Hauling True Value

I must admit I love the way the Lord has done this, being in the transportation industry I haul 18 wheelers driving around all the lost four wheelers. Many of them are not paying attention to what’s up ahead as they text and talk on their smartphones. Are smartphones making people stupid?  If they are dying without Christ, the leap isn’t a far one.  For them driving on the highway of life is not so serious that they need to be concerned with the family of the car ahead of them.

Imagine a truck driver and not a college graduate with the world’s peace plan??? It sure reveals the power of the most high, doesn’t it? No seminary or minister can take credit for my understanding of G-d’s word. That comes about through relationship. When you come into the family business you do not start at the top you begin in the mail room. The first bringer of light did not have the impressive education I have been given.  He started right at the top but wanted even higher.  I was raised to know I could never be greater than Jesus…Thank you,  Jesus,  for making our enemy my babysitter. Thanks to him I know I wasn’t special and I never asked to be.

BTW the truckers Psalm is Psalm 18, and the highlighted verse is Psalm 18:2. All the things a trucker has and does.  Is it a coincidence the company I haul for is “Land Air Express” recently we had a Jonah like a scenario where the company was going under.  A man of “G-d”  told me to seek other employment.  He revealed in that one moment to both G-d and I  where his loyalty lies in wanting to save the lost before we depart.  Condemning millions for a moment of jealousy.  It is sheer evil is what it is, to be told the truth and reject it, is evil as well.

They laughed at his size and mocked his beauty as he proclaimed the Son is here,  HE is in my Heart,  my stones cover HIM and protect HIM.  The congregation only laughed the harder he tried to convince them the Son was in HIM and HE is real they wanted proof and evidence,  they wanted to see him perform signs and wonders. They angered him even further until he turned on G-d and began to proclaim G-d has no Son and he led the rebellion of the doubters.

When the light shows up those who do wrong, don’t like it at all.  Better to get in repentance mode now before we leave because if you don’t,  you won’t. To hear “Well done good and faithful servant.” You have to be faithful and serve.  Not running interception or defense for the other side when you are clearly set up to be the offense. If you do not like the one G-d has chosen what can you do other than what they did to him?  Then how are we any different from the angels who rebelled in the first place?

The good news is our company “Land Air Express ” did get bailed out by another company who hauls for ” True Value” I have been told the owner is a “Christian” still waiting to find out if that is true or not. A lot of people claim it but when they have the chance to set others free and bless G-d they choke they drop the ball.  Pentecostals want an outpouring of G-d’s spirit, but they hide HIS work and keep the wealth from being spread to the other righteous churches to alleviate the suffering of others. If G-d were testing them, I would say it is a major fail on their part.   They want to see G-d move but deny the one HE sent to do the hard work. They like the angels in heaven offer no help in getting it done, it is just like what happened in heaven before the fall, jealous over the covering and the Son in whom they couldn’t see.   HE was inside G-d and G-d placed HIM inside the covering giving them something they could see.

I didn’t want to be a leader, so G-d is making me a leader there are so many others who would be better suited to lead.  I find many of them at “Oneplace.com” I have met men not on “Oneplace” that are also well suited to make great leaders.  Except for the ones who support the ongoing priesthood.  These leaders do not know G-d’s word as well as they think. A Bishop in a Catholic Church setting only got that way by going through the priesthood.  Which is not what Jesus wanted at all,  to be mocked sacrificed every day and hour. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting  different results.  This reveals they do not know HIM at all!

What we are observing in our world is much like what took place in heaven before the casting out, now we are taking away the righteous and leaving Haman with his gallows. With visuals at hand,  it isn’t hard to see some of those leaders are going to have their names changed to “Sour Krauts.”  They aided in allowing Rome to destroy America while calling themselves Patriots. It is no different from calling yourself a Christian while having  idols that you know will offend G-d’s chosen ones.  It’s kind of like texting and driving with a smart phone it’s not smart at all.

The same thing is happening here on Earth,  this time,  the light bearer is not leading a rebellion he is trying to end it. Doing what the first one was supposed to do.  In doing so I will not be buying into the Jesuit-influenced Pentecostals. Who claim things like ” G-d always does it this way!” ,”He doesn’t need money for harvest???” No, but it sure helps to get the word “that will last forever” out.  “We do not need to agree on everything to be friends in Christ.” ( Amos 3:3) The gifts of the Spirit their days are numbered as is the many ministers who hindered HIS work and hid HIS true message “It is finished!”

What are Pentecostal’s going to do in 12 years from now when the perfect is ruling from the new Jerusalem? Will they become dissatisfied? Did the first light bearer slay in the spirit before the rebellion? I do so want to be fair and honest with this call, to do nothing that the enemy couldn’t do when he had it. The word shall stand forever! If an outpouring of G-d’s spirit takes place it will be at the repentance of the Catholic church that can’t happen when so many are defending her.  So if it began in a Pentecostal church the leaders who defended her could continue as if they didn’t do anything wrong, that’s the problem with pride and position.

If my minister is talking them up as true saints and believers for my benefit I am appalled at his approach.  How is offending my G-d going to help move HIS spirit? Then anger would be the motivator for a spirit of peace.  If you did wrong admit it, then move on.

The company I worked for did not go under completely but was lifted out. In fact,  many of us received a raise and more work, so there is sweet that goes with the bitter. I feel bad for those who lost their jobs giving us more work and more money.  I feel even worse for the many ministers who supported the harlot robbing G-d of his glory while bidding her G-d-speed 2 John 1:10-11. Lately,  I have been carrying some high-value cargo hauling “True Value” trailers with me.  However, that really began for me in 1982 when I gave my life to Jesus.  Now it is just being confirmed with added wisdom and discernment.

