On the Testimony of Two or More

The following video clip was done by the Seventh-day Adventist whom will be receiving much of the funds to bring in the harvest. They held out the longest before selling out.  Could be because so many other denominations no longer stand on the word of G-d the one Jesus taught.

One thing remains clear all involved will remain with them through the tribulation unless repentance takes place. When I think of all those children including myself,  who grew up suffering because of them and their religious fakery. They hid the word that G-d is opening to the world in these last days.  I know pastors who talk like the elect and for the last eight years, I have watched them and they reveal how uncaring they are of the ones that are being lost to eternity.

You would think the word of G-d opened to the world would be a cause for them to celebrate. Why is it not?

Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. Just to reveal G-d is not talking to them or honoring them for they do not honor HIM.

 Why has The U.S.A. fallen and who is it that is G-d holding accountable?

Pastors and ministers of righteousness?

2 Corinthians 11:14-15  And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.  (15)  Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

They penetrated our churches not long after Vatican 2; Jack Chick was alerting us, the Seventh Day Adventist were telling us, Charles Spurgeon also warned us as did several other wonderful saints. These are the faithful servants of the most HIGH G-D (Jesus).

Birds of a feather flock together I was not surprised to see the AG church logo among them in the video.  As a member of the AG church, I have in fact seen first hand them giving up and partnering with Rome to end Christian America.  By calling America the harlot and spiritualizing the coming out of her.  You are the “Christians” who are the ones selling out America.  Donald Trump is a Jesuit educated puppet of Rome, and the attacks on him may be coming from both sides now as they both know he cannot give the devil what he wants a peace plan to unite the armies of the world together in the field of Armageddon in time for Christ’s return.

G-d is simply exposing in these last days who it is who has destroyed the world people who pretend to know HIM and serve HIM. In heaven before the creation of man many angels did the same thing.

A handful of solid Christians could send these transformed ministers of righteousness to their knees (Catholic priests) to receive the real Spirit of Christ and not the Mafia-like Jesus.   We should require the transformed protestant Jesuit clergyman behind our pulpits to repent for serving the doctrines of devils.

Some have no idea they are; all one needs to do is look at the leadership of those whom they serve with.  If they defend the harlot, they are not helping G-d. You cannot serve two masters. True love does not enable others to mock G-d.

The video below is also done by the same people who did the one above and in the spirit of Christmas which my minister says is for the children. I wish to remind you all Satan hates children and although it may seem cute and harmless he does it for a reason and it is not to benefit the children.  In the old testament pagan nations were destroyed by Israel including the children at the hand of G-d.  Sin must be dealt with, or heaven cannot be heaven if it comes in.

Although I do think some of it is over the top, the history is none the less real.

Good thing we are not as offensive but in another way we are, and it has more of a smile on it or is that a smirk?

Christianity is not boring and serving G-d is reward enough.

Brother Abel.


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