than the rest of them this one reveals HIM best. The only book that addresses Judas was stealing from treasury one had to have seen him do it. An accusation that demanded stoning or imprisonment Jesus knew he was doing it but said nothing about it or makes mention of it to the individual.  There are just some people who never learn or care too they feed off the knowledge of others even if it is wrong. Which is wrong and why God insists you inspect the sacrifice yourself.

To stand with those whom HE considers HIS enemies Psalm 56:1-2 is not a place one should stand because of the fallout of HIS wrath on them.

To not worship God is a fools choice eternity is infinite times the infinite and God does not take away our existence HE just gives you the desires of your heart only apart from HIM there is no fulfilling those desires when HE is not included. the rich man in Luke 16 knew the truth after it was all too late for him. He felt,  he thirsted,  he wanted and nothing in that realm where he went was satisfied.

It is why HE insists you come out of HER if you truly belong to HIM.

Call it what it really is an intervention for her captives. You say you have friends that are catholic as long as she lives they will remain her captives and deny the message of Christ and HIS completed work that ended the priesthood HE began.  Help them to open their eyes and set them free from Satan’s strongholds.

If you are one of them that may be hard to do.

Catholic may mean to you Universal but to the angels, it means hell none of them are “Born Again” as Jesus insisted,  one must be in order to enter into heaven John 3:3. Is it a coincidence that shift 3 is a hashtag?  Some things should go viral.  They believe they received Christ in their material cookie and feel right as rain but never know HIM and is that not what he wants for us all to do to know HIM?

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

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