Spies Are Not the Only Ones With Encoded Messages – God is in the details.

You hear it said the devil is in the details,  he just likes stealing the credit and robbing God of any glory.  I will say this for him if it wasn’t for him none of us would be here making choices or suffering the way we do.  Is he real and does hell exist?  I have no doubt in my mind, and those who end up in hell don’t see the value in the worship of the SON.

All things are made for the glory of God.

Today we stand six feet apart the center of the star of David is comprised of six sides as two pyramids war with each other forming this place that nature designed. God has HIS bees place their pupa in this same shape until they are ready to fly.  The center of the star can be sectioned out to include another six triangles giving us a total of twelve.  The number of the tribes of Israel twelve divided by three is four. Four sides give us three complete pyramids one for each of the TRINITY or Godhead. There is only one riddle in the Bible and it has to do with bees. I found the sweet spot.

The heavens are HIS throne the Earth is HIS Footstool.

Isaiah 66:1 KJV
(1)  Thus saith the LORD, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house that ye build unto me? and where is the place of my rest?

A footstool that points to Exodus 36 It takes a village to build a community and someone’s throne. Exodus is where we first meet Moses; I only went there because it looks like a Mosaic (Moses).

The center of David’s Star is revealed as a place of safety, in hell, it is a lonely place. No two souls ever share a section, and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. They will hear each other and feel the want of things they can no longer have because they rejected the creator of all things. Luke 16:19-31

Hell is made so that heaven can remain a place of peace and joy we do not want this same thing in heaven, so we select who goes and who stays in this generation,  COVID 19 is the least of your worries.   Close your eyes next time at your supermarket. Then imagine never seeing another smile and darkness all around you as you hear the screams of those in the pangs of suffering nothing to satisfy the addiction their soul has desired while it was trapped in the flesh.

In the appointed time’s list, we find that Stephen Hawking noted Physicist died on 3.14 Pi day the date Albert Einstein was born. He consistently denied the existence of God; only God had the last word.   Knowing that God has the keys to hell and death and knows the end of a man’s life, I had to dig further.  What were the odds and not just Hawking so many other dates in this century are revealed to have significant passages written of them all in hopes of you finding God.

Every Government has its secrets and spies that transmit messages in many forms; the kingdom of God has been sending us messages however, none of them are encoded just hidden from hearts that are dark and have no place in heaven.

Those who hide HIM from others with their religious paraphernalia are ones who need HIM the most, and they neither know HIM nor honor HIM.

In the last post, I spoke of going viral with John 3:3. It is a fabulous number because, upon a closer look, it is an eight split in two and one turning HIS back on the other. It is at the cross for the first time God looks away from HIS SON as HIS wrath upon sin is over for those who would believe and receive.

God made man in HIS image, and each of us has one right hand.

Jesus said it was up to HIS father who would sit at HIS right or at HIS left in HIS Kingdom.  God makes that call, and if one studied the word well enough, you would see that Father and Son sit facing each other.  Which brings them back together for all eternity and do we really want to ever come between these two again?

The image is that of a chainsaw blade ripping one into two the large and small holes add to 55 x the two positions for 110 Psalm 110 tells us how they sit with each other.

See the people in the center hole below there is plenty of hell for everyone and equally so of heaven if you want to come.

Side by side, the little holes and larger holes add up to 55 x the two larger circles for 110 Psalm 110:1-2 The pattern is that of a chainsaw blade the ripping of G-d in two.

The eight at rest is the symbol for infinity. It is also on a keyboard shift key STAR or asterisk, which highlights an important note.

So you should note the significance of eight,  new heavens,  new earth. Only eight were saved on Noah’s ark.

33 is the age in which Jesus ended his half of the seven years and John 3:3 is a hashtag # hashtag # when key shifted. John 3:3 is a message that should go viral. All things were made for the salvation of souls. You are precious to God, and if you do not know that,  I want you too.

The angels insisted on seeing the SON, and God had to split himself into two one is the visible image of the other.

One minister claims to be God in a roundabout way by telling his congregation they are all going to sit on the right hand of Jesus, and yet that was for only God to decide.  As long as he is a god I can’t help him. However, he claims to know God???

I call him the reverend dirtbag and only because one day we stood at a counter at Wendy’s as my Sunday night school went out to eat afterward.  He stood to my right and commented they had a new spelling for the word dirtbag and proceeded to spell my last name.  To which I replied that it meant a beautiful place, he and his other AG pastor tried to use devil’s advocacy to start a revival?!?.

