An empty soul is the devils playground…

It breaks my heart to hear of people like Robyn Williams, who brought laughter to so many see no hope in life. Had he taken the path of life and gave it back to the one who made him, he would have found his true purpose. Which was not only to bring joy to others but to G-d as well as he would pass the glory back to the one whom made him. His wealth could have reached out and touched others in need, and his sense of true purpose would have been complete. It is when we rob G-d of glory, we take on the attitude of his enemy. Those who love G-d love life and those that hate him embrace death.

Everyone is trying to find themselves, I say go to the one who made you and He will tell you who you are.

I always enjoyed the younger Amanda Bynes. However, the darkness in her now has made her into something ugly. Her soul has no inner peace or a relationship to G-d it was not important to her. No one made it so. These individuals need to be bathed in prayer and fasted over. Demons are doing damage to our children at an alarming rate. Hollywood is his biggest playground for devils, Disney is filled with pedophiles pushing children into the path of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The devil’s time is short, and no one in the ministry sees the wisdom in G-d choosing a truck driver as bait to attract him to expose his reality. The wicked thinks hell is a party place and that being a Christian is boring. When the very opposite holds true, hell is not only boring but a place one recalls all their misdeeds repeatedly, the times they heard the name of Jesus and the many times they said no to him.

I pity the men of G-d who know me and allow this evil to continue, knowing full well the plan is to drive all to the cross. Over the last six years, several men stand accountable for the loss of our children ignoring the vision, lacking understanding, and ignoring the messenger the judgment of these men will not go well.


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