Will the real Antichrist please stand up.

The lead image is that of puritan men and those who were not in league with the devil to keep the word away from the world. Those who opened the Bible were called Antichrist by the Antichrists. Too bad many Muslims would have found Christ several hundred years ago maybe even before Mohammed arrived had the priesthood remained officially closed as Jesus intended.

Ephesians 4:11  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; (NOTE THERE IS NO PRIESTS)

Babylon is where the priesthood began then it scattered throughout the world making slaves of the people to serve them creating a mystery out of the afterlife. Jesus ended it at the cross, HE only created it to offer up a more perfect sacrifice a final sacrifice they were men to serve not be served.   Simply the enemy began it G-d perfected and ended it by making us all a Royal Priesthood who trust in Jesus. Peter said it (1 Peter 2:9),  I believe it. The same Peter that said, “You are the Christ the Son of the living G-d.”  in which the church is built upon and the gates of hell will not come against this.

The kingdoms of the earth belong to G-d and HE may give them to whom HE wills.  We know ten kings are waiting to arise and give power unto the beast.

Knowing who chooses the kings what kind of Kings is G-d going to place when He is full of LOVE and MERCY? They are going to be men committed to HIM to bring in HIS HARVEST. Keep always in mind that G-d does not desire any to perish but all to come to repentance.

Mercy comes before judgment just because I have 555 follow me wherever I go does not mean I could be 666 after an assassination attempt by those who would not be happy with the peace plan G-d has given me.  Keep in mind an unjust weight and an unfair balance are an abomination to HIM.

It was fallen angels and not ancient aliens who started the new world order before man was created,  the leader of the rebellion took on flesh and blood when he was cast out of heaven. The body is a prison for the spirit.   The answer to if he did,  is found in Genesis 6:3 only the NIV hides the truth here.   Do we need to know that man is flesh?  In the KJV the word “also” appears giving us a clear indicator the second rebellion which came for the women had flesh.  To this day the enemy still tries to teach the youngest how children are made and not in a way that honors the gift.

In John 8:44 Jesus attest to the fact that the devil was a murderer from the beginning.  Which equates to death, this is where he learns his new power over the others is the fear of death.  The first rebellion does not have a desire for women as much as the second group did. The first had the desire to rule the heavens as god’s and make slaves of others in their stately positions because as the false gods they would need to be served.   The new world order begins on the earth before the making of man.   Jeremiah 4:20-28 alludes to this very truth pay particular attention to verses 25 and 28.

When G-d falls in love with Abram, it is because by faith he seeks a city not built with the hands of man but of G-d. Well G-d wanted us to find the city as well one built by someone who thought he could be G-d and rise above the Son.

G-d reveals us how deep HIS love for us is in the giving of HIS SON as a sacrifice to free us from the curse of death and that it is not to be feared.  It is out of a condition of love we serve to obey Jesus. HE said to learn of HIM; HIS burdens light HIS yoke easy.  I can attest they are and my life in HIM is one of abundance. He gives more to me than I ever could offer HIM.  He has overcome the world and the law that had been given to maintain a standard of society pleasing to G-d.

Other gods of mens making did not offer law to the world they just made people jump through hoops trying to appease them and feed their lying priesthoods of Babylon and Egypt. G-d exposes the fraudulent priesthood and gods by setting up a priesthood that pleases HIM.  A priesthood that offers sacrifices conditional on the laws he ordained and were broken the blood of the animals was sprinkled on them. A good society cannot function without law. A great one HAS the Lord as their G-d.

Heaven is HIS HOME, and HE will not allow those to enter in who would cause HIS SON or children “Christians” harm.  If an individual does not play nice outside the house, then they can’t enter the house.  HE (Jesus) gives us a new spirit to teach us to play nice, but that happens here,  not on the other side.  HE will renew us when our will is not in opposition to HIS will and that we accepted the truth and the gift of forgiveness HE gave us.

If the enemy gets to get another body to rule as G-d on the earth for seven years than it stands to reason so should another get a second chance as well?  G-d is fair and balanced and not an abomination to HIS requirements of weights and measures Proverbs 11:1.

This is the problem HE does not want to lift the person G-d sends back for his second chance.  He is between a rock and a hard place. Psalm 21:11 says that they cannot complete the new world order without us.  That is why out of the ten kings two others will be awakened to their positions in the battle Enoch and Elijah who have bodies hanging in the wardrobe closet in heaven in stasis. I’m basing this on wisdom, but I am pretty sure it is two individuals who had the most jealousy over this call.  This whole mess began with jealousy over the Son, and the covering gave HIM. We still haven’t learned to honor and love the things that G-d seeks to honor and that HE loves.

Six thousand years and only one person at the end of the age recognizes the Lion of the tribe of Judah and figures out where he needs to be in the diorama the enemy began to build.   Was it just to show the angels just how ignorant and stupid he could be?  Because of it, G-d makes this man the world class leader who places other kings because he carries the same lamps Lucifer carried and that were used in the writing of the Bible.

In the jealousy of the two,  they sought to take others into condemnation with them and not let the light bearer number two to do his job. It is as it was in heaven the difference is now we all have a stake in it.  We all have family and friends and know the reality of hell.  Holding back the 700 billion helps no one,  it can make ten kings pretty easily and scream to the world JESUS IS ON HIS WAY.  If ten born again Christian men received a good chunk to become G-d’s kings to bring in the harvest what a harvest it would be.  G-d has placed several of these people before me one is Nigerian for sure; the other is from China, and another from Italy will all be given access to several billion each.  They will be treated as if they entered heaven and became kings.   The Masonic order aiding them at their requests who serve the Crown of Europe head of G-d’s Protestant Church and not the Pope.

