Hath God need money for Revival?

This sentence was spoken to me twice sixty days apart when I tried to explain what God had told me.  Once by the treasure, he used the “Hath” having possessed a KJV and the second time by the Pastor with the NASB who used the “Has” word for word.   I could see it was the same spirit defenders of the dragon and his treasury.

The answer is no he does not need money for a revival any more than he needed that fancy covering cherub, it was to express the value HE placed on   HIS SON.   HE is doing the same thing here that HE did in heaven.  When the Pastor of the AG church stood on the altar and said to the congregation, I love you three times and asked them the question, “You know that  I love you- right?  The treasurer was sitting on my right, and I knew he was a Papist, a staunch defender of Catholicism, and a protector of her treasury more than our own.

The Vatican said they were saving the money for when Jesus returns , well after finding the  symbols being hidden in Egypt he told me  “Tell the church HE is on HIS way and to take the money the had been saving for HIM  he wanted me to have it and to give it to his church to begin the celebrations he can make more when he gets back.” Which can only mean those who are holding it are not  HIS church.

It was then I separated myself and began attending other churches to see who was a defender of Rome and who was not, you do not take from the devil and give it back to those who serve him. It is not being a good steward.  God wants people to come out of her, and I feel I need to stress that in my messages as  HE reveals to me. HE allowed the creature to dress back up in the treasures he had when he was in heaven, and after the collection, the wealth he has obtained through the centuries, he is reluctant to give up for the peace plan he needs.

Is there another way? Has God made any other peace plan I should be made aware of?  I like the one God came up with. The pastor at the AG church seemed to believe so as he waits for false peace.  Opening the word and lifting up Jesus would be a false peace to the devil and his angels.

For your study notes, find the passage that says it will be a false peace?  Crying peace and safety is not a false peace. Sudden destruction, can that be the rapture?   I can see the damage they face afterward.

God told me to take the money they were saving for HIM and give it to HIS church the same year darkness bought our White house for seven hundred billion dollars in 2008 placing what is an Abomination to God a false Muslim Messiah to attempt peace by those who claim to be Christian proving once again they are not.  The greatest lie of the devil is not that he is invisible because God allowed him to dress up now we need to shine the light on him.

Covered in gold and precious stones, G-d allowed him to dress up again. Cut off the head or crush it to set the captives free.

His greatest lie that happened in heaven is that he knew God the highest, just like his church counterpart here on earth.  Yes, HE was Father’s best friend because of who he revealed to the congregation expressing the SON’s value. Lucifer had a high position and could have given many of those who came back to worship if he had stood his ground significant positions in heaven.  He is the god of this world has done that through his church.

Psalms 12:8 KJV  The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

They are Jezebels who manipulate kings for want of the world.

So if I want to be obedient, I must choose not to align myself with those who side with Rome because Rome represents the woman who created the beast she tries to ride.  I am for peace while they speak of war.

I am for opening God’s word and allowing ministries who serve HIM best access to the wealth to reach more. My former Pastor and his Catholic Treasurer said no, that’s not the way?!??!?!!!?!!?!?!?!?!

I heard many messages of how he knew God and what God wanted, before me showing up at the bottom, he said he knew God and was looking to the top for God’s justice which means he does not know God as well as he claimed and pridefully unwilling to admit it.

As the waters part, the world will see the choices before them and hear the message equal among us, all telling them clearly what happens next on the calendar. The beast mark is coming; the beast sucked the money into his treasury.  If they take it, they will be rejecting God as they allow themselves to be branded as belonging to Satan, who can give them nothing in eternity.

One of the final messages my pastor preached is that as a preacher, he preaches the word, and it is God who is to pour out  HIS spirit.   God would like nothing more, but the truth was revealed, and he did not want to share it with the world,  why we are all are under this curse, and it’s not the Adam and Eve curse I’m concerned about theirs is a secondary curse.

Jeremiah 4:27-28 KJV
(27)  For thus hath the LORD said, The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.
(28)  For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

Try the truth anyone can preach righteousness. Even after telling him God wrote his story into my life, he still felt it unimportant for the world to know. He wants supernatural power, which by the way, follows the word and the story I’m not trying to dispossess the church of gifts as the devil would want you to believe. I don’t want you using his thinking they are God’s. God would never sacrifice his honor for gifts.  If you claim to know God, the only one who has the power he is looking for at the end of the age is Elijah, and the other witness Enoch whose words were written for this generation. I am neither of those two.

But if no one ever hears the words am I to blame? Does it look like I’m trying to hide anything?   I’m just a transportation truck driver pastor claims HE serves the most high while respecting and embracing a system that seeks to kill his friends and family who get left behind, yes no one needs to hear the message just shoot the messenger and pretend you know God.

Satan wanted the highest position; the third-place position was not good enough. He wanted to be greater than Gabriel or Michael worse than that he wanted to be greater than the SON. It is God who sets the order; it is God who sets the rules. It is God who sets the example of who the most high is.

Instead, angels who were not as holy and wanted something more turned him and made him doubt, claiming they were there longer, and they knew the SON  better than he???   So he began claiming he had met the SON before man was even made.  He was a liar from the beginning.  He then tried to bring doubt and began to lie afterward that in his position, he never saw the SON.  The chant in heaven went among the angels, “God has no Son.”

His role was a lot like mine. He was told to tell the angels to come back, and delight in the LORD and  HE will give them the desires of their heart. If not, bad things will happen. Should I do more than he?

He couldn’t raise the dead or heal the sick. In fact, because of him, there is that need.

Then iniquity was found in him as he sought to request a position above the SON, not realizing it was Father who would become the SON as well. He began his rebellion by claiming there is no SON, and if he does come, he will steal from HIM his position and rise above it. If you knew Jesus, you would know how impossible that would be. No one can be greater than Jesus,   Jesus can give him his desire to be God but only a short while to provide the congregation with a clear understanding of why he being a god is not such a good idea if you don’t know that by now you have some serious issues.

How is it the world blames God for their suffering when HE seeks to end it.  If the lost knew who was behind it, do you think they would want to spend eternity with the same thing from the same individual?

The reality of it is no one, and I mean no one Muslim, Mormon Buddhist, or Jew can know God without knowing HIS only Begotten SON because it is  HE who reveals the entire picture of God. So to claim you know HIM and not see HIS true value makes you a liar.

The same people were involved with the downing of the towers in 2001, which began an onslaught of false testimony and bearing false witness against a people who were set up to do such a heinous act. The purpose to go after the oil in the middle east and establish an American presence where there was none.

They are no longer just wars but financial business opportunities so people can have more things to impress people they don’t even like.

No God does not need money for revival, but it couldn’t hurt, especially when its 700 billion dollars and if you watched National Treasure that’s a lot of money for just a few individuals so how will it be dispensed and how will the church benefit in the span of three years?    Well, let’s look at who the priesthood and the thief call evil and use them. National Treasure tells you who they are.

America has a national treasure.

I am not asking my friends or the churches I attend to bow down to me; God set it up so that others will.

Brother Abel

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