Robbing Yourself of a Blessing

When we become jealous of others and envy what they have been given,  we lose even more of what G-d purposed for us. We destroy a part of ourselves.   When we rejoice at another’s blessing we receive a blessing,  in fact,  everyone around us gets blessed because of our blessing. Jealousy started this entire chaotic mess and has no place in G-d’s hierarchy.  When G-d tells us he is jealous over us, it is to protect us from false deities (demons) who thought they could be gods. A good read on the subject of jealousy can be found here at Hannah’s Cupboard.

I don’t need the White House to bring world peace that was meant for another to be blessed by, however, the jealousy of the one involved who loves politics and plays the game lost his opportunity ever to sleep in the White House or be blessed or bless others in Christ. In essence, his jealousy forfeited several souls he could have won.

Jealousy is an ugly soul robbing sin it robs souls in more ways than one.  They were jealous of Joseph and his coat of many colors; the angels were jealous of the light bearer who was fashioned to reveal the Son in which the angels doubted ever existed.

They insisted on seeing the Son and G-d gave them something they could see that could hold HIS greatness. He was indeed very special, however, with his beauty and size they still refused to believe that the light in Him was indeed the G-d of creation.  They continued to doubt the reality of this great G-d (the Son) whom they were called to worship.

He went through the kingdom to restore worship back to the Son the MOST HIGH G-d whom Father gave all the glory for the creation too. In him, he carried the spirit of the Son and proclaimed “to look upon the face of G-d you shall surely die.”  Death,  what is death? The angels had no concept of the term or even understood it. The day Jesus was born the angels looked upon the face of G-d.

The light bearer like many of us who now carry light was mocked laughed at and ridiculed by the unbelieving angels. How odd we undergo such mocking and attack? Just as a child is trained up in the way he should go it took a village to make Lucifer what he is.  To have a Son, G-d would be forced to make man reveal the truth concerning the Son; that Father promised them would one day come.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the word of G-d shall stand forever.

Pentecostalism is like any other ism. It has its unprincipled compromisers who would hide the word of G-d and rob the church of its jubilee waiting for emotion,  a feeling; a sensation truth is not stable enough for them it must be backed by signs and wonders and the signs given them have been tossed like trash.  They want something else???

Most of them do not even understand what was taking place on the day of Pentecost it was everyone who saw the tongues of fire,  not just one or two people, everyone that was there saw them.  Just like everyone can see the crop circles ignored by the same individuals who claim to hear from G-d.

On that day the celebration in heaven poured into the earth, and the excitement above became “THE REAL TRIUMPHAL ENTRY” when Jesus sat at the right hand of HIS Father the joy spilled onto the church to start the fire going.

The angels rejoice at one sinner who repents, I am come to see many repent, this revival will be the one the world sees the true value in Jesus Christ.  I don’t bend to the will of man, I bend to the will of G-d,  try it and receive a blessing.

If a minister who angers G-d seeks an outpouring from G-d when he neglects the will of G-d his ministry is just a token of what it could have been. G-d will always inhabit the praises of HIS people it’s a promise; his jealousy robbed him of a greater blessing and souls that could have been won through him,  now they will suffer because of his jealousy.

Unlike King Saul, G-d will not take from me and give the kingdom to another if HIS SON’S HONOR is at stake.  HE is either worth the world or HE is not.  To hand this call to another would say HE is not.

The last light bearer failed,  he gave into the congregation. Pretending to be something he was not supposed to be. I  See G-d allowing many to go into hell to protect HIS eternal children and to be sure this never happens again,   only makes me vigilant and wait for others to grasp what this is all about.  Not give in to some jealous individual who compromised his stand on Christ and would like me to compromise mine.

There are two sides to many of the world’s faiths.  There are the Sunnis and the Shia in the Muslim faith, the Seventh-day Adventist once had Branch Davidian’s, Polygamist Mormon’s and New revised standard of Mormons, with the Christians it is Catholic and Protestants and two cannot walk together as one unless they are agreed Amos 3:3. If the Catholics are in our churches they are there to unite us with them in the pagan practices or accepting of them they never ended.  The Priesthood is a mockery of the finished work of Christ; I stand my ground. When the nuke drops and you are not ready to take in the startled bees that G-d seeks to smoke, Jesuits you stood yours.

I am learning to fish Father is teaching me patience,  we chummed the waters,  we opened the word to the world and offered a means to glorify the name of Jesus. Now we wait for the awakening in the meantime the sharks are circling and can be spotted as they feel the value of Jesus is not worth the world. They will not be hard to spot when I start pointing them out by handing the Protestant church the Catholic churches wealth, after all, they are “Christians” too, and they want to see souls saved,  don’t they??? 

Is your minister a shark or a shepherd time will tell and I have plenty of it? 

Brother Abel first shepherd of the flock.




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