Your turn, my turn squared…Exodus in both.

Show the world the truth.

History repeats because there is an intelligent war raging in the heavens over man. G-d, our creator against another intelligent being who we find out in the end, is not as smart as he thought. I missed out on a lot growing up as a child, but this is more than I could have ever had hoped for, Joel 2:25-26 thank you, Jesus! For the Christian, we understand it is a test of our love and devotion to G-d, who held back nothing from us.

warningDeuteronomy 13:3
(3) Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your G-d proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your G-d with all your heart and with all your soul.

realworldexampleHere are some interesting facts concerning the word of God. In the NASB, the word prophet appears in 220 verses of scripture in KJV 227 verses; we are shorted seven prophets by the NASB. The KJV has 34 RESPECTS, while the NASB only has 23 respects. Respect is missing from critical passages that reveal what this is all about.

rememberWhy is that important? G-d’s word is his bond. I spoke in previous posts about how Satan cannot tread on Holy ground, so he must demean and belittle G-d’s word and puff up others in its place. G-d has seen the end from the beginning; he knew what the enemy was going to do before he did it. So the important words like RESPECT, a seven-letter word is found in 34 verses. We know that the number seven is sacred in scripture 3 represents the trinity and four the first four commandments that deal expressly with G-d. 3+4 equals our hallowed seven; another holy number of G-d is 12 the number for order or 3 x 4.

technicalstuffIt is G-d’s confirmation or a checksum, for the more technical among you. It is revealing the authority of scripture is intact, unchanged by man in its most protected translation, which brings up the fact that the end of the world would be predominantly English as the most-used language both great Christian nations use it, America and England. Just as Greek was dominant in Jesus’s day, make no mistake when G-d spoke his word, He had the end in mind the harvest is what He was going after. Luke 9:60 Jesus said unto him, Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of G-d.

Jacob is referenced in 345 verses of scripture added together we find 12 for the tribes of Israel risen from Jacob. In the new testament, we find what was hidden in the old testament. Furthermore, what is in the new points back to the old. The word angel appears 99 times in the new testament 9 x 9 equal 81 the plural angels appeared 81 times when added we come up with 180 the 180th chapter in the old points to what the angels are looking at as to who is doing iniquity and who will be left behind. It’s Deuteronomy 27:15-26 in case you were wondering.

tipG-d allowed his enemy to make the first move. So he went and shotgunned early man with religious fables, and played on his fear of death and the unknown. It was evil who created the first earthly priesthood, mistake number two. The original mistake was building the symbols used in the battle, each one laying claim to their symbol.

false gods
False gods created by a priesthood that profited on the ignorance and fears of others, things have not changed much in the priesthood.
The Son of G-d is no ones pet.
The Son of G-d is no one’s pet.

Was it the sphinx who gave the superstitious men of that time the idea that the gods had the faces of men with bodies of animals? A creature, by the way, which can only be found in the courts of G-d’s throne. We find a similar once appearing in Ezekiel 10:14 and again to John in Revelation 4:7.

So was it out of Respect the priests wore the faces of animals to show their unworthiness to the God of the sphinx? The God who placed it was an intelligent being capable of creating such massive monuments. One thing is definite; this was not a valid priesthood. Women were included as divine deities. Women were the last of G-d’s creation to be a helpmate to man, not his God. However, they did not have the book of Genesis to explain this to them. Would they have listened? Not if it made a profit for them, false teachers would thrive on the ignorance of those they teach. We will undoubtedly learn more on judgment day; this much we know; the war is real, so are the false teachers.

The true G-d of scripture YHWH falls in love with Abraham because he seeks a city whose foundations are laid by G-d Hebrews 11:10. Father is slowly bringing the creation back to see the worth of His only Son. I say his value is worth the world may be a universe or two, three or even four, notwithstanding the place once held by the enemy.

Heaven’s first enforcer/ high priest was fired after refusing to bring before Father praises meant for His Son, claiming how it could be that the one they worshiped is invisible? He wanted to sit in the most highs seat, which we know got him thrown out of heaven Isaiah 14:13-14. G-d’s Son is highly valued by G-d and the angels of heaven.

