When does it become confirmation?

When a person receives a call from G-d when does it stop being a delusion for others and start to become a confirmation? Once confirmed that the individual is called of G-d it is usually customary to gather the elders anoint the man with oil pray a blessing of protection over him and assist in the call by letting others know of it as well.   My pastor whom I love may not discern truth as well as he claims.  I sense that it has a lot more to do with  the harlot than anything else. She seduces many like him because of her splendor and beauty, I assure you it is all outward,  inside, she is only thinking of her own needs.  When will we stop judging by size and appearance and see the very heart of the matter? Christ went to the heart of the problem. He did not use his father’s words to steal his glory, only to bring him glory. Not so for many men in the pulpit they use G-d’s word to keep G-d from his work while robbing him of his glory. That is what the next image portrays.

They are holding hands and wearing the robes of religion keeping G-d trapped that is why He chooses his judge to expose the fakes.
In this image, the holy one is surrounded they are holding hands and wearing the vestments of religion keeping G-d trapped. That is why he chooses his judge to expose the fakes. G-d has a great plan to win millions to Christ. It is the wicked who don’t like the plan, so they try to stop what he wants.  What they don’t see, is that the enemy needs what G-d wants as well,  so even the wicked will obey to get it done, but at what cost to them?

It is hard to look up to those whom others see as being blind,  I have learned to respect authority and my elders. However,  I recently found out in 2009 by a visitation from Jesus, I may be older than I thought,  while still being very much a child at heart.

All of us are our heavenly fathers youngest children on the line of eternity. Like the Golden books of our childhood; some of us still need pictures to tell the story.

I asked an elder in my church our treasurer on Sunday, what were they waiting for?  A drug-induced  psychotic break in some kid who lost his video game hero status or had his parent destroy his Xbox to go into our school and shoot our kids before we print up the crop circles and put them in books to provide the children with hope that Jesus is indeed on His way?

That very morning I had learned the denomination father led me too,  had printing presses and once printed up publications for AG churches. Did Father send me to the right place or what?

The following Thursday only four days later, the Newspaper reported a full-dress  rehearsal of that very same scenario at the school our pastor mentioned numerous times the one my Son also graduated from. I sort of feel like Dick Cheney may have on 911…”Is this real world or is it simulation?” Only a month earlier, I gave my testimony where I ended it in tears where I asked G-d to give me what I need to bring in the harvest, that was in 1982, and He replied with… DONE!

I guess no one was listening again,  this time it will come in loud and clear.

Then another gave his testimony; upon his conclusion, the pastor talked about how the man is a great resource if you ever needed a gun.  Since 2009, he has been sitting on G-d’s greatest resources and weapon,  the word being opened to the world. Sure you will have your skeptics and doubters but coming from the church only reveals the Holy Spirit is not present, How could he be attacking what is clearly his work.

Ephesians 6:12
(12)  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

These can only be dealt with by the word of G-d. Guns  merely dispatch the lost flesh and blood into a Christ-less eternity.  G-d in order to confirm my call only because they refuse to acknowledge the truth and reject the signs given them,  has warned me the enemy is going for our children a copy cat of what happened in Egypt.

G-d had Solomon build the temple because David was a bloody man one of war. I have always despised weapons and war.  War is only fruitful when it defends our sovereignty protecting our freedom to worship G-d the way He desires to be worshiped, in spirit and in truth.

In March of this year, I found the world had taken my only Son from me. He was never received properly within the body of Christ so it was easy for the world to friend him and give him a sense of belonging as his peers failed him in the church.  I usually read the signs well that father sends me.  I know what the enemy needs, and he is coming for it, I don’t need guns to win this war. However,  he will use them to see I get what he needs because that is who he is.

The darkness drawn out the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive.
The darkness is drawn out of man while the angels target and protect their charges. Angels can drive. The serpent follows the Baby the youngest of G-d’s angels wanting the power G-d has given him. The world will take notice and fall at the cross. As the church unites for a final farewell then Mr. Sparkles gets his turn,  with the church gone he needs to explain what happen and as he does it only proves him a liar because the same vehicle told them something completely different. Those who persecuted the church become the persecuted.

The week following my testimony, we had a memorial service for the passing of one of our own who was five months away from his 23rd birthday. The age I gave my life totally to Christ.  His birth-date was also the same day that my mother passed in 2006 ending a two-year  vigil of tears pleading for her eternal soul. His last name reminded me of the first Martyr  St. Stephan.  A crop circle at St. Stephan downs in England reveals whom G-d blames for the death of thousands of innocent souls. (see the last post) All condemned by men of power and wealth, G-d was clearly pointing and laying the blame to those whose wealth has built weapons of destruction against us.  IRS man says we should not stop it; we don’t need it. G-d can find another way to bring himself glory!

Jesuits are still awaiting a strong delusion along with their theological mutations created in seminaries and placed in our pulpits.  The blind lead the blind, they say things like G-d had no hand in placing the numbers in the bible, and pyramids will only confuse people. It is the unique way to prove America is a Christian nation by the very hand of G-d by using the pyramid itself and ending this foolish game. A game that G-d he did not start. To not reveal the truth of the pyramids  is to rob G-d of His glory! What is that star of David made up of again I’m confused.

A few weeks ago, a new woman who has been coming to our church; she is wonderful gift sent from G-d to help me make the message  clear.  Our father’s timing is impeccable she is the sigh of relief for my burdened soul, and I know my fathers angels are behind it.

