Tools to reach the world for Jesus because He’s Awesome!

Hear ye, Hear ye, thou ones of little faith… G-d has a plan to win the world, including your loved ones to Christ. Technology will teach them theology and prepare them for departure.

By the way, we certainly appreciate all the tracts and flyers you have sent out telling others of the good news concerning the Son of G-d. G-d would like everyone to begin to read HIS (tracks) tracts.

On the movie page, all the videos are being reformatted to work on all platforms. Soon churches will have servers of their own for their population centers as to not drain my little server. I worked long and hard on each of these. Each video takes me six to eight hours to complete. I lost most of my work “the raw files” when my hard drive crashed so I went back to the drawing board and built a raid system. If we unify them, they will serve well into the tribulation. The 144000 can service them while we celebrate at home. As you all know G-d has to punish sin, it is not allowed in heaven. People you know that, the world needs to know that…They need Jesus and the more we leave with, the better it will be for others that get left behind.

I am working to add to the server audio of my favorite Bible teachers. Emby has become my server of choice. The app’s available work on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, and Fire tablets, Android phones all Smart TVs something tells me we are going to start some major fires for Jesus. Here are some sample pages from my server… Sign up for an Emby account and get the apps for all your devices and spread the good news that Jesus is on his way, my server is called Narnia because CS Lewis saw the reality in redemption. Tolstoy, by the way, knew much more about middle earth than he was letting on I am not a big fan of, the Lord of the ring. The one that holds the scepter HIM, I love. CS Lewis died on the same-day John F. Kennedy died. One-man G-d took home the other was killed to put fear in our POTUS to do the will of the wicked. By the very church, he belonged to the Lord of the ring. The devil devours his own.

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Each video has a background image with a little message in each.



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