The wicked rob G-d of His glory!

Jealousy is one of the reasons we ended up here…But to allow it to condemn millions of souls to hell is a wicked thing indeed. Not just any souls but the souls of the loved ones in ones own flock as well. Would you want to be this man on judgment day as lost loved ones of his own church family are turned away because of his petty jealousy?

David was not the one who suffered; it was Saul his jealousy ate at him until he was destroyed by it, his pride kept him from seeing it.

Just like a minister I know who has been raised up in the church the good son who never left home and experienced the world, jealous of his prodigal brother. However, his brother is not as imprudent as he may think. He is an elder from above with biblical supporting evidence (Genesis 4:4, Revelation 4:4) beginning and ending,  what are the odds?

However, wait, this is just another coincidence for him. This is the same individual whom also claimed G-d had no hand in numbering his own word.

Sounds as if Jesuit training hasn’t changed much in near four hundred years, that the creation of the universe was easy but numbering His the word a real nail biter for Him. The conversion of Ignatius Loyola couldn’t have been genuine; I still see idols that would keep Muslims and Jews from ever knowing Christ. Jesus is on His way back, and someone is going to pay for placing stumbling blocks before the blind, those who are blind themselves. Good works can never replace ones need for Jesus, when you ignore his teachings, you reveal you don’t need him. He is ever watching us,  as is his angels.

How will G-d be glorified by clergy seeking the world leader from above and not take him from beneath were Satan does not desire to go? Doesn’t G-d get to choose? Are you not concerned about His reserved 3.5 years? Yes, Lucifer gets his Antichrist for seven years but what of Jesus 3.5 years set aside needed to complete His seven years of harvest first? He is after all G-d and who wants to oppose G-d?

Only the traitor, who is jealous, so instead of helping the man G-d called to set souls free he would rather see them damned. It is exactly as it was in heaven Jesus was telling me the truth when he said, “They never learn.” He needs to see evidence the coincidences are only just that to him this is wicked in deed,  it is not done in ignorance he is well aware of what he is doing,  now others will know as well.

Daniel read the handwriting on the wall only once, and he even spoke of my coming. A king of fierce countenance shall rise up, it does not say from what kingdom he comes, but looking at this website should be pretty evident, to where I am a king. I am only a king because the word says so. Jesus made us joint heirs I am just trying to show the lost the power of G-d and what they are throwing away.  Pastor may have already throne it away. I do not need to butt heads and have someone play devils advocate while people go off into eternal torment, its just best father take him as soon as possible.

He cost me my son and many more have left off to do evil while he plays church and Mr Jesuit. First it was the humiliation of me in front of my step father. He needs to be removed there is no dealing with this kind of spirit.  It is Saul all over again fearful I will win tens of thousands or  hundreds of millions using the lamps G-d has given me.

If I leave it up to him he will send more into the chambers of hell, while claiming he is not. We need the white house,  we need it to show what they had planned for Christians and Jews again. He must be removed and it must be soon! Better that one die than millions perish.

I am not Pastor Jack Van Impe with every verse of scripture memorized even then he has left off to side with the evil doers, who continue to use Christ’s name in vain and place stumbling blocks in the path of Israel, just as many pastors like him have.

This man has been warned and spoken to. I have been kind and at times angry at his callous ways. Still I have been patient hoping his love of Jesus would override his sense of what he is doing is wrong. Tragedy has happened around him that confirm my call, even so; he waits for his own judgment, that is what it is going to take. Pride goes before the fall, G-d resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. No one is ever more humble than Moses, Moses wrote that about himself you know because G-d told him too.

No one will be richer than King Solomon, still I would compare the Yachts of today against his barge or his Palace against Bill Gates home. So is G-d’s word wrong or is the times, they are a changing? I stand on G-d’s word, His commands and laws but not on something that clearly reveals, no wisdom or understanding of things. G-d wants us to live in the present. We are to win the lost and pray they are stupid enough not to figure out that whole Solomon thing.  I don’t think G-d will be angry with me that I believe Bill Gates or the British Empire far surpassed Solomon a long time ago. What hasn’t changed is the need for the Son to be worshiped.

As for his wisdom Jesus negated that about Solomon and proceeded to give us, His mind. It’s just the trick of the devil to keep you from rising up to put him down. It amazes me how they use G-d’s word to keep the church from rising up in order to build their National Socialist Empire under the Pope. While saying and speaking like they were actual Patriots.

The chief Butler gets to go back to the palace, while the bakers are a dime, a dozen which prepares the meal and many of them do it selfishly, leaving them behind to have their heads lopped off while crows pick apart their carcass in the tribulation is going to save many souls. Then they will wish they hadn’t mocked G-d by voting for another god to rule over America.

New menus come out, and they insist on serving only what they know. That is not beneficial to the whole of Christ’s church. G-d is doing something to open his word and to point the world to the hour; we should be running to hear more of what G-d wants us to do at this hour to bring in His harvest. That is not going to happen as long as this jealous man remains alive and unrepentant, he may be damning his own soul along with millions of others. One would have to walk in the true spirit of Christ in order to see that.

