A greater king

In the story of Esther King Ahasuerus rewards Mordecai by having Haman parade him around saying look what this man has done for the king.  Jesus is the greater King and if that is HIS effigy out there in Egypt Haman is coming for me.

What is sad and troublesome is the fact the church has been offered trillions in dollars for resources to lift up the name of Jesus and exalt him and they do nothing. They seem to be awaiting Haman to do all the work. That is not in Haman’s nature, the people of G-d should know that.

I brought my crop circle images to several “Men of G-d” showing they pointed to Bible passages no response no excitement at G-d’s word being opened up in a supernatural way.  One minister a former Parochial student said when I see the fruit of the work I will jump on board.  Lifting Jesus up is something the Jesus in him does not want to do.  The beheaded saints in the tribulation are beheaded because they never really used them.


My Final Note

King Jesus, I would much rather you came for me than Haman it would say so much about the one who carries you if they carry you at all? Besides,  I thought we were friends?

Brother Abel



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