The mind of G-d

The Lord has revealed to us in these last moments that the western side of the cross is where Jesus head was laid outlined thousands of years earlier as depicted  in the wilderness tabernacle.
The west is the most technologically advanced of all the world. We have unfortunately more understanding of technology than we do of theology. However,  with the help of one we can teach and reach the other. Imagine houses of worship as community servers passing information to those who are in need each center houses a T1 internet  access and servers that are owned and operated by them.  People are going to want information and want it fast about this man the Christians have been talking about for thousands of years the one that comes before Jesus returns. The man of peace, on those servers they find the following a man dedicated to shining the light on Christ where it rightfully belongs something darkness hates us doing. But has saved their money for such a time as this so that we can have wedding rehearsals for the bride of Christ.  Jesus told me He was on His way and that we needed to start celebrating. On those servers they find the following.

Click on the cover for a larger view .Description and what to look for to confirm.


Big Time Time
I've said it over and over and still the saved don't get the idea we need to rescue the lost. This is a cattle drive to the cross. My minister tried to convince me that America is the whore of revelation. If you can't discern step back and learn. This is not hard to figure out.

Who is Pulling the Strings on the New World Order

The opening image should read ...G-d makes the man! Fear and intimidation are the tactics of evil men, who care for no one but themselves and the mighty dollar. Good thing it's going away. The LORD did not want robots but those who could love knowing it was always the better choice. In the end, people will be inserting themselves into the machine and become as robots, being told what when and how they can live, what they can watch. Those who are going to be left in greater numbers are the Muslims. After all the world did not want Christianity that came with joy, laughter and love.

The philosophers tell us it is going to be a revived Roman empire. i wonder who could be behind that? It must be that evil empire Canada? They are after all have been war mongers from the start.


If we give them enough warning and explain clearly the events that will unfold we could take more than we bargained for. At least that is my hope...Please pray for me, my work is important for all our loved ones saved and unsaved.

The Real X Files Truth Revealed.

I was a fan of the X-files but as a Christian, I knew the difference between truth and fantasy. Lies lead us down dark paths away from light and truth. Those who believe in the alien agenda do not realize how treasured the Son of G-d is to G-d. I am hoping to reveal that to all of you. Jesus would not create other free will agents until HE corrected the original group of free will agents. However, because one group continues the sacrifice over and over it looks as if G-d would beat HIS Son a gazillion times in gazillion galaxies??? Evil men doing wicked things and leading the lost to hell because that's where they are going.

The truth is here UFO's are angels surrounding us. They have always been here. The demon jumping in you or living in you makes them appear as saucers.


Stargate so we are looking for stars. Also what is needed to make the journey off planet.

The Crop Circle Stargate

Two ways one can leave the earth behind one is the tunnel and if you are headed toward the light it may not be to your benefit if you died without Christ. Walk in the light and you won't have to head towards it. The other is the star ship resurrection / rapture.. This generation understands these things. Now I only need to teach you proper theology. To start with in order to have a child one must have a woman??? This one boggles the present theological mind.

There are two ways one can travel to heaven. One is natural death while the other is being snatched up by what we have all been waiting for rapture could not happen without me. The Bible tells you so.


I love Scifi but I know the difference between what is real and what is not. Using those shows we are all familiar with I take you on a journey to reveal truth. The truth that G-d loves you. It is the longest one I have done because of the information it contains is crucial to our journey home. To infinity and beyond!

Explaining Spaceship Earth

If you love scifi you may enjoy this as I teach you theology using technology isn't that why we have all this technology??? The biggest ships that pull into port are guided by a PILOT. He is not the captain of the vessel. He knows the waters and can maneuver it into its birth safely. If it is at night he is guided by lights "light houses." Here we are at the end and how many lighthouses should we be paying attention to as this ship comes to its final dock? G-d has sent his PILOT someone HE trusts to do the job. So please no jumping from the ship we will disembark in an orderly fashion.

Resistance is fruitless...Hey Habib what do you make of these?


Pieces of Eight
In this one we look closely at the treasure G-d sent us. Eight on its side is infinity and it is G-d's favorite numbers. Also treasure are pieces of eight. The dragon is holding treasure and usually there are dead bones where people try to pillage his wealth.

