Your Jedi (Jesuit) MInd Tricks Don’t Work On Me.

Universal Symbol For the Trinity

I am in possession of a CDLA, those who do not have the endorsement should not be trying to drive an 18 wheeler.  Heavy equipment of any kind should be avoided if one is not licensed to use it.  You can hurt yourself and others…When it comes to the Holy Spirit,  HE is necessary to have to be in any ministry or the same consequences apply.

You can usually tell who has the Spirit and who does not if you indeed have HIM in your life.   He leads us into all truth HE sticks closer than a brother, son or spouse.  Gifts are not proof you have HIM because the enemy can fake gifts.  What the enemy won’t do is to lead you to the knowledge of your need for Christ and direct you to HIS word the Bible.  Blind guides can’t see this truth they want signs and wonders and reject the ones that are clearly given that all the world can see.
There are more Catholic’s behind the Protestant pulpits than they are willing to admit.

They want some anointing and yet clearly have not honored the original anointing or call they were given.  Like little Lucifer’s they have turned on (against) the light given them.  Rather than build bridges to others seeking knowledge they build trenches and pits for people to fall into while patting themselves on the back, that they are protecting and defending G-d’s word when clearly they do not even understand it.

Steering wheel behind it is the Trinity Driving made of 18 parts Psalm 18:1-50 is the truckers Psalm you find HE's a deliver , a horn and a buckler for safety and salvation.
Steering wheel behind it is the Trinity Driving made of 18 parts Psalm 18:1-50 is the truckers Psalm 18:2 you find HE’s a deliverer , a horn and a buckler for safety and salvation.

A man who is not filled with the HOLY SPIRIT should not be trying to mold someone who is filled and clearly has a relationship with G-d.  This is just like driving without a license.  Because your parents were preachers or you grew up in  Christian home does not constitute you are a member of the household of faith. You may possess the knowledge, but discernment is a notable characteristic of HIS presence. It is evidence that you can distinguish what is good from evil.  What is excellent,  from what is not,  lifting up the name of Jesus is always excellent.  Opening G-d’s Word to the lost equally is as excellent.

Things you can never forget.

I know exactly where I was the day that shook our nation when John F. Kennedy had been killed I was five years old, and playing in the neighbors sandbox in the back of my house when my brother came walking home from school early.  I asked him why he was back early, and he said the President had been shot, and they dismissed school. Inside the house,  I heard my mother screaming no, no, no and crying. I knew then something major happened that would affect my life.

What my wife was wearing the first time I held her hand, my wedding day May 28, 1983, the day my son was born.

This driver is in charge of Precious cargo.
This driver is in charge of Precious cargo.

None as major as the day Jesus invaded my life May 1982,  at my request and hearts cry that I needed HIM. I know what Month and year and what unfolded. The event changed me; my words no longer contained profanity as if someone new moved in  I had been cleaned made,  new for the new creation. Life had new meaning and new purpose there was no mistaken the event.

Everyone who is born of the Spirit of G-d should have a remembrance of their own life-changing moment, this one more than any other.

I have opened up several crop circles that have proof they are not made by natural means or by any man.  A good Berean would discover the truth while a fool would utter nonsense without supporting it.  Such as they are made by machines,  in the 20 plus years photographs have been taken of them no one has come up with evidence of a machine.

A machine makes noise and cannot produce them as fast as they are made.  One minute they are not there,   minutes later completed.  Not to mention the animals killed in their creation because they cannot escape fast enough,  evidence man could not be behind their making.

Not difficult to see who is behind the world’s problems and it isn’t the Protestants.

Men are making the mistake that I am Luke Skywalker, and I am in their church to finish my training when G-d does not even speak to them as HE does me.  To those in darkness, I must be shaped and molded into the puppet they want or expect.   G-d obviously does not love me as I am??? Clearly they do not,  only because I am not one of them,  I lack Ecumenical compromise.

What if the original light bearer had not conformed to the group effort to take the kingdom by force and simply just came and worshiped the Son of G-d as asked? What if they all respected HIS words and all HIS teachings and not picking and choosing which they would adhere to and which ones they wouldn’t?

If they had done it in heaven, maybe none of us would be here? What if we all were to do it now? Then none of us would be left here when the time came; I am not compromising with idolators.  If I did, I would not be helping them, and I would lack the love of the highest kind.  Two cannot walk as one unless they are agreed.  It is G-d’s love that we take away the money they stole from the world pretending to be Christians without any evidence of HOLY SPIRIT discernment.  Darkness protects each other and hates the light that exposes them.

Like the oracle on a Oujia board those without the HOLY SPIRIT are moved by demons and traitors support them.
Like the oracle of an Ouija board,  those without the HOLY SPIRIT are moved by demons and traitors in darkness support them.

There are traitors among us, and they are getting nothing other than martyrdom because that’s what they wanted for all of your family,  friends and loved ones.  Pretending to love America while they encouraged and supported the harlot who destroyed her, they are clouds without water Nazi’s in the making.  Many of  them went to Parochial school 80 years ago and today it is no different.

A man who desires an added anointing should have protected the first one given to him or at least had the HOLY SPIRIT to begin with.

It is safe to say that only those who BORN AGAIN of the Spirit will enter into heaven. Jesus made that very clear in John 3:3.  Those who have been born of the Spirit can tell you the value of  G-d’s Son’s honor and have enough common sense to know when a man of G-d is on the scene my confirmation astounding theirs non-existant.  When you walk for so long in the upbringing, you come to believe you are saved by the works you perform, when the work may only be an echo of your upbringing.

Charles Swindoll is a great man in my  Father’s Kingdom and this message is a must hear,

Ages and Stages of Growing Up,Part 1

Your eternal brother in Christ


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