Our Final Model?

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.
(Proverbs 21:3)

777=21 and 2+1 =3.  It refers to the trinity Father and Son together (2) while the Holy Spirit is in the earth (1).   It’s almost like G-d has his hand on every jot and tittle of this unique one of a kind book the Bible. I’m just biding my time,  one of these days they are going to realize I’m on the right side Jesus is my Lord. I’m just the chariot / horse call me Mr. Ed.

Man was given 6000 years to build his government’s Jesus is at the door and we are going to present HIM with the wickedest system ever devised by man???  A fascist Nazi-like system bent on playing G-d and punishing all who make less than 20k a year or who are without health insurance and that’s for starts.  They need to get it under the 600,000,000 mark.
They create the chaos and then bring in solutions that sound as if it is beneficial to all.

The first line says it all. In heaven, we have room for all and have no problem with the government because Jesus is the government. When you consider the Cardinals and the Bishops Marianne Catholics and the Muslim population the angels can leave behind  500,000,000. Unfortunately, it will be a lot more. I went to the wrong pastors the wrong leaders just like the devil said to me as I was growing up I can’t do anything right.

In Germany the handicapped were the first to be taken, then the retarded along with those with mental health issues who did not agree with the party platform like flat earthers.  They are saying now it may be a disease of the mind where they do not have the aptitude to learn.  One sad individual claimed the moon was in front of the clouds??? Then that would mean we obviously did go to the moon and we can do it by plane because planes fly above clouds. Another video spouted the clouds were behind the Sun the dumbing down of America is their fault as well.  Let’s not forget those Creationists who believe dinosaurs only existed for two thousand years before the flood four thousand years ago. Enough to cover our oil needs for over a hundred plus years.

This is what we have to hand to Jesus when HE returns.

To enlarge just select it. I call this one “The Team”.  The devil told me all my life I couldn’t do anything right,  well I’m trying,  is this good enough? Guliani says 911 is an inside job click here. Jesus has given us a short time to straighten this out. If you can’t see the devil in the details you are not walking with the  Holy Spirit.

If you truly love Jesus you will come out of her as HE has asked.

Revelation says we are to pay her back double, that to me means to take two souls for every one she has condemned to eternal separation from G-d by hiding the SON in her priesthood hocus pocus.

Agent Smith in the Movie the Matrix in our real life world is a Catholic,  I was at a party for a friends son who graduated college.  Another Christian from a restoration movement church was also there he brought with him a cooler of beer only to realize he was surrounded by blood-bought saints and tea drinkers. He was convicted and carried it back to his car.

I was in attendance of the same restoration church when I received my call. One of the things that disturbed me was when the Pastor served the sacraments his prayer over the bread which he referred to often was called the Eucharist.  It is a term that sent many of my brothers and sisters to their death for not acknowledging it as the true body of Christ.  It’s history,  its fact. This time they will use the mark ID chip instead but it is the same spirit in the people behind it.

And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
(Revelation 6:10)

I explained to him what is going on with the Jesuits having had taken control of the White House since 2008.  He changed countenance and began to tell me how some Catholics truly do love Jesus. Well, I said,  then they should have no problem obeying HIM and come out of her.  Time to prove it! For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. (Revelation 18:5) Stop praying with them and start praying for them!

 Part of the priesthood hocus pocus was claiming only they could read the Bible.  The DVD on the left would be a good buy for any library of those who care for truth.

Donald Trump (Jesuit schooled) His Son in Law a Jewish man groomed to bring peace to Israel and it’s another false messiah attempt Obama didn’t work for the Muslim people.  I came to intercept this foolishness. YOU CANT HAVE PEACE WITHOUT JESUS! Keep trying and watch the FEMA camps fill up with what could be your unsaved loved ones or believers in general.  Look at history and tell me you can’t see it.

Agent Smith was right there in my friend protecting them. Help them by opening their eyes to destroying America and creating the problem.  Their solution is Hitler’s solution. Priests can say the gates of hell won’t come against the church all they want but they are serving hell as priests when they do it.  Some are going to say the cast out demons in his name.  It’s not like they hadn’t cast them out it’s just a game for some demons.  Agent Smith always comes through for them and they never have to repent or see the error of their ways. Remember what Jesus said about finding the house clean the demon comes back with seven others worse than he.  The house must be filled with the Holy Spirit and the word for the Spirit of G-d can draw on.  They are so well defended by the weak saint protected by those who do not understand the work Christ has done for all.

The way he said it was if I did not love him or them?  I absolutely love them that’s why I do what I do. They do not know they are lost and serving a false Christ who in their mind has changed from what HE was yesterday to what they think HE  is today. HE now looks the other way when it comes to everything HE said don’t do. Idols were so old testament now we have a license. Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! (Matthew 18:7)

Though the Talmud say’s horrid things about Christ keep in mind who hijacked Christianity and made it what it is today.  A few good deeds do not cut it with Father.  One must be  Born Again and shine the light on Christ or clearly, they are not his. Demons will not confess Jesus is Lord and that HIS honor is Priceless.  Satan likes positions of power we need to move the power base and start lifting each other up. They can have it along with the Muslim population that will be left behind with them if any are left when we are done with it.

You can tell who loves G-d by how we respect the Jews whom G-d loves for without them we have no truth. We have no Jesus.


We need to stop praying with them and start praying for them.

We need a win for Jesus it is the final play.


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