With the angels, it is more so now, now that they have seen the Son and why it is G-d loves him so much. It was his obedience even to death on a cross. G-d was in the Son until he left him on the cross to undergo the punishment for my sin and yours if you will only receive him. The rebellion sounded much like we hear today as Islam proclaims G-d has no Son. It was the angelic rebellion that brought man into being.

Christians have a greater advantage in this war. We know the Son is real because he changed our lives, and His name is praised on our lips, and G-d blesses us because of Him. We have eyewitness testimony that he walked here, our enemy, the devil, has even used the Son of G-d to build his one-world order.

The character of the unholy enemy is to enslave people to sin then try to convince man it is G-d who makes slaves of them. It was him through the Pharaohs who enslaved Abraham’s descendants to hide his sin against G-d. We can now see it as his sin, and he is trying to get us not to notice it!


However, G-d shouts hey look over in Egypt in Genesis 15:13-14. You had to be seeking the harvest key to know what to look for the harvest is to bring glory to G-d, and there had to be something we were all missing. The key was losing this great nation to evildoers and understanding why we were a great nation at this moment in time. We are becoming slaves to a system engineered by the rulers on top of the hill. We must now prepare for departure. The end is at hand now that it has been found. Both sides knew that if it were ever discovered, it would reveal his reality. That spirit is eternal; this proves it so. Praise be to G-d our sins can be covered by the work of G-d’s only-begotten Son our conscience can be cleansed, our sins forgiven.

The theories are endless; are they not everything from ancient power tools to aliens with anti-gravity technology?  G-d took me up in the spirit and showed me the past as He had revealed to John the future. I had seen him and his minions flying through the air floating carved stones into position in an Earth where everything was bigger. Because gravity was less than it is now, the angels still laugh over what has become to them Satan’s second most significant fall. As gravity rapidly increased at the slowing of the earth’s rotation, wiping out the dinosaurs and ending Mr. Slate’s attempt at ever undoing it. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny! False teachers deny a pre-Adamic race on earth. Jeremiah says otherwise, keep in mind whom they are serving.


The early priesthood of Egypt used mystery, creating awe in the movement of their arms and hands. Today we know them as magicians. The result is sleight of hand and deception. They made promises on how one may obtain a safe voyage into the afterlife, and it usually involved them getting something of value from the ignorant. It was conveniently revealed to only them by the gods they served, the common man G-d would not speak to because they were led to believe they were less worthy than the con men leading them.

This is an excellent job in any era and meant just for those of a superior mind. The pure in heart would not question the authority. It has been played out throughout the ages, sheep being sheered while their soul remained unchanged. The priests had a position in the courts of the ruler, keeping the people in line using their vast knowledge of deception, which pleased the ruler. They could never let on that it was just a rouse to live off the backs of the working class. Over time, they began to believe their own lies. You can’t be snickering when you are fleecing the sheep, people get suspicious.


The true G-d YHWH took one-person Moses, who lifted his rod and parted the seas. G-d didn’t need money then either. However, it certainly helped build the temple in the wilderness and reveal the genuine way to honor the real G-d. It was done to show mankind an authentic Holy priesthood to the one true G-d. The miracles and plagues done in Egypt brought him glory and embedded in the hearts of those in whom he chose his power and worthiness to be the only G-d man has to deal with, while revealing the ones of Egypt were all inferior and ridiculous.

The Jewish priesthood was always meant to be a temporary priesthood until HE provided the final sacrifice that we know as Jesus. We will once again need the wealth of the dragon’s treasury to build the next temple; this time, I am the staff, and G-d will hold me up to part the waters. There is another Exodus; it is a promise this time to the real Holy Land.
Look Familiar?? Click here for a deeper understanding. America was the last empire and honored the Son. Now we lost that be sure and say thank you, Mr. Jesuit agent of hell.

We outnumber the wicked twenty to one. However, they have built their armies strong so that we cannot reach them on top of the hill, that is why G-d gives one man what Lucifer had in heaven the light to expose them as the phony’s, they are, agents of death. History reveals their disastrous nature; in fact, while in the minority, demons are quiet and careful when they are in the majority destructive to all that is held sacred by G-d.

