Our children are in danger.

This one is hard for me to do, however, we must keep reminding ourselves there is only one way to G-d, and that it is imperative that everyone hears the gospel having the unhindered opportunity to give their lives to Christ.

Losing a child is a pain, I know all too well.  Whether it is in a divorce or them following the ways of Cain, it is a horrible sensation.  The permanency of a loved one being taken from us before their time is an event that has been happening from the beginning. All the way back too when the angels insisted, they needed to see the Son in order to continue worshiping him; G-d lost 1/3 of His family. They lost faith a necessary element that keeps it all together.

I have tried to open the eyes of the blind to lift the veil to G-d’s overall plan only to be ignored as some delusional individual whom thinks he talks to G-d and angels.  The angels,  is pretty new to me but since seeing the truth in Egypt, they can’t resist stopping in occasionally to remind me who I am to them.

As for children who proceeded their parents take heart in knowing that the house of Abel is designed for such as these.  It is a playground as they await their parents to join them.

Because Lucifer needs a ride, and a temple built and the hour is growing short our children are at risk. This is not my doing but that of the leadership who chose to shut their ears and close their eyes to my cry…Jesus is on His way.

G-d was glorified when he sent the plagues against a nation of wicked people who made slaves of his chosen people.  The last plague being the night of passover, the one that finally weakened the spirit in the man who was being fortified by the dark one refusing to let them go.

This one single event  opened up the treasury and the path to the promised land.  The dragon loved to look at his gold and wealth through the eyes of the Pharaoh.  Satan likes positions of power, and his vanity has so clothed him in his former beauty by stealing wealth from the world.

We will be leaving the woman one golden cup!
We will be leaving the woman one golden cup!

To insure his wealth be never harmed or taken from him again he weeded out those who watched over it from ever having children while raising up armies of men to protect it.

He sees what G-d has done as unfair choosing a man who loves Christ without hesitation to be his ride here at the bottom of his new world order structure. He is going to copy cat what happened in Egypt.  G-d wants his Son lifted up for the world, to see, and the enemy needs a plan and a vessel to ride.

Satan hates it when the attention is off him and placed on another,  all the attention will be placed on Christ as he pursues the one Christ chose.  To get the wicked children to respond to you as a parent you must take the pleasurable toys away from the awful child and give them to the good child. Hopefully, the bad child is now after 2000 years of messing up mature enough to know how to become excellent so that father can love them and allow them to make the rapture. The dreadful little kiddies built their own gallows,  the horror that well be the tribulation. You will become grateful your children went home rather than getting left behind.

It seems my only son has purposed to rebel against G-d after having been shown visual proof, and several confirmations in his life that Jesus and I have a good relationship.  His fate will , rst of any others if left in the tribulation. You cannot rob G-d of his glory and expect rewards for doing so.

So asking G-d to protect them will require you to give the dragon what he wants. He wants the power G-d is granting me in these last days,a power that does not allow anyone else to pull my strings or place me in a box to behave as they think one should behave.  When planning thousands of years for this,  staying on course is the key. Trusting G-d is putting it all together as it needs to be.

Keep in mind that Joseph made Benjamin the cup bearer and the chief Butler was one whom carried the king’s cup. He was restored to his former position,  while the Baker perished.  That message alone should have a wealth of sermons in it.

Once I am where I need to be the wealth he has been saving will help in giving him his temple and peace plan. I assure you there is no compromising this. The plagues of Egypt are working backwards it is the enemy being used as G-d’s instrument for justice. He hates men because they remind him of G-d, and he is going to have his day, one way or the other; I choose to do it G-d’s way,  what say you?

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