Eights Are Great the Keep You Straight

Eight is a number G-d treasures for G-d it references perfection new beginnings. Noah and his family were eight that were saved before the first destruction. Now fire shall fall on the wicked. G-d is selecting HIS eternal family from among us. Some have already gone home. The final test for man is again FAITH. If another comes in his own name him, you will receive. Let's save the world for Jesus if you can respect G-d's authority? The angels of G-d rejected G-d's authority in the first rebellion. They turned him against G-d. Don't be like them please, pretty please, and we will get everyone to the cross in time.

On their side they say infinity, eternity, new heavens, new earths who is coming with me?


Wiser than Solomon
There is someone wiser than King Solomon and don't you wish you knew Him? Wisdom is a woman as described in G-d's greatest number Proverbs 8. Lucifer and his fallen angels had no knowledge of women without them we would not be and G-d's Son would still be invisible. Mary is not G-d's Queen Israel is. Solomon was not as wise as everyone thinks . A man who loves many women loves none and the man who loves one loves them all. Truth be told Solomon had a honey do list that just wouldn't quit. He knew there was only one G-d ...However he still built temples to his wives gods, whatever was this wise man saying to them?

Wisdom is a woman it is also one of G-d’s lamps.

There are many who teach such ideas that there is no one wiser than Solomon...Stay away, you would do well. Jesus said there is one wiser than Solomon, and HE was speaking of Himself. When a believer becomes BORN AGAIN of the HOLY SPIRIT, we are given the same and greater than Solomon. However, no one really tells you 1 Corinthians 2:16 For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ. Besides he only asked to lead G-d's people... one nation. I asked G-d to give me what I need to bring in HIS harvest!G-d refers to wisdom as a woman , but it is in woman G-d placed much of his wisdom.
We need a bridal shower and a rehearsal who is going to help me?



Winnowing Harvest Fan
Jesus said the end of the world would be a harvest. This is a winnowing fan that blows away the chaff. It is made up of 409 circles. 409 chapters into the scriptures we find the second temple being built. Ezra chapter 6. Although 409 is a great cleaner the blood of Jesus is the only thing that can cleanse us of our sin. Would you want Daniel to preach at your Church?

Just Like Daniel I AM

These must be the false signs and wonders Jesus was talking about. Those Aliens from the planet Kolob who gave Joseph Smith his Intel certainly know their way around G-d's actual word, why not give it to him the first time? Pulling Jesus out of heaven and sacrificing HIM repeatedly in a mass with a dead language and priesthood to boot or should I say lives in a boot... is not a false sign at all? If you listen to the priest during the transubstantiating work miraculously changing the bread and wine into the actual body of Christ, very softly he says..."Like a good savior... Jesus is here." These people are smiting the rock and not just twice. The devil tried to have early man in Egypt, build weapons of destruction as seen in the Abydos temple. He should have made them go for the TiVo instead.

When you're a baby you start with golden picture books...right?

Israel was chosen by G-d to reveal the truth behind the invisible war. He used them to give us the Bible spread the message and reveal His precious Son. Here we find not only Jacob's (Israel's) descendants we find Esau's as well.

Towers of Refuge It’s Going Back into The Box

This one shows the age sequence of the sons of Jacob, when you multiply the 12 towers by the three sides you get 36 or Genesis 36 is where we find Esau's descendants.

There is good fun and there is bad no fun for so many who have had the god of this world steal it from them. Time to end the game last piece found.

In the movie the Matrix we are given a Trinity, Oracle, and a way to escape. Neo the hero had no weapon formed against him prosper Isaiah 54:17. So it is with me, here we will find the Oracle questioned and given an Answer and the door you must pass through to escape. Don't let the demons beat you for all eternity.

Great Movie Had Some Truth You Can say I'm a Type of Neo

This one has all the elements of the movie there is only one door that leads out. The floor is a path and the walls ask a question while the ceiling answers it. We have the stars Trinity, an Oracle and the answer to life.

In it we find Trinity, an Oracle a door of escape...This one reveals those and the walls ask the question the ceiling (heaven) has the answer. Neo knew the rules of the game for anyone that asks receives if you ask rightly and your motive are pure.