No weapon formed against me shall prosper because somebody needs what G-d has given me, and the price is going up daily. Those who are trying to stop G-d’s judgment will find themselves left behind to be his creature’s chew toys. Obedience is better than sacrifice, yet no one seems to honor G-d and his excellent plan if we can get the RCC church to recognize they are being left behind with Islam. We can get a revival in time to leave minimal numbers behind.

First, we must open their eyes. America is the key to the harvest. America is the harvest key John 12:32 And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.

Did you know many of the clergies are playing right into their own destruction? They are destroying America and building gallows meant for true Christians while at the same time denying the obvious? I found Jesuit influence in the AG church that reveals this betrayal of G-d and our Country.

I was reminded last weekend most of our Protestant churches have a vast amount of former RC converts within them. The problem is they stay true and blue to the dragon, who is building our gallows, destroying our nations all the while they continue to defend the demons behind the idols. When I got my call, I insisted my stepfather leave the Knights of Columbus. I warned him he could not play both sides; it was not long after that; he had his stroke. You cannot be double-minded; you are either all holy ground or an idolater and supporter of them. Angels will leave behind all things that offend G-d and do iniquity Matthew 13:37-43. You cannot play both sides asking G-d to bless them without repentance on their part. Don’t you want your loved ones spared and set free like yourselves, or do you want them to continue offending G-d through the false priesthood?

They will need to pick the Protestant side if they are to make the first departure. The leadership will need to recant America as being the great Satan and reveal it is the nation that honored the true G-d of Israel. Protestants are the little horn of Daniel 8 the two greater horns were once the Meade’s and the Persians; we duplicate because the enemy does nothing new, today before the resurrection, it is the Catholic’s and the Muslims.

Can you not see G-d is raising a nation to punish them for destroying our America by using His Son’s name in vain to build their one-world order?

No one noticed that Rome had been conquering under the sign of the cross hundreds of years before Christ came; they were using it as a deterrent to crimes against the state? When they jumped up and said in this sign we will conquer,  it was the enemy saying time to make the Son of G-d our pet! I know what I’m doing!

The clergy is more than happy to do the bidding of an evil government. Is this the kind of leadership we want in heaven, Judas’s blind guides who offer their people up as fodder while the new world order builds their Amerinazi society?


The tares (Jesuit trained or simply Jesuits) among us always remind former RCC of the lies they were taught as truth, that if it weren’t for the Catholic church, we wouldn’t have a Bible, which is a lie…The Book of Revelation speaks to seven different churches. Russia was Greek Orthodox out of the old Byzantine empire. However, the Czars had too much wealth, and the dragon did not like them having all that wealth and not share it with the people, so they created the class struggle and provided us with another enemy to fight. Centuries before Russia, it was the Knight Templars that also had much wealth and power. America has too much wealth and power, and guess who the devil sent and used to destroy us as well? The destruction is the Protestant conversion to their false priesthood by making us ecumenical, all sleight of hand. Germany, England, and America all produced missionaries and educated people to have a relationship with the true G-d of scripture, and who hated that idea?? Ka-ching Ka-ching!

Every nation has fallen only one is able to bring it back.
Every nation has fallen; only one can bring it back.

Not all of us are blind to who started America as the great Satan campaign. We were that when we were a Protestant nation upon our founding. My poor Catholic stepmother was forced as a child to learn all her catechisms in her native language of French Canadian as to not mingle with the evil Protestant America.

So glad they became Christian could you imagine had they not?
So glad they became Christian, could you imagine had they not?

Who was it that sowed the seeds of hate for our country and spoke ill of it in public forums? While they make it look like they care, while their vast wealth buys weapons to control us and fight in the wars, they start. Capitalism, to them, is a vicious demonic system that must be taken out by them, the rescuers of every evil society??? We are wicked because of them and their monetary influence in our culture; they do not preach the word. They Lord it over us with their phony priesthood and seduce our saints. My minister proclaimed he felt G-d in the liturgy,  well I know who his true God is then because mine has no part in the evil works of a dead priesthood that was ended by the enemy in 70 AD and brought back by him in 330 AD turning G-d’s Son into their weapon of choice.

No G-d does not need money to start his harvest, but it would certainly help if the evil empire didn’t have it all to have us fight for what little is left. If I weren’t a Christian called by G-d, I would be using trucker language with a few choice words for Frick and Frack at my AG church, who are two enemies of this nation and the kingdom of G-d.

