The making of the beast and those who seek to worship his image.

Originally designed not as a beast but as a friend of God with one purpose in mind to bring praise and worship into the kingdom of God concerning the SON of God. The SON is who the angels worshiped long before the creation of man.

What the enemy meant for evil God has turned to good and none of us would be here if not for the angelic rebellion.

Meaning no wives, no children, no nothing.

The Bible tells us this magnificent creature was given a special place in God’s kingdom closest to HIM and HIS reason to exist was to curb the doubt of the angels concerning the SON and to restore worship back to HIM by revealing the value of the SON in his magnificent composition of every precious stone as the covering for the light that was the Spirit of God.

He carried the light but was not the light and limited to what he was capable of doing.

He encountered unexpectedly the high expectations of the other angels to perform feats that should only belong to God, his beauty, and the beautiful worship music that came from him,  as we are told he was created with tabrets and pipes. Were not enough for them they wanted more proof that he indeed was carrying the Son of God within him Father had told them that the SON is the reason that all they saw and had existed and DITTO goes for us without Jesus none of this would exist.

They were like so many of us incomplete as we see here not fully holy they lacked understanding and knowledge of the most high with their insistence on seeing HIM they brought the beast into being.

The other interesting thing we find is where he is found, it is the same Garden that we later find Adam and Eve in. It would not be hard to conclude that Eden was on earth where else do you find such lush vegetation that makes up a garden other than earth?  We have been as far as Mars with our technology and there are no signs of a place like that other than here. When Adam and Eve are cast from it they are not cast down they are cast out if it. If Eden were in heaven and man was cast down then the Cherubims with the flaming swords would not be necessary to protect the tree of life.

This was a reminder to Adam and his descendants

Ezekiel 28:13 KJV
Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

When he was cast down from heaven his stones were taken from him having made such absurd comments as to when he got his heart’s desire he would then give the rebellious angels theirs and make them gods and kings. Since his creation of ROME he has been doing that only man has become their Avatars.  Like Athos in the Avengers series, he has collected all his stones and posses every nation,  now he is eliminating the ones he does not want.  He insisted that he would give the rebellious angels their desires when his was met. He should have told them had they came back to the SON he would give them the desires of their hearts but the message ended at Lucifer the covering Cherub.

With balancing the equation my call is similar but again God will give you the desires of your heart if you delight yourself in HIM and stop trying to get others to worship the beast with his reclaimed precious stones who for the most part is forcing the creation of the mark of the beast.  You wearing your mask? It’s only one letter away from the mark.

So the image of the beast is the one today who hates God and seeks to steal kill and destroy, he must in order to give his demons bodies keep the word of God from man and insist he is God and that he is controlling it all.   The old saying is if you want to know what is going on, follow the money.

So the antichrist and there are many of them seek to have others join them in the worship of the beast.

This has been a struggle because they claim I am in the wrong even though I can tell the difference between good and evil because I won’t bow to their image of the beast.

I put up a video, to make it clear who it is a reflection of? I’m just a truck driver who sees value in Jesus and understands what is going on while they pretend to.




Brother Abel (Benjamin)


The dragon knew that the light may be given to another so he created the Gollum to try and swipe it and shame me into giving it to the antichrists.

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.

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