The Church’s Black Friday?!?

How precious it was the moment I first believed.

This is the day before Christmas, and all over the world, people are gracing G-d with their presence.  Churches are seeing people they have not seen since Easter.  The message will make them all feel good and bring no conviction to return the following week. You know you have the HOLY SPIRIT in you when you are faithful to honor G-d as HE desires to be honored.  The key word is not only JESUS it is also RESPECT.  RESPECT HIS WORDS.   The Angels are leaving the unfaithful behind. I know children eight and under are sure to be raised up to keep them from being molested by the wicked holy and not so holy men.

Tomorrow morning these children will be opening presents, and for a moment, they will understand about the gift of giving. We tell ourselves Christmas is for the children, in reality, we are all just children,  compared to eternity we are all G-d’s youngest and that for many it is a good thing.

Next week, however, it is business as usual, and the Christmas Easter crowd will be to busy to take time to honor G-d with their presence until the next high holy day.

These same people will be very angry at G-d when HE leaves them behind with Sargeant Pain.

The next generation of Children is learning about how to kill using technology, while I desire to win them to Jesus with it. I want to live in a world without pain or suffering without war or violence, but who decides who will make up that community called heaven? The answer is simple,  you do!

Pastors will give their Sunday Christmas message to more people than they do on the previous Sunday’s.  Sheep dog’s need to bark more aggressively than the wolves.

Merry Christmas to all!

Brother Abel.

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