The Role of Lucifer

In a dragon’s lair you find the dead bones of his victims. Here he adorns them with his treasure and displays them as his trophies.

May the Lords will be done on Earth as it is in heaven… A key verse indeed. Friends let me ask you this…Why would a loving G-d who came to us born in a stable where animals defecated to have HIS first breath drawn to be that of the odor of camels and livestock? Why would this GOD need such a fancy covering in the first place?

It seems an odd way to let others know how much you love them. We know HE had seen the end before the beginning. So HE knew where this was going. Free will as I have said before is the issue as is it is the problem… The original debate was…Is the Son of G-d real and is it necessary for HIM to be worshiped in order for us to have a peaceful society?

Lucifer was the covering cherub the stones on him were placed there by G-d which was to let the other rebellious angels know where HIS Son’s spirit was. Some need to see in order to believe now they were looking at something!  Jesus is a treasure, and G-d was covering HIM appropriately. They asked to see the SON before the advent of man so G-d gave them something to see. Some remained in faith and did not need such a huge symbol that represented G-d the Son. A SON whom came to us some 2000 years ago created by HIM and for HIM.  You can be sure the angels were paying close attention to all that unfolded.

dragontreasure2Spirit has no form except that which G-d provides to it… Faith is important for the life of our species. A very bright and inspiring woman who I am secretly in love with once said, “That for us, to complain about time is like having a fish complain about water.” So true,  time is eternal, where we will live forever depends on the choices we make in this place. Heaven cannot be heaven if all of these people here get in,  we would again be faced with the same problem that began this horrible cycle.

I'm going to slay a dragon!
I’m going to slay a dragon and he’s got the church trying to stop me.

That is the way the devil wants it,  he wants us all in heaven destroying each other for all time and memoriam.  Do you realize at one time Rome insisted that only through them could one enter into heaven. Now they say the doors are wide open and everyone may pass???  Sounds pretty dragon like to me. No sorry not interested in the eternal war and violence I’ll follow Jesus thank you very much.

Feed the hungry clothe the poor…Let the dead bury the dead .Someone is not seeing clearly .

We are here because some very bad angels decided not to honor G-d’s SON and did not attend worship in the heavens. They insisted they wanted to see the SON. So for those who haven’t quite put it together man had to be created… Spirit needs transportation. A vessel was needed to bring the SON from HIS place to here. GOD you could say placed HIS heart on HIS sleeve, that in order to have a SON a woman was going to be necessary. GOD and SON are the same. G-d being as grand as, HE is… Not one woman would do the job… HE chose a whole nation to make HIS woman to have HIS SON with, we know them as Israel.

What will GOD do when HE returns finding others beating on HIS woman? The precious covering of stones revealed to the angels was HIM showing HIS great love for HIS SON…GOD the SON being spirit required transportation among the angel’s… Viola Lucifer bringer of light, who rebelled because he was turned by the weaker angels against the father. Instead of assisting him to bring the rebellious back into the kingdom to worship the SON they did as Joseph’s brothers did turned him against his father, they were jealous.

What’s that on top of that cup? A Christian symbol???

They turned LUCIFER inside out. Rejecting the spirit originally placed within him… Denying it was the SON he carried. They took the covering and declared like Leah’s children your SON is dead to us, good thing he still had Benjamin. However, as nice as Benjamin is it is not the SON HE loves so much. Which is OK with Benjamin, he is not jealous of Joseph at all. He has it good being HIS brother and friend.

The human body which has a brain is not what drives us, it is the spirit in the body that moves us. The mind is simply like a hard drive storing what it learns. Garbage in garbage out, we are admonished to think about those things that are lovely and good. Truth be told, some drives need to be wiped and resurfaced however though the mind can be renewed one still needs a new spirit for the kingdom in order for it to take place…Renewing the mind that is. The kingdom will go on without them if they refuse too.

Ephesians 4:22-23 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; (23) And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;

What if those who knew the end result and we know they did not… Decided instead to assist the covering who bore the light to bring in the rebellious back into the house, maybe they would have not lost all their friends to the toaster oven for all eternity.

When you see these people worshiping Satan it’s like…OH great kitchen utensil who desires to rule the appliances we beseech thee oh great cuisinart.. all hail the great toaster oven.  As foolish as that may sound that is exactly what’s going on.

My what beautiful eyes you have grandma! Better to see you with my darling! But can you?

Jesus is coming back and those falling for the cuisinart are going to get destroyed.  However, GOD is doing on earth as  HE did in heaven, that is where the White Horse of revelation comes in.  There is one at the beginning and one at the end,  the end one comes after red black and pale.

Saul was a Benjamite; he persecuted the church thinking it was evil, and against G-d until he was changed on the road to Damascus. Benjamin in scripture was awarded two names one by his mother the other by his father Jacob. To emphasize the point GOD gives to the tribe of Benjamin the star sign Gemini symbolizing the duplicity of the call. Saul became Paul and the churches greatest champion… Who does not love Paul the apostle to the gentiles?

Benjamin gets five times more than HIS brothers, but does anyone care at this point? We are happy to be a family again.

Benjamin is not Joseph! Someone close to me got that wrong, saying Jesus is Benjamin G-d’s right hand, which would mean Joseph and Benjamin are the same??? What kind of wicked logic is that? I am rescinding the offer I made to him… I will find another to bring in the Catholic souls who follow Peter and place idols in the path of G-d’s people who claim to hold the keys and leave the gates of hell open. Who stole America and destroyed its foundations. He can sit back and watch as someone else do the call G-d offered him through me… That’s what happens when you live with a former Catholic who shed not his old garments, you to start following the enemy yourself… shame on you.

