Whatever you Bind and Loose

“Binding and loosing is originally a Jewish Mishnaic phrase also mentioned in the New Testament, as well as in the Targum. In usage, to bind and to loose simply means to forbid by an indisputable authority and to permit by an indisputable authority. The Targum to a particular Psalm implies that these actions were considered to be as effectual as the spell of an enchanter.

The poseks had, by virtue of their ordination, the power of deciding disputes relating to Jewish law. Hence, the difference between the two main schools of thought in early classical Judaism were summed up by the phrase the school of Shammai binds; the school of Hillel looses.

Theoretically, however, the authority of the poseks proceeded from the Sanhedrin, and there is, therefore, a Talmudic statement that there were three decisions made by the lower house of judgment (the Sanhedrin) to which the upper house of judgment (the heavenly one) gave its supreme sanction. The claim that whatsoever bind or loose on earth shall be bound or loosed in heaven, which the Gospel of Matthew attributes to Jesus, is probably therefore just an adoption of a phrase popular at the time.

This is also the meaning of the phrase when it is applied in the text to Simon Peter and the other apostles in particular when they are invested with the power to bind and loose by Christ.

This also serves as the scriptural and traditional foundation for the Catholic Church’s conception of papal authority, stemming from such an investiture of St. Peter, since, according to Roman Catholic doctrine, the Popes are the Successors of St. Peter.” ~Quoted from the  Wikipedia

Let’s start binding from the bottom up, shall we?

Matthew 5:19 KJV
(19)  Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Peter was a disciple sent to the Jewish people Jesus insisted three times that Peter win the Jewish people to himself by saying feed my sheep.  Once placed on the cross, HE shouted out it is finished. It is there on the cross  HE  defeats sin and death and the need for a priesthood to exist any longer.

The only purpose for the priesthood was to offer animal sacrifice on behalf of the people to appease God and show them their obedience to HIS laws until the perfect sacrifice would come. In the world, many religions had a priesthood   God was setting HIS up to end it to defeat all others.

Knowing the devil would be angry at the loss of souls, Jesus informed his disciples the temple would be torn down that the enemy’s anger would be turned against the people he blinded and used to Crucify Christ. The Temple of Solomon was destroyed the day it took place was coincidently 37 (777) years after the crucifixion.   The priesthood and the Jewish people were scattered all over the earth and hated everywhere they went because of who loved them and who did not love God would not love them.  Scattered until the end of the world, then be brought back into Israel just before the return of Christ, and with all the turmoil, in the end, HE created a peace plan that would need to come forth.

Fifty-three years after the temple is destroyed, the Roman military and police of the day banish John to the isle of Patmos, where he can do no damage in spreading the gospel. He is caught up into heaven and shown the end of the world.  His words make it into the last book of the Bible because it reveals that before Christ returns, the Temple must be rebuilt so that the Jewish people who have denied Christ would resume the sacrificing.   The enemy will need it to sit there, declaring himself to be God. God is allowing him the seven famine years after the years of plenty in which Jesus began planting the seed for the harvest that his seven lasted only 3.5 years.

That is how a book like revelation makes it into the Cannon because the need is revealed. Someone wants a Temple and needs a peace plan, and someone has one.

The half holy angels shaping their leader in heaven, he once covered the Spirit of the most high God.

This event of this one-person arising sets in motion the awakening of the church, and hurries the harvest. Unfortunately, the enemy has interfered again and blinded the eyes of his ministers of righteousness not to recognize the overall plan and fearing that it would be a Christian he would have to share with he begins having them do to him on earth what was done to him in heaven.

Something I am drastically trying to avoid angering me is not going to help anyone.

Abel knew what God wanted, and after pleasing God, he was sent by his brother to meet HIM, his blood cried out, and though he is dead, he spoke. Today the message should be no hard feelings, Cain, you did me a big one.

The first Pope does not arrive until around 313  AD  when the first Emporer of Rome decides that they would embrace Christianity, and the persecution of Christians ceased. Until they put themselves into the authoritative position and resumed with persecuting those who would not conform to their standards and beliefs of what Christianity is, they began targeting the seven churches of Revelation and anyone who would refuse to see them as the authority. Constantine is said to have had a vision of a cross and heard a voice speaking in this sign we conquer.

They do not honor the word or repent and end their pagan worship of idols, making it difficult to fulfill the call of Peter over time the idols take on Christian names. They are no more Christian than the dogs who roamed the streets who are without a master. God will not be mocked, and idols and their idolators will not enter into heaven they are the problem/

Jesus is number one, or HE is not!  What does Father say?

Before Jesus came, the people were conquered with the sign of the cross only an actual cross for over four hundred years as they used it as a deterrence from breaking their laws.

In the inquisition and destruction of Protestants who chose Jesus only over them would suffer their wrath.

The system restores a priesthood Christ ended, and the Gentiles begin mocking the one created by  God in the wilderness that he ended at the cross claiming it is the same sacrifice over and over.

The people are lost without a shepherd, and these shepherds do not point them to the great shepherd and HIS teachings; they twist the meaning of the work of God, and the work of God is made to appear incomplete.

I bind this system of Rome and Roman Catholicism in the name of Jesus, and all those who seek to support it, may they be left behind to suffer the ordeals brought on by their own ignorance of the SON of God. ~Brother Abel by the authority invested in me by God.

Even a scholastically challenged scientist will tell you to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result is a lesson in futility; nothing will change.

The cookie must crumble, and their eyes be opened.  Psalm 56:1-2  could only be about them as well as Daniel 8:12.

Seven arms of half-eaten Eucharists with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones too throw the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever and   HE does not change whatever HE bound will always remain bound because of who HE is. A false system born of darkness cannot claim what God has condemned as being HOLY. The word HOLY is overused in the corrupt system to subvert and mask the fact that it isn’t.


In this story, the names were changed to harm the innocent.

Also, while I’m on the system of binding bars and raves will not be found in heaven, alcohol is here because things die here; in heaven, nothing ever dies. If you are a moderate drinker here, then it won’t be as missed there.  Drugs and mood-altering chemicals will not exist in heaven.

Right now, some lost soul is complaining, but what they have bound to themselves here on earth that will not make it into heaven will torment them as the worm of their soul will never die.  If they are “Born Again,” than they are freed from the self-abuse.   If someone is set free and delivered from addiction if it is picked up again, it denies the power of Christ, and it is going to be harder to break the habit,  seek good Christian support.

The people who did this cannot help you ever,   God told me they never learn.

Led by the small majority of educated individuals as was Germany and now America.

And God is not a man who would lie. They never learn!

The map comes from the Jesuit website. Is the world a better place is America any longer the nation we once so loved?

Honor God’s word and come out of her to help hers who are lost which would be 90 percent of them and quit calling yourself a servant of God if you don’t.

Brother Abel

Hey, Mr. Wise Owl wherever are you bringing those Keys?

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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