Building the Kingdom of God in HIS Kingdom there is Justice for all.

When I first became Born Again in 1982, I was told we were building the Kingdom of God this was while I was at  Wang Laboratories working as a Computer  Technician troubleshooting to the component level microprocessor circuit boards.  So I understand the below image it is that of an  Alarm Clock using four seven-segment LEDs. With seven segments, you can make 0 thru 9 with the seven segments and with four binary numbers; you can count as high as fifteen.


This graphic is an alarm clock, and time is running out.

The top four always the top four if you add  1+2+3+4 you get ten there were ten commandments given to man, and the first four dealt primarily with GOD the maker of heaven and earth. The other six told us how to live with each other. So important they were to God that if we broke any one of them, we were unfit to be part of  HIS KIngdom that he had already built.

I left Wang because I wanted no part in building the enemy’s kingdom; that’s why we have all this technology.

For the angels who rebelled and began this war, they were cast down to earth and built the first graven image of God the SON in Egypt when dinosaurs ruled.   They are still with us today; they have no way to get back into heaven, so you may be their hostage. God does not negotiate, especially when HE gave you the power to free yourself by calling on HIS SON’s name and honoring HIS word.

Do you know who said call no man Father?   Jesus did, and HE was not referring to the man who slept with your mother. He was discussing spiritual leaders and guides who love to take the seats in high places.

The image below is the Kingdom of Heaven (Babel, not E.T. wants to go Home)  invisible but right next door to our solar system.  Between both worlds is the war; it is comprised of demon spirits.  God forbids us to call upon any dead spirit. Notice what shape he gave them because the reality is they bring death.  But you screw with it anyway in your ghost hunting programs or if you are Catholic calling upon the dead, which is another abomination to God.

Above right Angels, as seen on some NASA videos, the people are standing in the sun as it seems enlarged like a lake of fire. Then the members-only area only those who come under and are washed in the blood of Christ. The rest are demons not allowed in shaped like parasites, maybe even a plague or pandemic because they instead on seeing the SON  and creating doubt in others, they brought death into creation.

The outside of your chariot is composed of dead tissue and some of these little critters, you do not want in your house, but you want to bring sin into God’s?!?

The image below is of the black plague that lasted four years again men were not calling on God and neglected the  Bible’s message on sanitation and cleanliness it was carried by rats and fleas to infect others.

If they are going to send someone into the abyss of hell subtract one and the Psalm would be Psalm 15:1-5 if they are leaving, then there were 17 for Psalm 17:1-15.

There is a need for prayer at this time; however, many deceived Catholics will be calling on saints, they cannot help us.  They never could, and the reveal is what Jesus said to the Rich man about Lazarus and his ability to go from his place and help people on earth.  Abraham replies in the story. Jesus tells that they have the law and the prophets, and they refuse to heed them, so one coming back from the dead would not be heard. I have proof of that.

Jesus is the only one who came back from the dead he defeated what  HIS enemy started.

Here is a link to 100 verses found even in the  ESV as to why you should not call on the dead who more than likely birthed this pandemic because I won’t bow to their Pope. It is because they will deceive you and trip you up. They hate God as much as some men do, or are they just the containers for those demons?

The next image is that of the Coronavirus note the shapes compared to the black death above.  This virus has three triune eruptions from its core.

I don’t have to be a med technician or a theologian to pick up on that.

HIS first creation of free will beings was genderless, neither male or female; when God began making you in your mother’s womb, HE gave you the gender you would be most happy within a relationship with HIM. Gender confused let me help by explaining where your legs meet your torso reach down; if something is dangling, it is a good chance you are male; if you are missing this dangling object called a penis, you probably in most cases are a female. Who without none of us would be here? That role is the most important of all. Those who struggle with their gender need to get into a relationship with HIM.   The fact is your Father chose your gender; it was his chromosome that made the difference.

Thanks be to God that Henry the Eighth did not understand that, and his break from Rome opened the door for Bible study and the deliverance of many in bondage to a defunct priesthood of men wanting to control others for-profit leading all to hell the blind lead the blind.

What about dual gendered individuals?  They still have a soul, and that should be what’s important to you. Hang in there, Jesus is on  HIS way.  Remain single whats a few years?   HE will correct the situation when HE arrives.

I do not believe the two images below have ever been on a page together, so I hope it opens some eyes; it is a start to healing and deliverance.