If you are a believer, you are hauling true value as well, and the world needs to know HIM so HE would like to bless you with the windows of heaven opened.  Sadly,  I can point to men who would keep them closed and claim they love HIM and sound anointed when doing so. That money in the hands of Protestants one Pentecostal man said would blow up the world???

Benjamin was the right hand of Jacob, not Joseph, they are two separate individuals for your comfort HIS right-hand finds all HIS enemies.  The enemy hides G-d’s word from the world and allows children to go without food and clothes. That is not G-d, and people who do that,  do not serve G-d.

I have said 555 comes before 666 let’s look at someone who came from the tribe of Benjamin who began like 666 and ended up showing mercy and championing the church. Again in doing so, we find 555 and 666 or 3*5 and 3*6.  Is this another coincidence coming from “THIS” book?

Philippians 3:5-6
3:5 Circumcised the eighth day (3+5)
, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law, a Pharisee; 3:6 Concerning zeal, persecuting the church; touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless.

The great news is it will be a leader of G-d’s people first who will champion the church and who will not give in to the will of others who do not know the will of G-d that is revealed by their actions.  See the enemy wrestled for Moses body giving us a clue,  without him realizing it. It will be a leader of G-d’s people first then he will also be used to punish the wicked which will come after an exodus. He will chase many to the cross in the tribulation when they see the drastic change and position he has taken.

He makes an image of the beast to worship because the face he has been given devastated his kingdom and he does not want to see it sitting where he thought he would be.  G-d laughs at the calamity of HIS enemies. So I understand why  the darkness in others hates me.

The Priesthood began by men who made slaves of others using the fear of death and heaven to manipulate them for the benefit of the “State” when Jesus said “it is finished” on the cross he ended the need for a priesthood and eliminated the fear and sting of death.

Because it worked so well for Satan and the State he brought it back 300 hundred years later. Placing people again in bondage to a system that no longer is needed.  G-d made each of us who believe in HIM a high priest.  The liars hid the word and manipulated again the people to control the outcome they wanted. They built their one world order but still need a peace plan more so today than any other time. Why? Jesus is coming! I have come to point others to truth and freedom which can only be found in G-d’s Word and through Jesus Christ alone. Why is this a hard task in a Christian environment or understanding what needs to be done?

You men who hid it from the world we have your name and it will not be found written the book of life until you repent and acknowledge G-d’s authority.  It is Christ and Christ alone who is the key to heaven. Not the Pope who had to come up through the mocking priesthood and G-d will not be mocked.

The true value of the light that is within us is worth the world.  Before we leave the real saints will make this public confession of faith in all the house of G-d. JESUS’S HONOR IS WORTH THE WORLD.  Darkness fears HIM so do the men who sided with the wrong Christian in name only camp.  Many of which can do Pentecostal like things but use Jesuit doctrines to get by on.

When it is over and done with the only thing that will matter is the word of G-d and giving HIM the glory. Instead of robbing HIM of it by denying HIS choice in a just judgment. So many who betrayed Christ and supported the corrupt Church system will be left behind to see the unjust judge do his thing after all they helped him get there, and still he has no peace plan nor do they. Even though it is in the book they preach from they cannot see it because of their Spiritual Transmitted Disease (STD) brought on them with the harlot they sided with.

If you being spiritual, believe America is the harlot which G-d says come out of her my people.   Please leave and take with you a Catholic friend,  so true Christians can do the job they were created to do. Show the world G-d’s peace plan. We must reveal to them the truth of what their church has done in Christ’s name.  We must define and defend the phrase “It is finished.”

Stop coming into our houses of worship blaming the church for the problems you created.    The love of G-d for the bride of Christ chooses to be blind because they gave their life to Christ and G-d will always love Christ.  You being spiritual should try it.  Condemning the Protestants when it is the Catholics in us causing the problem. You cannot mix the two when one of them truly offends G-d.

To blame the body of Christ, “the bride of Christ”, would be like me going into your home and telling you your wife’s faults.  For the priesthood that would be impossible, they never did quite get or understand the first command to go forth and multiply and subdue the earth.  They only heard the word subdue.  Children are a blessing from G-d, and the fruit of the womb is G-d’s favor.   They don’t like women enough to marry them; G-d is your judge, and HIS justice has hidden them from you.

The exodus came right after G-d broke the spirit of the Pharoah by allowing the angel of death to take their first-born children.  Today the devil will not be broken this way,  the Pharoah / Caeser  has no children that they are concerned about.  So up top, there is no weakness,  no setting of the captives free.

So G-d will need to break the false Kings at the top through the bottom this time.   Our numbers are greater to do so today.

When it comes to the bride of Christ True love sometimes is best blind and in love. THE WAY TO KEEP HIM BLIND IS TO WASH IN THE BLOOD AND LOVE WHOM HE LOVES,  HONOR WHOM HE HONORS.

As the bride of Christ,  G-d want’s to shower you in Gold.  However, the devil and his minions seek to keep it from you.

Psalms 126:2
(2) Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.

According to the word you just read they are going to fail. The peace plan is worth the world and G-d want’s HIS church to have it first before we leave the world to them. It helps them see that we love them and desire for them to join us.  We told them the truth, and they only smiled nodded their heads and laughed at us quietly as they walked away. They won’t walk away in the tribulation.

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