From Columbus OHIO to Boston Mass is 777 Miles.

Without making any stops total driving distance is 777 miles driving time of 11 hours, 29 minutes
flight distance is 644 miles flight time of 1 hour, 47 minutes

Many of our New England states are named after old England to keep us remembering where we are from originally and how it all began.  Just like the Bible with its old testament and new testament, we have treasures hidden and treasures revealed there are treasures in old England who expose the treasures in new England. We have treasures in the old testament that reveal the greatest treasure in the new testament.

Boston Massachusetts

Boston Mass has a rich history it is where we began our battle for independence from England and is the Capital of Massachusetts named after Boston Lincolnshire of old England.

One of its most celebrated landmarks in Boston Lincolnshire is a seven-story five-bladed windmill named Maud Foster without wind it cannot grind the wheat to make the flour to bake the bread.

Man does not live by bread alone.

The lies always seem to prosper when the wrong people are in control.

Jesus said that others would kill his followers, thinking they are doing God a service.  Ignoring the very commandments of God, Jesus did not come to slay people with death, but HE came that we may have life and have life more abundant. To get where HE came from, we must follow HIM back and honor HIS words for those who know HIM,  know HIM as the most high inheriting all that the Father created.

James Town Virginia was an English Colony established in 1607 by a London Company of the same name they came before Plymouth Massachusettes by thirteen years founded in 1620.

When ignorant people teach, you get more ignorant people who follow error because they lack the truth or the knowledge of it. God, we are told rejoices in the truth, when I speak of peace, they are for war.

A man who would hold the truth from others is not a man but a slaver in the case of the Gospel it is to rob others of HOPE make others dependant on their education even if it comes from a position of darkness.

He may look at his congregation and tell them he loves them and that he knows God and he knows what God want’s, but the truth is entirely not so. He robs them of hope hiding the word protecting the dragon and the dragon’s offspring which is not hard to tell who the dragon is he is bent on protecting his treasure by claiming he knows God and knows what God wants the dragon would, of course, be the wealthiest among us because JESUS said he came to steal,  kill and destroy.

A Pentacostal pastor makes the claim he knows God and knows what God wants it has to be the original lie of the devil and for ten years now has let family members of his congregation die without them hearing the word or knowing the truth.  The question in heaven asked of him on judgment day maybe “what did he know, and when did he know it?”

Building this was a mistake? Your sins will find you out.

Bow down to me, and I will give you the kingdoms of the earth or do what I want, or the world will perish without hope we know where that comes from now, don’t we?

When Jesus came to me in these last days, it was to tell me HE would restore my marriage while doing so I would restore HIS relationship to Israel that’s what friends are for.  He said when HE arrives back here, he can make more Gold take what they are saving for HIM and give it to HIS church to begin the celebrations. Someone needs a peace plan with Jesus coming back can you think of a better way than to celebrate?

Before the dawn of man to say you knew the Son of Man would be a lie and building a likeness of what you have not seen says he was not seen. The Father was visible to them HIS glory was known to them, and HIS message always true if you have seen me, you have seen my SON the SON, and I are one. To look on the face of the most high one would surely die. To say you know God here, you must know the SON, or you are lying.

Columbus OHIO

Columbus is the capital of OHIO and named after Christopher Colombus a liar may be a little too harsh he didn’t claim it historians did historians made him a liar.  He knew he wasn’t the first to have discovered America,  we know better now don’t we?  That at the time he came it had been populated by several Indian tribes. Some historians believe the Vikings and the Templars may have been here before him.  Catholics like to take credit for everything if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have Bible, so they tell us but if you have their Bible it comes with a warning that of course only the Priest or the Bishop is allowed to interpret it, Stating you are not worthy without them even though Jesus dies for you that you may have relationship with HIM.  Jesus tells us to hide His word in our heart that you may not sin against HIM while they have Catholic’s sinning against HIM; you cannot reconcile the Catholic Catechism to the Bible.