Angels are leaving behind all those who sided with the harlot rather than helping to set them free.

What I was hearing was we are here to stay and block the truth from being revealed,  then they wonder why their churches do not thrive with life,  they try and extinguish it with their delusion of understanding God and that he who has the light,  knows not what the light is for???

Lamps of light entering the darkness.

Do I need to be completed by the acts of those who embrace darkness as light?

This has happened before below those who are not fully hallowed, shaping what has become our adversary, the devil.

The THEY half holy shaping their leader, who once covered the Spirit of the most high God.

I foolishly,  or was it calculated? I thought Obama false messiah planted in the White House whose car was named the beast, and his code name  Renegade given by the Secret Service was indeed the antichrist. Technically he was an antichrist as is the church who placed him there in the process of destroying America further with their HEALTHCARE initiative. Socialism like Hitler’s has a new name; it’s called social medicine.

Guaranteed this COVID 19 will grow further out of control until we start hauling the undesirables and non-essentials away by the trainloads.

Thinking Obamanation was the antichrist we had been waiting for, I said,  I hoped he was I wanted to put my arms around him and shake his hand thank him for coming my Jesus is next. Not long after, God began filling me in on what was going on. He took me to Egypt to see HIS effigy built before the making of man. I had been completed forgiving as Jesus forgave, and many of you have not forgiven whom God is calling us to forgive.

In his fear of losing your soul, he has you standing six feet apart for fear you will be completed as I have been and try and hug me then no longer be half a holy person but a whole HOLY person.

He hates me and that I thank God that he does,  I don’t want power.  I want the love of God and family.

If you just look at my story, you would see God wrote HIS STORY into my life.   That alone should be revival material. The crop circles pointing to the word of God a bonus to show you who God has chosen to carry his vengeance on the wicked. The best that could happen is that people would read the word for themselves and stop trusting the half holy people.  Something we see is not in the best interest of the Jesuit priesthood from which many are taught and transformed into ministers of righteousness who have built their one world order for the dragon.

I would gather had I spoken up and pointed out such flaws his delusional followers would rebuke me and send me on my way they are all looking forward to sitting at God’s right hand,  I would only ruin it for them with the truth.

I mentioned that Genesis 4:4 the beginning has a Revelation 4:4 if you want to know who the first elder is, in the twenty and four elders.  I named some sites with gr44 great the hard way Christ has value,  shift key 44 is $$.

The first 4 commandments deal exclusively about God the second one is broken by the Catholic church since their inception. The Pontificate Maximus of Rome only added Christ to their pantheon of gods and seduced the world already in darkness to never escape it.

Also, take note the devil knows who Abel is and mocks this elder position of his in heaven with elders of his own in his Mormon outreach calling Children missionaries Elders.

Angels behold the face of children,  and we to them are children those who love children have good angels around them, so the messages they send us come through children’s programs and movies mostly.

Satan uses the medium of Hollywood as well to communicate his agenda hence the movie “Oblivion” his world view. My name gets a place in the script I felt so honored???

The movie “Minions”  also had sent us a message as well with the revelation of “King Bobby. ” If you are going to part of God’s kingdom you will need to be able to laugh and be filled with joy.

555 comes before 666 and shift key 5 is % Jesus only did 50 percent of his half of the seven years we have another 50 percent to complete. Then 666 comes in shift key 6 is ^^^ (pyramids) to complete building God’s kingdom by sending the aftermath to their deaths who get left behind they will know that hell was their destination so let’s make it as real to them as we can there is beauty in the breaking.

777 adds to twentyone we are in the 21’st century Father-Son for two and the HOLY SPIRIT left in the earth as 1. Genesis 41:15-53 the total amount of sevens adds to 21. Seven lamps on a lampstand Seven days to a week.   Shift Key 7 is the & (and sign) it does not end with 666 it goes on after the tribulation to allow Christ his time of rest in the Earth for 1000 years.

To teach us further how we should have done it those who died with the mark will remain in hell until the 1000 years is over then be left in the solar system that will be consumed by fire.

I am amazed at how many calls I get to come and teach the word of God to HIS church???

Nine is the number for judgment any number multiplied by nine has a sum total of nine once issued there is no escaping it.  1 is an exclamation point! there is only one God!!! 19 is a judgment by that God shift key 9 is “(” is half a parentheses while 0 is the other half don’t be zero like our enemy and be caught in a place where there is no escape from ().

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.


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