G-d will bring Justice I reveal His Mercy.


We are building a  kingdom for someone who wanted to be God, the reason for all the technology, however,  if everyone is wearing surgical masks and women wear burkas, it makes all that facial recognition software useless.   God needs to see everybody.

We need to destroy the black mailboxes called confessionals and turn our attention to where everyone is on social media.  When you want to know the dirt on others this is an excellent vehicle much better than those phoneless phone booths and who was getting the information  I assure you God already knew,  the other one was not omniscient or omnipresent without Rome he knew little of what was happening until they told him through his henchmen. That his how they blackmail a politician into doing their bidding.

Look, I know you all think he is some superior intelligent creature WHO WANTED TO BE GOD. He brought death into the creation, insisting that the Son had no value; obviously, he did not understand his role with all those precious stones that covered him.  But if you are going to use invisibility as your superpower, you don’t build the effigy of the SON and stick HIM in the dirt in  Africa, then go around the world building vacation resorts that do not honor the SON.

Satan sought to be king of the hill and to make it so he sent confusion into the world and had many serve his false religious systems. The priests of Satan held the king or the vehicle he possessed up hailing him as the choice of G-d. Today nothing has changed and we have learned nothing.
Jeremiah 4:28  For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.
The lies start here...Notice the scale it is his the idea of many lost people that G-d weighs the good against ones evil. The truth is no HE does not.
Egypt continues the confusion that began in Babylon the shotgunning of the gods. It is from Egypt we get the idea G-d weighs our good from the bad. It is here the devil gives away his plan to confuse us. Using G-d's chosen Israelites the sons of Abram as slaves to begin operation cover-up. It is here the symbol's of the battle are created and they are oddly created by him (the pyramid and the lion). His demons "fallen angels" possess the ignorant and copy what he has done elsewhere. If Egypt was his home in the leadership then the rest are his summer homes. He sits on top of the hill and under him the priesthood who put him in power.
Here we have the Aztecs (Mexican) a pantheon of gods they served the ones who did not have to work as hard to serve them was the king and the priesthood. Huitzilopochtli (pron. Huit-zi-lo-pocht-li) or ‘Hummingbird of the South’ or ‘Blue Hummingbird on the Left’ was one of the most important deities in the Aztec pantheon and for the Méxica he was the supreme god. He was the god of the sun and war, considered the patron of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlán and associated with gold, warriors and rulers. His calendar name was Ce Técpatl (1 Flint) and his nagual or animal spirit was the eagle.Huitzilopochtli
The Maya world was populated by a great variety of deities, supernatural entities, and sacred forces. The Maya had such a broad interpretation of what was sacred that identifying distinct deities with specific functions is inaccurate. The Maya interpretation of deities was intrinsically tied to the calendar, astronomy, and their cosmovision.[356] The importance of a deity, its characteristics, and its associations varied according to the movement of celestial bodies. The priestly interpretation of astronomical records and books was, therefore, crucial, since the priest would understand which deity required ritual propitiation, when the correct ceremonies should be performed, and what would be an appropriate offering. Human sacrifices were made but you can be sure steak and potatoes were also served among other goodies. On the top of the hill, a king sat as Satan's summer palace from what I understand it still is a great vacation spot.

What I find interesting is that the evangelization by the Catholic's was not to the Christ of Scripture but to their church. We also know Mayan's were gold rich.

When Diego de Landa Calderón (12 November 1524 – 29 April 1579) was a Spanish bishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Yucatán. He left future generations with a mixed legacy in his writings, which contain much valuable information on pre-Columbian Maya civilization and his actions, which destroyed much of that civilization's history, literature, and traditions. He is a major figure in the ".Black Legend"

Note in the Christian faith a Bishop is the husband of one wife and his children born of that union are behaved. Now I ask you name seven things they do that Jesus asked them to do?

After having felt he successfully made conversions he went away, when he came back he found they had mixed Jesus with their pagan deities and he slaughtered many of them with his Spanish cohorts. This is akin to the kettle calling the pot black. The problem with a priesthood separate of the Royal Priesthood is ignorance and pride. If the same sacrifice is made over and over has Christ completed his work are they convinced HE is the Son of G-d and came in the flesh once for all?
This one is from Indonesia and though they are today a major player on the world stage they also have their roots in Confucianism and Buddhism again with the priesthood. When I brought to a pastor several of the answers to the crop circles and told him G-d revealed to me what was going on. He told me pyramids would confuse people. He was speaking for the world.
Isn't that what Satan is doing? Is he not one of the deceived? The priesthood serves Satan the Royal Priesthood serves G-d and we should be lifting our King on high which means bringing other false priesthoods low.

