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globe5We are coming to the final days, and the world desperately needs a peace plan one that everyone can gather around. Did you know that G-d the Father loves His Son Jesus very, very much and because of that love, G-d will not allow wicked violent people to co-exist with Him? Like we do not like germs, and bacterium is the way G-d feels about sin. It must be dealt with and cleaned so that it will not infect others destroying the peace.

Even the ones who sing praises with their lips while inwardly they seek to do Him harm. These are the saints living in the tribulation. I have not placed any posts up over the last few weeks because I have been working the video page and improving what I started, adding in them a more worldly maturity and completing them.
We are here and exist because a certain group felt honoring the Son of G-d in heaven was fruitless that it was not needed in order for a society to exist. So those who think they can get into heaven without Christ are being led by those who originally rejected the idea. Without an anchor or direction a society fails, we need a leader and Jesus Christ is that leader G-d gave Him all credit for creation from the very beginning.

The video is at

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