What if David and King Saul Had teamed up to end God’s Enemies?

What if I wasn’t in this alone? Of course, I know I’m not but envy and strife began the fall.

If God is for me who can be against me?

There are many who come against me, LORD, even those who claim to know you.

What if Cain were here as well to see the value of the sacrifice and why it was respected by God the Father?

Would that not be the most dynamic duo? Both revealing to the world spirit is eternal and that God was able to restore what is broken.

Jesus is good and gracious and kind while we know man’s heart is known to be wicked, and the Bible asks who can understand it?

Then jealousy would not be rooted any longer in Cain’s heart because he too would have a leg of iron that he could bring to its knees.

Then maybe he would go fishing with me as a brother should.

The first thing you need to understand is that there is only one HOLY FATHER! He sits in heaven on the right-hand side of HIS SON, who inherits it all.

When I got my first dose of the fresh anointing and this lamp that made the crop circles, I was on a stand up bold streak eleven years ago then I was not prepared for what I was to confront, and within the church, the darkness was thick many were trying to get others to bow to the image of the beast. Mocking God by not standing on the word and promoting what God desired, which was spiritual jealousy to draw Israel in.

I was told to pray away the first lamps I was given, so they need to come back and fill my brother who sent them away, to begin with.

Numbers 24:7-14 KJV
(7)  He shall pour the water out of his buckets, and his seed shall be in many waters, and his king shall be higher than Agag, and his kingdom shall be exalted.
(8)  God brought him forth out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of an unicorn: he shall eat up the nations his enemies, and shall break their bones, and pierce them through with his arrows.

Revelation 6:2 KJV
(2)  And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

(Not one straight arrow to hit the target dead-on, so you are not the only one disappointed.)

(9)  He couched, he lay down as a lion, and as a great lion: who shall stir him up? Blessed is he that blesseth thee, and cursed is he that curseth thee.

Now I wonder what happened to that Pentacostal Pastor who attacked the KJV the first week he got the crop circles??? I came to lift up Jesus, and he wants me to do the delusional and surrender to ROME and her translations? What side of this war do you want to be on?

(10)  And Balak’s anger was kindled against Balaam, and he smote his hands together: and Balak said unto Balaam, I called thee to curse mine enemies, and, behold, thou hast altogether blessed them these three times.
(11)  Therefore now flee thou to thy place: I thought to promote thee unto great honor; but, lo, the LORD hath kept thee back from honor.
(12)  And Balaam said unto Balak, Spake I not also to thy messengers which thou sentest unto me, saying,
(13)  If Balak would give me his house full of silver and gold, I cannot go beyond the commandment of the LORD, to do either good or bad of mine own mind; but what the LORD saith, that will I speak?
(14)  And now, behold, I go unto my people: come, therefore, and I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days.

Idol’s will not do it for them; people who promote that kind of thing only make slaves of themselves and others. How can they be so blind? Carnal minds cannot accept the things of the spirit, that is why we have the word of God to renew our minds to live for heaven and understand the world of the spirit, and yours is eternal. Where are you going to spend eternity? Do I have to say where those who sit under the wrong, holy fathers are going?

Why does ROME want to control everyone? Why do they not want others to read the incorruptible God-breathed work that for four hundred years worked and worked well? The King James Bible the one that really brought all of us to salvation.

That got us away from the priesthood that God never wanted any longer,  is theirs not just a mocking and a Judaizing of the word?

The book with a proven God used for 400 years attests it was tried and purified seven times in the fire. The one that adds a warning at the end of Revelation that all others seem to ignore and add and subtract things from the word.

I did not highlight the above image, but I would like to add where he neglected to highlight the word Church a word before it like Apostate would be very suitable.

THEY do not want you to know the truth about who they are and who they really serve, so they keep the word of God from others and allow the gates of hell open and the demons to flourish.

They bring the chaos to bring in their brand of justice and order, which usually means cleansing the population.

I have a better plan than having COVID remove people from the face of the planet, and it does not include me worshipping the beast or his system.

The Antichrists who desire us to ignore the pleas of our brothers and sisters martyred crying out for vengeance in Revelation 6:10 (which oddly is my birthday) and that 10-6 is 4, which is the four commandments that we will always honor for all eternity unless you’re the beasts church which removed the second commandment.

The good chief watches over the commandments not that we are under the curse of the law, Jesus said,  not one jot or tittle shall no means pass until all things are accomplished. But someone has to defend the law!

Please stop trying to get me to bow to a system plagued with the saints’ blood and seek more of it from us.

If I promise God, I will defend HIS word, and after me making that promise, HE gives the answers to the crop circles and awakens me. I then go to a Pentacostal church, and the first thing out of the Pastor’s mouth is, “Some people think that the KING JAMES VERSION is the only Version.” then I can only conclude he is tainted, corrupt, and trying to draw me to accept the beast system and bow to ROME as he and many others have.

From that point on, he kept playing the devil’s advocate and never apologized, never seen the value of discovering the greatest truth, and a house divided against itself cannot stand.

The SON of GOD does not belong in the dirt or as someone’s pet to make a profit by!

You can see that is exactly what they have done, and I have not received one apology, though as a child, I apologized for every day to God.  Asking why he hated me while not understanding as a child that I did nothing wrong to deserve the Catholic foster family I got.

When it comes to love, they have no clue, they have no Romance, and they never marry, but you can be sure they have plenty of sex because when it comes to God’s word, they really don’t give a damn, so they are damned.

Noah had 400 years of preaching to the known world before the floods came.
God was silent for 400 years as the enemy built his ROME with all its false gods and foolishness, all warmongers and blood lusters who used terror to control the masses. Now they claim they are peace-loving and liberals while they make America into Nazi Germany two. Ask yourself why Joseph Biden, an Irish Catholic, removed the bust of Winston Churchill, the once Prime Minister of England, who stood against Nazi Germany from the Whitehouse? Ireland had terrorists in it before Osama Bin Laden, but it was ROME that raised them both.

From the Bible’s printing to the present day, another 400 years have passed, and the warning is clear.

You stand with ROME and the Apostate Church; you are not going home.

Their rock is not our ROCK!

I am not stomping my feet, brother. I am waiting on you to repent from your BETRAYAL and come fishing with me. At the same time, you are waiting for me to do the will of the beast. Do I look like St. Upid to you?

Helping you out here, brother! No need to steal my birthright; I will share it with you. That’s what family is for.

Starship Party Boat Fishing
A starship of angels hanging over the side to catch the souls of men. Catch the big ones; the small ones will follow.

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.



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