The name of Allah does not appear in Abraham's vocabulary or any Christian Content until 500 AD 200 years after Rome took over Christianity and began deceiving the world. G-d wrote into them HIS plan for world peace but because they do not marry or have natural relations with women or children they will never understand true love or Romance. Romans kill they do not love anyone including Jesus Christ.
This one is found off the shores of Cuba such a waste you would think a god would know when a disaster was coming and warn those who serve him or maybe not let them build there at all. My G-d always sends a warning and gives men a small time to repent before the disaster. I serve a great and loving G-d. Like me, you to can have an intimate relationship with HIM, just obey the teachings of HIS only begotten Son.
Below his modern seat of power again using the priesthood to deceive the populace it is where the king of the hill wannabe sat until we gave him something more powerful to go after. His priesthood went and bought it for him. History proves the dragons church steals, kills, and destroy's and no matter how much they have it is never enough. Now thanks to the phony clergy and the lying priesthood the dragon can now finally breathe fire.

There are 888 raised sections. 8 is the number of perfection in a triune grouping like this it all three in agreement Christ is the only way to be protected from death. Psalm 24:1-10
The devil likes power and we made him a home away from home. Where he would feel welcomed but in all honesty he is not welcomed at all.
When you own all the horses in the race! Expect evil to have a hand in it. Their is no Democrat Republican there is only the Vatican.
Only the Royal Priesthood can bring the peace the dragon needs to get his temple built. All other priesthoods cannot make peace they only add confusion and spread lies. Still, it is they who continue hold the King on the Hill and we serve them. Time to end this game that no one wins without Jesus. The true King of the HILL.
Two cannot walk together as one unless we be agreed and I will not agree that Rome has my or your best interest at heart. Their Jesus allows idols to be stumbling blocks to the blind and they use guns to influence societies and cultures while my G-d uses truth.

I was part of an AG church where the pastor claimed he became saved at the age of five, he also played up the devil’s advocate and kept saying he knew God and he knew what God wanted but never revealed what God wanted. I was under the impression God wanted to lift HIS SON and open the word to the world and give them fair warning.   He left the ministry and went south to serve in a ministry dealing with human trafficking.

He went south??? Which was the direction he was going in before I got there?

The problem with human trafficking is again the priesthood hiding the word kill the root the tree will die.

He served for forty years, and both his parents were preachers, and if you train up a child in the way he should go, they do not depart from it.   Many people raised in Christian homes think they are in good standing,  and never see the damage they leave in their wake of lacking discernment. I doubt a five-year-old knew anything about the kingdom we are fighting against, and by the looks of things, he still does not. He had a Papist watch over his church’s money; he defended Rome often in my presence.

I knew that was my Goliath some act disappointed; however, the truth is  I’m not the one defending and protecting him in fact with Christ so close how hard would it be to convert Goliath and expose the error of his ways?

Unaware of the plan to set the lost free from their clutches, he shouted from the pulpit  like a  jealous  person would, ” Do you know who I am?” ” Some people think the King James Version of the Bible is the only version.” Until he said that I never looked into it, and I am glad I did.    I came up with written errors, and why the devil is hiding things in the other translations stuff, we need to exploit to win souls.

The Georgia Guide Stones were placed up by an RC, Christian it was not the Roman Catholic Christian that put them there but an individual who knew where we were headed because of who they serve. The first line reads to maintain humanity under 500 million.

The AG pastor would often say  God is in control.

A steering wheel behind it is the Trinity Driving, made of 18 parts. Psalm 18:1-50 is the truckers Psalm; you find HE’s a deliver, a horn, and a buckler for safety and salvation.

Yes, HE IS, and where are the arrows for the rider of the first white horse?

Is this what you want Jesus to come back too? In Germany they called the 6 million Jewish  deaths,  units or products they talked about which of their factories put out more.

A nation under God with liberty and justice for all where was the justice for Israel?  America brought the mad German scientist to America to build the weapons that will be used against us.

Brother Abel.

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