Jesus keeps his promises. In this one called "My Father's House." we are going to find a final destination for those who are loyal to the word of G-d. It is the Christians who show others how to get free eternal housing. Free mansions for the faithful in Christ. Well not as big as mine of course that comes with age.

Jesus Keeps HIS Promises

This one was easy we added all the triangles to see how many pyramids we could build without making slaves of anyone. Take the number of triangles and divide by four which is what makes up a pyramid. Jesus said he was building us mansions in heaven and I for one know its true. The answer will amaze you to where this one points too. It's nice to know someone loves you and thought about your eternity. G-d does not make slaves of anyone...I serve because the rewards are out of this world!

Free eternal housing sign up here.


Jonah Was Not an Allegory He’ll Confirm it Again.

Some theologians say the story of Jonah is an allegory. Jesus never lies and he confirmed it in HIS teachings. Here Jesus does it again. Just remember who it is that is captain of this ship!


G-d has a great sense of Humor, besides being loving He is a great educator. Here we find His sense a humor contemplating having made a coffee table / cup holder for His Son rather than a covering of many precious stones.

Rethinking the Son’s Gift

G-d has a great sense of humor, here we see the plans to build a cup holder, and the cup holds the spirit "wine." The spirit and wine have always been the synonymous. Spirit like wine changes you. The man needs to be changed in order to live in Heaven. Satan was a carrier of spirit the Son's spirit to be precise; G-d used him as transportation. Then the rebellious angels turned him against G-d. I am not letting that happen to me come get me when you figure it out. What kind of wood don't float?

Father is rethinking the covering cherub and wishing he had made a cup holder instead.

First one G-d led me too. I saw it on a computer screen at work June 2009 and He began telling me what it meant. Since that one I have been told about 199 more. I have handed books to several Pastors revealing them. Seems no one wants to offer anyone any hope including ministers. Keep letting those kids live without any hope of Jesus return, you will not do well in the judgment. Think you feel bad when a child dies wait when you watch how many march off into the abyss because of you.

Basic math the angels' wings are shaped into mine and G-d's favorite number 8. The four points are the multiplier, and the answers are the surrounding designs. It was only two weeks earlier he had shown me Egypt and how they built the Pyramid. However, false teachers call me a liar. I wish I had proof I was telling the truth...Wait a minute I'm Mordecai and guess who's Haman?


G-d led me into the transportation industry...Again it is His brand of humor. I move valuable cargo safely from point A to point B. I would ask him to sit in the driver's seat every day so that I could sit on His lap and steer. In February 2009 He asked me if He could steer I said sure why not. So this is the trinity behind the steering wheel. Others are seeking signs like Benny Hinn and healing. The devil can do those things, around idols as well. What he does not do is open up the word or allow himself to be revealed so you can clobber him. Isn't the word preached first then signs and wonders follow? I must have it wrong.

10-4 Good Buddy the first four commandments out of ten deal with HIM, from state to state, I went laying my foot on the land and claiming my territory for Jesus, listening to HIS word and the best preachers my radio could find. I cried at every Dr, James Dobson Focus on the Family show. I praised G-d for hundreds of thousands of miles over the last fifteen years. I would not get in the truck without asking HIM to sit in the driver's seat first so as his child, I could sit in HIS lap and steer. One day, he says..."I like you asking me Bobby but one of these days I want to steer.," You just can't say no to that!

Trucking with Jesus I do and I’m also in the Transportation business…All aboard angels truckers are standing by to transport>>> beam us up Jesus.

The last section with the rattle it is supposed to say 7 + 1 I lost the original file it was made from so just go with it. Nice to know we don't have to be perfect for G-d to love us simply repent... So I'm sorry... Children are a blessing from the Lord. When children start being abused it is time to end it. This video reveals the culprits and G-d's plan to bringing the righteous together to sound the last warning. Either come or stay the choice is yours.

