Tares among us are like Popcorn…

solvedpyramidmovieKeep the heat on and apply pressure they will pop. Jesuits who have destroyed every nation agents of the dark one who have infiltrated Protestant churches will also have to face the supreme judge. It is evident by what G-d has revealed in his word and in America, these people intend to do the kingdom of G-d great harm. These are the ones left behind in the tribulation who have their heads cut off for the testimony of Jesus Christ. They awaken to late and miss the first wave out.

Blessed are they that make the first resurrection Revelation 20:6. Former Catholics fill our churches many have not separated themselves completely from the beast’s clutches. They still feel a need to protect the dragon and not set any of the others free from her clutches. The Jesuits are not so they never left and remind the former of the trivial knowledge they acquired because of her. Many are just leaving it up to G-d while good ministers succumb to offending G-d as well under their spell of blackmail. Is it any wonder that a nation violent towards us has risen up? G-d is doing something, still they seek to silence the messenger the one who offers hope of the coming of Christ.

Is this G-d’s punishment to those who only praise him with their lips? I would have to say that is exactly the case. Many of our leaders live in darkness because of the Jesuits. They do not see the true battle in the heavens. If the saints loved G-d with their whole hearts and fully understood the battle the tares would have popped within their churches a long time ago, not made treasurers, deacons or superintendents of Christian schools while knowingly keeping the dragon as a friend. Any friend of the dragon is an enemy to the Son. Could this be those who worship the beast and his image that the words spoke of?

They have to have the 144,000 left behind and sealed after the church is gone. The false teachers cannot understand the teaching of Christ saying it will be the angels doing the separating at the end of the age. The word ‘shall’ never appears in two verses of scripture as many as that clever warning did in Matthew 13:49-50 again we must consider the source and where the teaching is coming from its only Jesus saying it. That’s why it is overlooked by the dark one and his ministers. It seems to be one of G-d’s favorite words ‘shall’ as it appears in 6061 verses 9837 times in the KJV in the NASB G-d is not so serious it only appears 2841 verses 3971 times. It seems like a third part of the word has fallen away? The phrase end of the world appears seven times in KJV only once in a Psalm in the NASB, obviously they are not so concerned with the matter.

lightningrodA lightning rod serves a purpose to rise up a Christian leader to point to the truth of the gospel. This is not the plan of Satan for sure. What it does is that it brings glory to G-d and separates the wheat from the chaff, while much chaff will convert to wheat. Like Moses’s body, the dragon will not have to fight Michael or Gabriel to get this one.

I have done over two hundred crop images pointing to scripture, my last name divinely given me means a beautiful place, I work in the transportation industry, Alan the good Shepard lived in the town I now reside in. G-d has written His story into my life. I have been tried by several false doctrines and in each; I found the flaws. My initials are B.A.B.E.L. the mysteries of G-d in scripture come to light and are made known through me fulfilling Daniel 8:23. However, according to a man I choose to lead, the Catholic church to the harvest says I am not Abel that I am a liar. I know the word so well, and I know where liars find themselves as much as I like barbecue, I don’t intend to find myself there. Not after I rob Satan’s kingdom of millions of souls. Moses and Elijah and Enoch can come back Jesus claimed John the Baptist was Elijah if they would receive it.

However, the first casualty Abel this cannot be. What good is respect if you cannot have it with everyone? So even though everyone has forgotten Abel, G-d has not. These are a love stories and the final one provides G-d the respect He seeks. The dragon that old serpent the devil did not honor or respect the offering in which Abel made, much like the world and the tares in our churches who breed contempt of the holy things of G-d. The insult in Egypt was Lucifer lacking respect of G-d’s Son, to find this truth and not be Abel to share it with the world would indeed be the greatest crime against humanity.

In my last post I said Satan had a body and proved it with scripture, he needs another and well G-d rejoices in the truth and in a fair balance.   Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

I cannot believe the future leader of G-d’s church called me a liar, well I guess then who won’t be a leader. The Antichrist has always been here in spirit. It is not G-d’s intention to let his enemy win so the leader he has chosen simply wants to have the chance to make amends with the woman G-d joined him with. He doesn’t seek leadership it is thrust upon him. In what G-d loves to do best, surprise everyone. “What do you mean the body is missing?” So the greatest among you must be the servant of you all, G-d has several vacancies open that need leaders to fill them, I am just the voice telling you to prepare the way the King is coming. The good news is we don’t cut into Satan’s seven years ruling as G-d, but we do get to set it all up for him.

Now that will be fun.


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