G-d cannot place all those stones over me like HE did to Lucifer to show HIS congregation of angels where HIS SPIRIT now resides. Doing only this until the harvest is concluded. So what HE does is HE makes the same man the instrument of HIS judgement as well. Simply because HE honored the call and did not wickedly turn from the teachings of Christ… Keeping HIS vows before the LORD.  Finding what the enemy hid in Egypt a big plus in soul winning!

Moses and serpentThe finding says someone is real… that the toaster oven is not as high tech as everyone thought. I did not know who I was until G-d awakened me. HE said, I sounded just like my father and began to open it all up to me. He came to me like a long-time friend who couldn’t wait to tell me a secret a secret that he had to keep in order to trap HIS enemy.

I have another body this one was made to carry the light like Lucifer once did. The stones will be all the wealth Satan stole from the world given back to the Church for the harvest. That has to say something to someone,  just as Lucifer had all his stones. This is where GOD placed HIS Spirit not all of HIM of course that would be crazy,  I would blow up like a firecracker the first one I had made me indignant at all that I seen around me . I am awarded just enough to make Haman parade me around and say look what this man did for the king.  He has tried to stop this through the clergy, but they are feeling the pinch of time.

remindingG-dIf we do not have a Christian leader in the White House by next election, we will lose America and England and a good many souls these could be family members. The reason we need a man of G-d in the White House is to show those who live in darkness what the agenda of the new world order really is before the rapture.

I will say it again this is a cattle drive to the cross. Yes, Jesus is with me seeing who is to get the LION’s share of the wealth. They want signs and wonders but ignore completely the ones actually given them. Unfortunately too many of you have been Benny Hinn’ed and we… Father, Son, Holy Spirit and I hate the; we are little gods’ doctrine… Obviously someone is forgetting why we are here to begin with. When are we going to learn?

Jezebel is back…

So you can shake your head at me all you want and go tsk… tsk… and not see anyone saved. A pastor said if someone wants to be argumentative about Sanat Claus that you should just smile shake your head and move on.   That is saying compromise we should get along with the pagan don’t even try to defend the truth. To me, it says we enjoy seeing the devil mocking the SON of G-d, and we want to join in too.  Promise me pastor that all those reindeer names do not represent real life angels? That HO…HO…HO is not half of Holy,  Holy,  Holy and that we need eight reindeer to do the job of pulling Santa around who has all these coincedently G-d like powers???  The angels think he can get around well enough with just you pulling.

This is 
what G-d is doing to him nodding and shaking HIS head ,  he had advanced warning that it was happening to him.  Some woman came to our church for a brief time whom he treated as G-d now treats him.  She came with a canvas grocery bag of empty cans, cigarette packs and trash she found on the side of the road, she wanted us all to grab something and she was going to explain the treasure it was to her.

He did not let her of course, however,  G-d has given him treasures that he treats like trash… That was the message… Jesus is just one of them and with a double mind does he speak about Christ.   The word of G-d opened in England by a little truck driver would be the other.  Soon afterwards she passed away after she had obviously served her purpose leaving me if not him with a message…I am wasting my time.   Even though it is spelled out and made in pictures before departure he still cannot comprehend it.  Jesus said it best… the heart of man is wicked whom can understand it? A man who becomes a minister because he was born into it,  is not called by G-d… It may be for him a profession a career.  I watched a man tell this same minister of his plight with Catholicism as he smiled and nodded his head and took no interest.  Selling out to Rome is doing a deal with the devil and you will lose.

I see what my Father is doing and I do it also…Jesus gave us big clues to winning the world to HIMSELF! There are pastors who support the priesthood and the dragon, they are not inclusive in the rapture at all.  They feel they do not need what G-d is bringing and that is why people go to hell because they never hear the truth or see what is happening around them.  The word remains closed and compromised, he made me feel like I mattered not.   The message to close the age is unimportant. Shake his head smile and nod saying Santa is OK with him…

To that man,  too shake my head and say,Isn’t that what the world has done to us?Only our G-d is non-fictional when you have the opportunity to defend the real versus the delusion you have an opportunity to win a soul.  By defending the all existent G-d you will win a soul and by compromising you win no one. So who are you going to side with the light bearer or the toaster oven?

oldtoasterovenMy minister unfortunately has chosen the toaster oven but many have,  time to repent ministers and see what is happening.  We lose America this election,  we lose the world including all your unsaved loved ones and friends. So please vote TED CRUZ .

Like it was in heaven.  I hope we turn out better than they did.  Stop being jealous of G-d’s friends and start helping him win souls! Rapture happens only once! I didn’t want this I only wanted a family  not to be president.  I just want what G-d promised me to be back with the woman I fell in love with.

So what if the world hears about Jesus in the meantime…The rider has a bow but no arrows.  I know what that means,  it means to place others where they need to be let the good preachers instruct the world let Jesus get the glory.

G-d bless you all the new Lou.  Who knows we did not come from the Zoo.

The garden is where it started in the garden before man was made, Father watched the bees intently . When the smoke blows will our hives be prepared to take in the startled bees in? We didn’t ooze up we fell from the tree,  that’s why there is so much rotten fruit running around. 😉

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