Father Say’s I’m Smarter than Einstein

It doesn't take a genius to figure it out...Children are a blessing of the Lord. G-d had only one begotten Son born from his relationship with Israel. Because of Christ, we are all heirs and Sons of the most high G-d. Angels are children of G-d as well HIS messengers. The first born among them made in the image of G-d and a reflection of the promise that the Son would come and take HIS rightful place by HIS father's side; we find Abel. No bosom had he to go into. Jesus called him righteous Abel where and when did he come under the blood? Jesus said if another comes in his own name him; you will receive. Convincing you I am Abel well that's up to G-d to do. Right now, the world needs a peace plan, and someone has to be Abel...;-)

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. Little ones like I belong...teach that serpent to pick on me!

It's True it's all TRUE!This comes right out of that very Parable of the rich man and Lazarus. People are spilling into hell because they do not believe in its reality. The man in the last days confirms its reality.
Hey Habib.... What do you make of this??

Rich Man and Lazarus

Jesus told this story and that when the rich were not so bountiful. Thing's just don't change one end is holy the other end is not so holy when one goes into the abyss they never come out again. The angels are escorting another Mormon / Catholic religious person's soul to hell. Heaven remains heaven because it exists.



There is a new Sheriff in town and he is looking to deputize.

We are living in a lawless society, millions are headed towards the eternal place of pain and suffering. We need lawmen who can drop bad guys to their knees.

You have to apply for the position or feel really, really called. Were going to drop some bad guys to their knees.
Like Woody meeting Buzz Lightyear... "To infinity and beyond!" Who doesn't like a good Western? There is a new Sheriff in town and he is looking to deputize. Were going to drop some bad guys to their knees and put away some bad people! The past is crude and as time passes things improve in the area of living more comfortably. We are leaving this world behind, but before we do the last man is designed to not let one weapon harm him, odd but it is G-d's plan. Both sides need him. One needs a peace plan while the other want's to exalt His Son. I choose the Son worthy of all glory and praise. What say you?

Everyone cheers for their team. I know several father son teams that need cheering. Guy's just might get this one.

Don’t you Love Father and Son Teams?

What a great concept the family, unfortunately because no one honors G-d's will the family falls apart. This shows us two father and son teams running the race of life each can teach us a valuable lesson about love. In heaven, the angels had no children of their own and so there was little in the way insuring a culture of love and obedience. G-d wanted family, and he wanted his family to have family that way we care about another's eternal well being. Harmony and peace are what makes heaven. How do you decide who is worthy and who is not? That is why HE sent us HIS only-begotten Son Jesus. In Christ, I am made clean and my heart made to know love. I because I am a Christian discern what is good from what is evil. I then choose what G-d would want me to choose. I know love, and love does not allow for idols placed in the path of the lost, especially his chosen people. It hinders Muslim and Jewish people from knowing HIM so don't tell me you love as G-d loves because you have a friend who is using his name in vain. One or both of you may not know G-d. Love has to be tough... because HELL IS!

G-d wanted to thank a couple of them they reveal true love and tell a good story. I love good stories don't you?

The inner section of the star of David reveals a honeycomb a place for safety. G-d intended to use the Jewish people to bring fallen man back to himself to worship Him. They refused to acknowledge the gift He gave them, in order to do it. While some Jews did not. It is up to the Christian church to get everyone in this place of safety before the rapture / resurrection blessed are they that make the first trip out.

We can save the world if we can kill this Shark!

The movie "Jaws" was a spectacular movie. I never liked swimming in the ocean to begin with. I don't like to be where I cannot see what's coming. Note that the elder among them with the most experience fails to kill or catch the shark. This crop circle reveals a set of shark like teeth in the center of the star of David distorted beyond recognition. It was meant to save people not do them ill. It reveals who G-d is going to condemn in the judgment. The wicked hate the Jewish people because the wicked have a god and gods over them that are false. Who hates the true G-d of creation. The Jewish people testify to only one G-d and one G-d alone. Man in his fallen state does not want to admit that he is fallen or needs lifting up and help. When we get into our golden years, they are not as golden as they should be for some of us. Then we reach for the button to push that sends the message "Help. I have fallen and can't get up." We get so lost we call for the wrong people to help us up. Jesus is the best way to walk and reach your golden years with him; HE will bless you beyond your imagination. I can prove it.

Saint's of true faith you can help me kill this shark and we can have fun doing it in the process.

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