They will spread the gospel preaching the truth and providing missionaries G-d-honoring churches in their regions with the finances needed to help those in need,  in the name of Jesus.

Now it’s fair the devil hid the word and truth away from the world and Father is hiding his ride among them.  In doing it this way, I have ten men fearless knowing they may be either Enoch or Elijah and all needed to give the creature what he needs peace to build his temple Jesus is on HIS way.  Now I could even carry the mantle of Enoch or Elijah after I am assassinated, or I could very well be the beast.  When I dance with my beloved, we can do it to the song “Beauty and the Beast” and have a good laugh over it.  Are we having fun yet?  Because I know nothing would delight me more,  than destroying Satan’s kingdoms.

The Bible defines the Antichrist as one who opposes G-d we are aware of him as the adversary.  We are always to test the spirits and see if they are of G-d.

1 John 4:1-3
(1)  Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of G-d: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
(2)  Hereby know ye the Spirit of G-d: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of G-d:

If you feel the need to continue the same sacrifice and deny the finished work of Christ.  Whose sole purpose was to deliver us from the curse of the law. Then has HE come for you and is HE the Son of G-d? If you mock sacrifice it is mocking.  It was G-d whom provided a just priesthood to serve HIM who offered up the sacrifice until the last and only acceptable sacrifice (himself) was offered.  To cry out it was finished,  meant no other sacrifice is needed. Officially Jesus ended the preisthood because it was his enemy who originally began it in Babylon.  Jesus knew the enemy would officially end it 37 years later in 70 AD having lost with feelings of betrayal fresh in his mind. He blinded their eyes and lost, still he tries to do that today while seeking to get his temple built again…He just never learns.

(3)  And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of G-d: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

So if Jesus came did HE finish the work HE started? He redeemed us from the curse and planted the seed. According to the law of balance, Jesus was cut short of HIS seven years. There is a reaping that needs to occur.

The antichrist would first deny that Christ is the Son of G-d,  if that didn’t work then, he would keep G-d’s word away from us, so we don’t learn the truth. Whether it be in supernatural crop circles, all the world could see or just planting shepherds who seek gifts rather than truth.  If G-d opened his word in pictures at the end of the age to save souls because HE loves us all, the antichrist spirit would see to it that no one understood them because reading G-d’s word would bring men to G-d.  Am I right you transformed ministers of light who do not respect G-d’s word?  Is RESPECT there where it was first given? If it not that should be witness enough to my call.  You then know who I am and the enemy and his ministers will respect the offering that the devil did not know who incited jealousy. You will before departing here claim the Son of G-d’s honor is worth the world.    This will help draw many to Christ it is G-d’s wisdom.

You will before departing here claim the Son of G-d’s honor is worth the world.    This will help draw many to Christ it is G-d’s wisdom.  Should you not believe HIS reputation is worth the world then you get to join in the tribulation. Jesus sent HIS angels to separate out all things that offend and do iniquity that’s how 144, 000 can be sealed with the Spirit before we leave.  Angels know who stays and who goes and they know who Babel is HE is a friend of G-d,  Christ the Savior.

Know anyone who would hide G-d’s word away from us,  besides Satan and his false priesthood?  A system that started back up in Rome 230 years after the temple was officially closed? It worked for him in Babylon and Egypt so why not be stupid and bring it back again no one will ever be the wiser especially those living in darkness. Especially his ministers of light who cannot see the truth when it is clearly revealed to them, they ignore it. Feed them only what will keep them coming back for more,  morsels of truth but not the whole truth.   Jesus closed the sacrificing priesthood by being the final sacrifice.  It was no longer needed; his adversary forced the Jews to be scattered throughout the earth.  Everywhere they went, they suffered scorn and ridicule by the followers of darkness who apparently hated the offering that sealed Satan their master’s fate. Two Jesus are present one likes idols and paganism the other hates them.  The corrupt leaders merge with those who are mock sacrificing him over and over because subconsciously they feel Jesus did not suffer enough for them.

Daniel 8:12  And a host was given him against the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it cast down the truth to the ground, and it practiced, and prospered.

G-d wanted the world to know HE IS REAL that ISRAEL is HIS.  She is G-d’s woman, and because of her, the world was given Christ to redeem us from the eternal torments of hell by cleansing us from Sin redeeming us from the curse of the law which is death.  Satan gets those who do not receive the gift of G-d and become Born Again of HIS Spirit.

The antichrist would mock the word of G-d, sneer at a translation that exposes the truth that redeemed men for over four hundred years.  The antichrist seeks a body,  one who has power.  He once carried the lamps that made these crop images. He knows their power and is jealous of the one G-d gave them too. He needs a body, but he knows he doesn’t want mine because he hates what I have become.

He told me as I grew up that I could never do anything right, well is it my fault I thought Obama was the antichrist?   By definition he was. Obama openly denied Christ by living a complete lie to who he was; he was a manufactured messiah to an Islamic people who was not from G-d at all. Thinking he was the antichrist I wanted to wrap my arms around him and thank him for coming,  my Jesus is next that’s when G-d began to give me the lamps that made the circles.  I know for certain the world will be hugging G-d’s ten kings.

Right know the enemy is thinking I am worse than a dirt bag. Am I right man who has the Spirit of my Loving Father in him?

Brother Abel.

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