She brought in a box saying it is a picture of what our Church will look like  in  October.  What was in it has not been revealed to me. The next item should give us a clue. She was also carrying a bag of empty cans, used scratch tickets, and her hope was for the pastor to allow those in class to pick from it, and she would describe how each item was a treasure to her. The pastor lovingly declined as the hour was late so he put her aside.  The message to me was loud and clear G-d has given him treasure, and he has treated it like trash, as he sees her, G-d sees him.

Have you ever been sent to do a mission for G-d and when you get there no one was ready or the things you needed were not available to do the job?  That is how it is for me,  I heard pastor say if you give a missionary money, then the souls he leads to Christ will go into your account as well just as if you witnessed yourself to that soul.

I was told by the treasurer when I confronted him about the dragon and his church, when I warned him of what could happen to break them to do G-d’s will. Will it take a gunman to get the money necessary to do the peace plan and bring about the harvest?  He told me G-d did not need money to win souls; this is no doubt a tragic comedy of errors.  Here is a former IRS man and treasurer of a Protestant Church  saying G-d doesn’t need money.  No doubt he is well-trained in all thing’s dragon a departed Catholic himself who still is proud to stand up for her.  Rome gets them when they’re young and brainwash them, so they don’t even see the idols as stumbling stones for G-d’s Israel,  it’s Holy Mary in a clam shell how can that be evil?

Then they convert to Protestantism and hold both sides as being equal. I am not one for compromising the will of G-d on this matter; one of us is seriously lost, and confused. One group is definitely staying until the end of the earthly show, saints to honor G-d now only by the repentance they refused to offer him before the church was taken. I is the judgment of G-d against them for using the Son of G-d as their gun and his Son’s name in vain destroying America for their own selfish gain.

You can’t fool the light bearer, and we are doing, just as we did in heaven,  you can use me to win souls or turn me into what the half-hearted did to Lucifer when he had the call.  Lucifer was the covering for the Son the coat of many colors made great because of what he carried in him. Nothing but the best for Jesus,  that’s why I find it hard to see me as this individual. Maybe it was the tears,  the passion,  the genuine love whatever it was; I promised to serve him at any capacity.

Lucifer was refereed to in Heaven before the fall as the Angel of the Lord, having given up that position he left it open for another…

Hebrews 1:13 But to which of the angels said he at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?

The throne on the right of G-d was reserved for G-d the Son in whom the host of heaven asked to be revealed. The angel of the Lord could rightly be Abel the first casualty of the war, who will become the last casualty. Knowing very well what G-d wanted in the beginning should also know by now,  what G-d desires in the end.

Like all those churches that took from America’s coffers for their fake faith-based religions? G-d revealed to me; they are Gideon s modern-day failed recruits blind guides lacking real faith not seeing how they assisted the dragon in destroying America in the guise of doing good.    They will need to pay it all back to America, and it will go to veterans and the elderly where it needed to go all along. We want to stir hearts and bring people to Christ. How will they pay it back if it has been spent? Well, the IRS guy will be able to tell you once he figures his role out in all of this. However,  in his mind, there is no dragon or treasury,  no crushing of any heads and definitely no king on any hill to take down and place another to win the war for Jesus, so getting it from Rome his favorite church may be out of the question.

We are about to go on an exodus into the promised land and not of this earth. G-d received thousands of years of glory from the first exodus and used the wealth of Egypt to make his name great among them. The devil likes positions of power, humble is not his thing. G-d’s last plague was to break the man whom the enemy was riding by going after the first-born. The devil and his minions hate him losing his wealth one of the reasons why G-d was wise in covering him so wonderfully with all those precious stones to begin with.

He is not going to admit he is wrong, and he is not going to willingly surrender his carefully protected treasury. That money was for when Christ returned. Better yet he is returning, and we can use it to let the world know that he is on his way.

To insure his money was protected its caretakers had no children. They insisted we have many so that they are guaranteed a place among us. So Pharaoh /King of the hill can’t be broken this time. Wrong again,  We need that money for the harvest,  getting it will expose the dragon becoming the equivalent of crushing his head.

The 144000 left in the tribulation will need something to help them through the worst years.   According to our treasurer, they can like we live on sheer faith, they don’t need any money.  The enemy needs a temple and a peace plan so where is he going to get his peace plan? G-d has given it to me to bring in his harvest that leaves only the Protestant kids to go after only if it is to break people like my pastor and the treasurer to fully comprehend G-d’s plan.

We are going to find out if I’m really the one this way, because the other ways don’t seem to take hold.

So in conclusion sadness will fill our houses, and the shame of these men will live on in infamy as blind guides unaware there was a plan in place. The remorse will open the pulpit for G-d to do his work, and the prideful men will be humbled.

As for the harlot of Revelation, the good news is we are leaving her with one golden cup. Ride that beast momma you built it. You deal with it! The rest of us are going home.

Over the last few months G-d has been leading my pastor to this word…

You have taken my gifts and treated them like trash,  if you do not desire for the world to have mercy than mercy can be taken from you. When the items are not there to build my church how then will my church be built? The creatures time is short but your time has become even shorter. I give to whom I will the kingdoms of the earth to bring me glory,  I set up true kings and true princes,  that honor me. Those who come to me come to me in spirit and in truth and my servants know the truth. When more of your children are taken from you,  you will then know the truth as well and do as instructed to win as many as you can to the cross in the shortest amount of time possible.

Revelation 13:18  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
Understanding says… It is definitely not 555.

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