JESUS told Peter to feed HIS sheep the children of Israel and win the Jews to himself, and Peter would not have used idols to do it.  Please tell me you understand that and why? Idols put people in bondage!

They have secret societies established all over the globe the Knights of Malta the Knights of Columbus who are sworn to defend and protect the dragon’s wealth thinking they are serving God.

How can anyone be so blind as not to see it and claim they have supernatural gifts?

So God wrote HIS story into my life, which I do not see until 2009 when I discovered why Abraham’s descendants were made slaves for four hundred years.  To hide a sin made by the first light bearer who opted for darkness rather than light. Claiming a society need not worship the SON to exist, and if the SON of God ever shows, he would make him a pet to serve him.

That is why it is essential to honor the teachings of Christ when HE says call no man Father on the earth (spiritual father)  and understanding there is only one HOLY Father, and he used the term sparingly for a reason to aid me in setting captives free.

When God spoke to me the second time in my life, it was right after I became born again; he asked me what it was I wanted? I asked HIM to give me what I need to bring in his harvest.

I did not understand growing up why my life was such misery, today I know it was HIS protection over me telling his dragon that I would know first who the antichrist was to which I did not discover until 2009,  the enemy does not get to choose him.

When you own the bat,  the ball,  and the glove and the field you are playing on, it only stands to reason you have first picks.

Father, when is it going to be my turn at bat??? Bad men won’t let me play! They call me a dirtbag. 🙁

So the devil in not so many words became a constant thorn in my side, and wherever I went he attacked me, ruined the things I liked, but he could never take my life he needed to know. I got married not long after I became saved, to a woman who was raised in a broken home, like Hosea, I could not help myself but fall in love.

The enemy was not far behind, to attack divorce was the rule in my Catholic upbringing you never succumbed too it was a vow to God for better or worse.

As I went through mine, I kept getting closer to God and knew I had to keep the promise I made to him before my wedding that I would if anything happened to her never marry again and learn the word.  I was a new babe in Christ still not aware of who I was.  The old tapes from my past began playing like a love song you shared with the most important person of your life that is no longer there; my mind was tormented as I recalled all the things my Catholic mother said to me as a child, and it was relentless.

I would never be anybody,  I would never amount to anything,  and no one could ever love me.  Here it was seemingly coming to be true.  I knew it was a lie because I had met Jesus, but my mind got the best of me. I had friends who led me to Boston to a church that was mature in the word and the gifts. The Pastor’s wife was a prolific author and newly published for the right moment was the book that brought me my most significant healing, ” Renewing your mind God’s Prescription for Wholeness.”

It.was not long afterward the enemy was not far behind bringing in someone into the church with his vision who was not intended to help lift Jesus with me but assist the Catholic Church in defending her from this simple man and truck driver working for Land Air Express.

What a significant threat I am to his kingdom???

The enemy sent his best what else could it be?

Then me getting the call with him now living in my backyard here to do what I wonder? He claims to be a man of God may be like the AG minister wanting the outpouring without the repentance.

Continue to treat me as your punching bag and get nothing.

I learn through observation and research that Rome has infiltrated our Churches with people who protect her so that their people remain lost.

One may have 50 or 500 questions but answer this one question,  what is the SON of God’s honor truly worth?

The devil will never graciously admit defeat.

Again on judgment day,  what did you know and when did you know it?

People desire a real bonafide revival that will turn the world upside down, but they will not admit they have been deceived by a priesthood that should not have ever been.  The one God designed in the wilderness was temporary never to be heard from again because the last sacrifice was given. The only one who wanted to make the Son of God his pet brought the system back in 313 AD beginning the legs of Iron that would never bend to the will of God, and they forged many men.

25 Things You Should Know About Columbus, Ohio

The most important thing is they need Jesus.

Catholic’s are not Christian, and maybe that is why things don’t resonate as they should.

Cain, what do you get when you take the welcome out of OHIO?

Brother Abel.

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