As the Sands (Snows) of Time So are the Days of Our Lives.

I was one of those kids who’s foster parent plopped them in front of the T.V. while my foster-mother chatted on the phone for hours with her sister.  Speaking in a language, I didn’t understand “French.”

She had been raised to do all her religious training in her native language while being raised in an orphanage in Lawrence Mass for 12 years of her life.  Why wouldn’t it be English, after all, it was the 1930’s, in America?  Top number one answer is.  You do not engage with the enemy of the country you are overthrowing,  when Eglish speaking people talk about Jesus, it’s a foreign Jesus to you.  America is a Protestant nation and the last to be destroyed by the dragon and his church.

Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

She never found Jesus in all that time. Truly a sad statement for a system that claimed to know G-d. As soon as this Soap Opera “Days of our Lives” came on,  my T.V. time was over, and hers began.

I bring this up to reveal the hour we are in,  Recently there have been several trips to Antarctica the Southern tip of the world by some of the world’s leaders “John Kerry” went there during the 2016 campaign. He is a native of Boston also former Secretary of State. This man would have noticed a great move of God’s spirit in his city had one happened. My greatest frustration is G-d telling me where one belongs and the one who belongs is not there.

The threat of global warming should not be the world’s concern the resurrection should be.  It is a one-time event, and those not on board will wish they had never been born.

On the left solid rock under snow never seen by man before. On the right, the one built before man by the New World Order planner.
Abraham sought a city but he was never going to find this.

I was truly amazed at how many individuals who say they are excited and love Jesus did not jump at the chance to show the world the truth and set others free.  The first minister said the crop circles were gobbilty gook and he did not want me talking of this because in his mind it meant nothing. What is that saying about answering a matter before hearing it?

Another from the Assembly of G-d Church said pyramids would confuse you.   One of them whom I knew immediately was one of G-d’s chosen end time kings and who I recently discovered may be my original brother, which means no weapon formed against him either like me shall prosper.

In other words, to help me defeat Satan he has a body lying in the dust just like me so his is a possible vehicle for  Mr. Cheerfulness.  That’s right Cain may be alive and well and G-d is seeking reconciliation.  That is what G-d does repairs what is broken. This time I am a lot older than him and a whole lot wiser.  Welcome to the Awakening.

G-d wanted a family and not a dysfunctional family as it turns out we are all to some extent some worse than others.  Adam was G-d’s best friend and a long time one at that, these were his two sons both are like we are today at each other’s throats.  Though Abel loved his brother,  his brother hated him and was jealous of G-d coming out in favor of Abel’s offering. Although it was very wrong for Cain to kill Abel G-d was working it into his plan to save the world to educate free will,  to show at the end HE is alive and well and living in us to them who do not believe.

Cain reaped where he did not sow and gathered where he did not plant.   But for Abel, it was a sacrifice he took the time to shepherd the flock to food and water.  Sheep are not the most intelligent of creatures they will not leave a spot and go to another with more food,  a good shepherd helps them to find better sources of food.  The wolves who feed on the sheep don’t want them leaving their pens at all.

Imagine Cain and Abel together again reconciled and under the power of the Most High God to turn the world upside down.  Why would Abel be mad at Cain?  Maybe at first but if it wasn’t for Cain Abel would not have found his loving Foster family.  Cain put Abel on the right path Abel’s Foster family watches over him to them he was the promise of the Son coming like the first white horse is to you.

Oh, happy day,  to be reconciled to my brother.

God Bless
Brother Abel

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