May G-d have mercy on their rotten cheating souls. Judas is alive and well in Frick and Frack, but many Protestant churches have their tares just like them, and we wonder why there is no revival in epic proportions. They attack the accurate word of G-d and speak well of a system that steals, kills, and destroys and uses the name of the Lord to do it by.

Let us look at the great evil men of the past, shall we? Men who were called Antichrist by the Antichrists, who have to keep sacrificing Jesus over and over millions a time a day playing at what the devil began in Egypt as the priesthood when Jesus went to the cross, it ended the priesthood and the need for it. It is all now sleight of hand. These men were called evil and Antichrist by a priesthood that shouldn’t have never existed John Hus, Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and John Wycliffe, just to name a few, and let’s not forget Galileo Galilee as a practicing Satanists. Many of our founders were full-blown Satanists as well as George Washington and many signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Here is a picture of the Satanists of America evil, wicked men who should have all been burned at the stake! Now they may be crying out from their places of eternity; I should have been a Catholic!


Do Protestant clergy seek to embrace a system that shows no repentance??? That idols are still causing G-d-fearing people to stumble and not see the true Christ of scripture the monsters, have hidden him well and taken America.

The power of G-d given to men who are made a little lower than the angels, how many angels does G-d ask us to pray too? Do you know how many prayers one Saint can hear at any given time? That is the power of G-d given to men by false teachers. The relationship is to be direct with you and G-d. Instead, the devil gave us his version of where’s Waldo?

Can you find the only one you should pray too? Hint: Like Waldo, he has red stripes.

Who the (insert expletive) has seven hundred billion dollars to place a false messiah in the White House to fulfill a prophecy they created? Wake up America; they pulled the wool over your eyes by calling good evil and their brand of evil as good and again using sleight of hand and the blowing of smoke choosing our American leadership for us.


Now it’s G-d’s turn again, now that he has exposed the real destroyers of America, through me, as promised, in Daniel 8:23. Which, by the way, was written five hundred years before Christ was born, G-d revealed me in prophecy. It is so nice to know G-d did not forget me.

Everyone forgot about Abel except for G-d. This friend is about RESPECT, a seven-letter word that G-d requires… Exodus is next right after the enemy offers the original offering made in Genesis 4:4 the RESPECT he did not offer the first time.

He said he was going to make the Son of G-d his pet, before the dawn of man, and Rome was happy to oblige him they built for him his one-world order except for one minor detail. He still needs a peace plan with the middle east to get his temple built, and he will need a body. G-d is good to me.

He thought it was going to be Abel who would crush his head, where did he get that idea; I wonder? Not without Christ, Abel couldn’t, what you do in the beginning can come back and bite you in the end. Satan needs a body and whose body do you think G-d would want him to have of all the people in the Bible?

Who would make the most sense to reveal Proverbs 11:1? If this is all about Respect, then the choice is clear. Why would G-d reveal the deep mysteries of scripture or the hidden wonders of the world the very symbols of the battle, the answers to the crop circles, or place his holy lamps with a liar? False teachers work for the enemy and must insist I am the liar, that Lucifer never took on a body or lived in the earth after the fall, and it is they who are telling the truth.  They would much rather have you believe in the Ancient Alien agenda.

Such a question. Why are you not flocking to where I am so that you can find out how to save your loved ones and bring them to Christ? Do I point like the Catholics to anyone other than Christ? False teachers rob G-d of his glory; they have the 144000 chosen after the church is gone, so how does that save souls?  What would bring more to Christ and help you to share Christ and warn those you love of what is coming, so they don’t have to stay?  False teachers are genuine agents of deception, holding back G-d’s glory and souls from finding Christ.

It’s time to call out the 144,000 and provide them with funds necessary to help them in the tribulation, but Jesuits are blocking the wealth of the devil’s treasury to keep your loved ones from seeing the truth of who they are. If Rome could hear from G-d, then why is a truck driver doing the crop circles that point to scripture in their own backyard?  These people replaced the word of G-d with the sign of the fish, and yet they can’t read the signs that point to the word of G-d?

And the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.
Here’s a sign that is better than the fish, and the rattle on his tail goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.

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