The Rest of the Story

On of America’s favorite radio personalities would sign off or end his story with these eight words “Now you know the rest of the Story.” His name was Paul Harvey, and he is enjoying the rest of his story in the kingdom of G-d.  He went home on February 28,  2009, one of his famous most heard story is the one called “If I were the Devil.” published in 1965.

The New World Order to which many of you have been hearing about is the devil’s doing, he is uniting those who hate G-d against those who love him. It is a war that took place in heaven before the creation of man, and it is coming to its conclusion.

Jesus said the devil came to steal kill and destroy; he has taken over America’s white house using his makeshift priesthood in a mocking of Christ,  yet know one walking in the light noticed??? The light is not as bright as it should be or could be in many, darkness will never allow a revival of G-d’s making to take place they will insist it is to be their way which will allow many ministers to continue the charade of knowing G-d, not as the traitors they have become.

Isaiah 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

FYI Slick,  the most High started at the bottom in a manger!  liontounguesticksout

The New World Order began in the building of cities here on the earth after the first war in heaven which caused them to be cast out.  One of their crowning achievements was the symbols that have now become in these last days the symbols of the battle.  The Lion and the Pyramid.  Objects he tried to hide from us using his human puppets and taking G-d’s people and making them slaves. It was all done using the State and the Priesthood that had its beginnings in Babylon. Using the fear of death and claiming all disasters were brought on by the gods who needed to be appeased. The priesthood used death as a tool to control the people, and it was free eats for a bunch of lazy hacks and the birth of new government.

The light bearer Lucifer was created to be a covering for the Spirit of the most high G-d. The very reason for all those beautiful stones found on him Ezekiel 28:13.   Later in the story, we find these same stones placed on man Exodus 28:17.

It is a statement that one is replacing the other. Mankind is the precious stones G-d is building his new home with. Those who reject him will not join HIM.  Here we are weighed,  here,  we are tested here we pass or fail here. The winners are those who trust in Jesus.

It is safe to say he went around shouting to the congregation of angels who was asking to see the Son “HE’s in me,  the Son is living inside me.” The very spirit of G-d was in him, and he was not doing anything but looking statuesque and brilliant to attract the others back to worship the Son whom they insisted on seeing,  he was built for sound and music as well.  Meant to bring worship back to the Son of G-d.

Here’s the kicker he was laughed at,  mocked and ridiculed by them,  he heard the doubts of the others as he said: ” To see the face of the most high G-d is to surely die.” Was it the spirit of G-d in him that was getting angrier at them or was it his own spirit?  One thing is for certain he led the rebellion and proclaimed later on that G-d has no Son.  Jesus said he was a liar from the beginning, and this was no doubt it… “G-d has no Son.”

The story comes to us that jealousy is what caused the strife and the battle in heaven. G-d gives us this story with Jacob and Joseph,  Leah being the woman behind the veil and the handmaidens represent the ones G-d did not work so hard to have the “angels.”  While Rachel represents the Children of the Earth where he labored longest.       In Lucifer was the spirit of Christ (G-d) he was the first carrier of Christ before HIS birth and given a name by the messenger Gabriel.  The wicked were thrown out of G-d’s kingdom to end up here until G-d could take advantage of showing us all why it is necessary to worship only one true G-d. It was never aliens it was fallen angels and gravity the lack thereof that helped him build them.

G-d makes it clear to us that one thing seriously angered him where he destroys’s their cities and purposes in HIS heart he will not turn back from cursing and causing the whole earth to mourn because of it Jeremiah 4:27-28.

The new world order continued under Satan’s hand and the priesthood his greatest tool.

Now we are bat the end and a peace plan is needed; we can now finally place the capstone on the top of the unfinished Pyramid that is that way because G-d would not allow him to complete it without Jesus just to prove a point. (Get it? Point top of Pyramid?)  Like the ark in the wilderness laden with Gold  I can say “HE’s in me,  the Spirit of G-d is in me.” those who are born again can say the same thing.   The god of this world laughs at us and mocks us because angels laughed and mocked him when he said things like,  “to see the face of G-d, you shall surely die.”

Like Lucifer many of you have been given the light of G-d to carry and how many of you betrayed that light as he did? By siding with the rebellious, the sorcerers, the mockers of the holy things of G-d, the idolators and those who continue the mock sacrificing of Christ in a dead priesthood?

That is not just striking the rock twice that is continually smacking the rock.   A servant is not greater than his master, and I can safely say  HE is in me.  To be fair and balanced all Lucifer had in heaven was that truth and his precious covering to prove it.  He did not slay people in the spirit.  Ten years from now most Pentecostal ministers are going to be lost without the sign gifts for the perfect shall be present.  The truth means very little to them, However, to G-d it is worth the world.

Jealousy brought us here; it started this whole mess. Can’t G-d have one friend special to Him?  He is not a respecter of persons that all goes back to the first one he had respect towards,  it got him killed. For me, I have a lot of regard for many ministers, but it is the word respect I am struggling with concerning many.

In the game of king of the hill if you can take it from G-d you need to build a mighty infrastructure with slaves and weapons to protect your position or someone can come along and take it from you.  That’s what we have going on here and his minions sit in our Protestant houses of worship telling us how bad the church is and how it is all the churches fault.  These men need to have their heads chopped off in the tribulation or start speaking life rather than death in our churches. This is the bride of Christ you are speaking of. How would you like it if I went into to your house and told you how all your problems are because of your wife? Did you not get the mind of Christ when you supposedly became born again?

Are you waiting for an outpouring of the holy spirit because you don’t have it or is it so you can sneak in through the emotionalism and play you were one all along?  Hoping no one will notice you are a phony earning a living on the backs of others? The spirit of G-d was given to us so that we can all have HIM in us, not just one as it was in heaven.

The spirit was given so that we can discern good from evil to be aware of the enemies advances yet with all the Protestant clergy in America how is it that Catholic Rome is the one running America now and we are looking again at a new Nazi-like Regime as the Church moves closer to allowing Islam more leverage in the world? Devised by the devil meant to destroy us below while they sit comfortably in their lofty positions.

If a watchman sees the enemy and does not sound the alarm G-d holds the blood of the innocent on the watchman.  I spoke out I warned,  how am I the evil one? The men I warned know who they are,  they dropped the ball, they wanted more just like the angels in heaven the truth was not enough they needed to see signs in order to believe.

Truth has the greatest value to G-d and that is why the word prospers the nations it goes into.  the priesthood and the traitors who side with them find hiding G-d’s word beneficial to their positions over others.  they will be exposed as the frauds they are.

They have an abundance of wealth that will pass through me into the lifting up of the name of Jesus. Will they seek to do it for your lost loved one’s sake?  Let’s hope so.  If they were educated by Catholic Jesuits you are going to see it in their denial of a Protestant leader.

Satan went after Moses body after the Exodus it was a giveaway on his part that his turn comes using a leader of G-d’s people and after an Exodus.  He builds an image of the beast because the face he has to look at is the one who did the greatest damage to his kingdom,  he is wearing it.

In the family business no one starts out as the vice president, there is the mail room, lower management, middle management and then VP.  In G-d’s house,  he looks at the greatest of love and chooses the one who loves most like Jesus.  I thought Obama was the antichrist I wanted to shake his hands and wrap my arms around him thank him for coming my Jesus is next.  Could you do the same? Would that not be loving like Jesus?  Unconditional!

Now you know the rest of the story. I’m not Paul Harvey or Jesus,  I am Abel and my G-d is a.b.l.e.

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