Throw Your Nets on The Other Side

I’m a Protestant, and I will die a Protestant, a take on a mantra my Catholic stepmother would say all the time about her being Catholic. I served in a homeless ministry and dealt with alcoholics, drug addicts, and defeated people who had no victory in their lives but claimed the same thing. They did not know Jesus because their leaders do not know Jesus.

Throughout history, Catholics attacked the Protestant saints because they read the Bible and directed other lost souls to God’s word to help them develop a personal relationship with God. The devil hates it when people read and teach others the truth of God’s word.  Any Christian Nation is not safe when they are in power or in control. In fact, they claimed, Protestants were antichrists during the inquisitions.

Revelation 6:10 I like God’s Justice, and true Christians should rejoice in it as well.

Latin is a DEAD language served by dead people!
Led by the small majority of educated individuals, as was Germany and now America.

Did you know that ROME was where all the false gods gathered to hinder the work of Christ? From Malachi Christ’s birth, God went silent to allow the enemy time to gather all his false gods together in ROME.

So what has really changed?  They still lie, cheat, and steal to place people in political office to give them power and try and convince others their rock is the rock.  But why beat the rock at every mass?

The reason is obvious because our God sent Christ, the SON of the Living God, into the world at the bottom to save us all.  HE loved the sinner and hated the sin that placed HIM on the cross. HE overcame death, for HE did not break the law of Moses. The symbol of the cross as a crucifix brings a smile to the devil’s face. In contrast, a risen savior and an empty cross shows a victory for Jesus, something the devil doesn’t want anyone to believe in. In the Catholic Church, Christ’s work is never finished for 300 years; the early church flourished better without a priesthood.

Father assures us all we need to do is speak to the rock, and HE will pour forth his waters. Sadly the defeated homeless could not learn that simple truth because their church enjoyed the beating of the rock. Poor Mrs. B. Eagle God is only on her mind but not living in her heart. If he were there, she would not be a Catholic.

This image is connected to the post that gives it away.

Turn the temperature down, make the Christians comfortable, then crank it up, later proclaiming to be the Church.

Kenneth Copeland proclaimed the Protest is over and bowed to ROME, and then the COVID 19 showed up.

I believe I told everyone about the role of ROME’s dragon in love with the Imperial dragon of CHINA, whom ROME has all sewn up where oddly the COVID 19 began.

The all-seeing eye and the symbol chosen by the devil surrounds the symbol of China’s religious beliefs.
Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches.

Unlike the Pope who is at the top and his priests, I’m at the bottom, and he can pull Christ from heaven at the mass, and it is believed by the people he has a connection to God??

While I’m at the bottom and seek to lift Jesus and open HIS word to the world, but they have made the gifts more important than the word,  I am not here to place the cart before the horse, and I will not bow to anything ROME has to offer. More gifts will come when more people honor the word and become saved.

My Goliath is calling itself a Church and has placed their ministers of righteousness behind our American Protestant Pulpits; you like ditties if you side with Rome, you are not going Home.

Sickness and disease will subside when you place the virgin where God placed her in the wilderness tabernacle under cancer and cancer are under the feet of Judah (Jesus the Lion). But they lift her above where Jesus wanted her to be. Yes, she is a blessed woman, but who are HIS Mothers and brothers but those who do the will of HIS Father.

Jesus came to lift HIS FATHER, and one good turn deserves another Father lifts HIM.

So which Jesus does ROME serve?

Obviously its the Jesus who likes placing stumbling blocks in the path of Abraham’s Children? Who not only pray repetitiously but do their masses repetitiously.

Daniel 8:12 where was truth again? Where do you think I am from? How did ROME know with all their pantheon of gods and demonic doctrines the Antichrist would be a Protestant?

They understood it in the 1930s.

They have infiltrated our educational systems; they teach they have authority and spliced their false teachings into our Theological Seminaries creating false teachers. If Full Preterism is wrong, why is not Partial Preterism just as wrong? Preterism is a Jesuit Catholic teaching of the ignorance of time trying to deny God HIS glory by claiming all old testament prophecy is fulfilled? I can show you that it is not; however, some people want to stay and be left behind because they like war games and seek to leave others behind. When I speak of peace, they are for war.

We were hoping 2020 would have opened some eyes lets discover who has the spirit of the HOLY GOD from those who pretend to. Raise your hand if you believe Irish Catholic Joe Biden got into the land’s highest office without chicanery?

We are here to learn the value of the SON and know what is good from evil.  How is your report card looking?

It’s funny because it’s a fish head!

Brother Abel (Benjamin)

Looking for true peace? Whatever you’re going through, God knows—and cares. Find real hope today.


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