The Whitehouse does not belong to the people but to the people who have the money.

The media always puts a spin on things especially when propaganda for the government is concerned. Who told us Hitler died other than his own people the people who excelled in the subject of propaganda and his system made it into an art form it lacked truth its purpose was to conceal from their own people and the world at large what was going on.

When the painter was doing the signing of the Declaration of Independence below he was not there, in fact, the painting is a lie but its such a pretty lie we overlook the truth.

There was a war being fought and the buses to get them all there had not been invented yet.   They came by horseback and congress was not in session at the signing they actually stopped into Philadelphia when they had the chance to sign it.

This was an act of treason against King George but one that had to be made in order to make a nation the hardest one for the devil to crack.

The devil could not hold power over one for more than four years at a time so America was blessed when he was not in full control.

Only a Christian would understand what I am talking about.

In every other culture, he could ride the King and sit inside feeling like a god with men serving him. He promised his followers before man he would make them gods and kings but looking through history every one of them he placed in power he took down as well making them find another ride.  The Russian Tsars had to go forcing his demons to find other rides and ones not so grand.

Made the boss unhappy do not pass GO do not collect 200 dollars, start from scratch. Try the church as a minister of righteousness I know why my spirit filled pentacostal pastor and his Papist treasurer/deacon had tears in their eyes when I showed up.

Bow to me and do what I want and I will let you share the word of God with the lost just keep the Catholic’s Catholic we like cookie Jesus.

That’s the whole problem I won’t do that they need to know the truth and make an informed decision.  Protestantism did not begin because a King sought a divorce and decided to cut ties.   It was reclaiming what God had given us in Christ whether King Henry VIII knew it or not, a system where we the people have our priest living in us and working through us which is only realized in the reading of scripture.

We as Protestants prayed for our leaders when it was us whom they were serving. Today we should continue to pray for them but also that God would open their eyes.

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities is a great read these people have upset regimes and made regime changes the world over, some soldiers call it Christians in Action but it is not Christ-like in any sense of the word. Its sole purpose is to lie,  deceive,  obfuscate put brother against brother create strife.

They have involved themselves in the changing of leadership in every country, but here they have a charter that says they will not interfere with America???

The image below is of the Brooklyn Bridge it is up for sale buy it within the next sixty minutes and I will throw in the Statue of Liberty.


Allen Welsh Dulles was head of the CIA from February 26, 1953 – November 29, 1961, until fired by John F. Kennedy who threated to dismantle and spread the CIA to the four winds and end it. Until his own life was ended only two years later.  One the Warren Commission sat the master of deceit and obfuscation himself the commission was to look into the assassination of JFK.  The Warren Commission was established by Lyndon B. Johnson who had the most to gain from the assassination as did the military-industrial complex and oil companies these families in Washington profited from.

It was, for the most part, keeping up appearances but a good forensic investigator could see right through it.

Allen Dulles was also a close family friend of the Bush family he recruited George H.W. Bush to be part of the intelligence community, in 1960 or 61.  Some believe it was only to have pull over the Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush  George’s father who was part of the oversight committee for the CIA. George was 39 years old when Kennedy was assassinated but never remembered where he was when it happened.

The following book will help you see that a Bush Dynasty (Oil) was favored over a Kennedy Dynasty the Whitehouse does not belong to the people but to the people who have the money.

One of Kennedy’s rivals was Richard M. Nixon look closely at the picture below that is Prescott Bush Father of George H.W. Bush and Grandfather to George W, Bush with Nixon which looks like the puppet and the other the master?  In between them is Jack Ruby who shot Lee Harvey Oswald ten years after this picture was taken on May 6, 1953. Most people who do bombings or assassinations glory in the limelight for a spell not try to blame it on others.  Oswald made the comment he was a Patsy. Jack Ruby made the statement after killing Oswald in his actions that should keep the secrets.

Daniel 8:12 Jesus is the truth HE needs no practice HE did not fall to the ground HE came willingly.

America underwent a COO and justice is coming for all those lives taken in wars that needn’t have been and for those who took down the towers to make Americans slaves to security forces. My solemn advice to anyone getting on a plane today is to be careful until they can develop a metal stronger than steel that won’t melt with the burning of jet fuel,  those aluminum engines and turbines are not safe.

Why do we succumb to the lie is the truth worse than the lie? The truth I was told sets people free and lies just make for a mess of things.

Mercy does come before Justice but you can be sure Justice will come.

In heaven, the question will be.   What did you know and when did you know it?

Why is the word hidden and the SON not lifted up?

Brother Abel


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