So he is leaving G-d no choice, this message will be heard, and he does not have to be here to hear it. He has prophesied he will be raised up in the last day and according to my understanding the angels are leaving behind all those that offend and do iniquity, this individual should be making funeral arrangements if he expects to be raised up in the last day.

This man along with others have sat on the crop images six years and allowed kids to place drugs in their arms rather than the word of G-d in their heart. I guess that is what Jesus meant about an adulteress generation who seeks other signs other than the ones been given it. That the message is not as important as the display of emotionalism for some,  because the display of emotionalism has worked so well for the church throughout history in the winning of souls into the kingdom.

It has if anything sent those seeking signs from one church to another but soul winning takes wisdom. It is when the light comes on and understanding is made known that actions follow, whether it be for good or for evil. If they don’t hear, then how can they come? We want to win souls not frighten them away. We only have a short time to do it in. You will get your share of Quakers and shakers when we get home, that which is not perfect will be done away with. So we want them charismatic but for only three years??? i just want them to do as G-d wants them to do,  confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

False teachers deny the angelic rebellion in Genesis 6 as being angels who took on flesh this only benefits Satan to claim he did not make those things in Egypt one that obviously needs to be lifted up. It clearly says, what a naughty little boy, he is.  G-d has rewarded me in kind. His Sons honor worth the world. One thing the devil is not is more clever than G-d. The book of Enoch written for the tribulation generation says, “YES, THEY DID TAKE ON FLESH AND BLOOD!” It is their spirits we wrestle with today and they are being sealed into their chariots and Pastor may be one,  how else can I explain it?

If G-d is in control as this minister has claimed, then why does he allow his congregations loved ones to go off into an eternal suffering? He can never be a friend of mine by doing so. How dare he claim we can be friends. My friends don’t rob G-d of His glory! He has claimed to understand human nature, but he obviously does not understand G-d’s or G-d’s enemies nature.

The enemy loves attention. Pastor is readily there to give it to him. Rather than point to what G-d is doing trying to have a wedding rehearsal for the bride of Christ to win as many souls into the kingdom as He can before the end. This man ignores the idea that this is even a love story!

Was that the devil that came to me and told me…May 2009 “Happy Birthday Bobby” after I made my discovery of what was in Egypt? I was to turn fifty on June 6/10. It was May of 82 that I became “Born Again,” delusional people at least know their birth-date, so this was HIM this was Jesus.

He said, “I will restore your marriage to your wife (a woman, by the way, for those who don’t get that marriage is between a man and a woman). You will in turn restore my relationship to Israel that’s what friends do for each other.”

creature 2

Then a month later was it the the devil who gave me pictures of his likeness, and made all those circles that point to Psalms and various other biblical passages?

He is diabolical revealing his likeness and exposing Bible passages in pictures in crops used in harvest. It’s the sign of the fish all over again. Only these do not hide the word just my pastor does going on six years now.

Fixing me up with my wife in Christ, he originally used the church to end my wickedly clever of him to use the church to bring us together again. It is just as wicked of him trying to place me as the head of the Protestant church. Only to hear me proclaim …”Look what G-d has done for me.” And “Look at all the bible passages,” almost like primers given to early American children.

Yep building that pyramid and effigy of the Son,  was not his best idea! But this is really clever of Him.

People reading the Bible and Psalms??? It proves he is out of his mind. Why even bother giving him a head wound? As he runs around telling everyone, he is G-d, I think by the time I am finished, they will know who G-d is. His name is Jesus.

Taking a Christian out of the earth with a gospel message or a life that points to one,  is not what Satan wants his minions doing.  My pastor readily agrees and has been supportive of Satan’s work these many years,  he has known me.

If the AG church did not have the man power, I need to bring in fathers harvest this man would definitely turn me away from the AG denomination. When G-d said to me “TAG” your it and “TAG” were just up the road from me, I took it as a sign. As a matter of fact, I have been seeing a lot of signs lately. I love the AG people who desire to bring G-d glory and not steal it from him, we should not be surprised that there ate tares among us.

2 Corinthians 11:14-15
(14) And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
(15) Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

On our fourth of July service the message given by pastor was, we introduce the early American children to the Lord using primers that pointed to Psalms this is how they got to know G-d. What a great idea, something that he has overlooked for six years. He is if anything a traitor to the kingdom of G-d and a protector of Rome, who supports National Socialism and the destruction of America, while claiming he is not, that is exactly what darkness does, denies their role in it. While their boss Satan collects his trophies in their fabricated wars, they love their weapons the more destructive they are, the more joy they have in them. I do not like death or war or weapons. Solomon had to build the temple because his father was a bloody man, though we are told David was a man after G-d’s own heart.

There is just no way you can say you are walking in the light and not see what is going on around you. I bring to light, what he wants to keep in darkness. That my friend is a man transformed into a minister of light, the 40 watt kind.

G-d is doing the same thing on earth as it was in heaven, giving someone all the glitter and gold in order to send the lost home. He outfitted Lou with all precious stones because Lou was the light bearer, he carried the LIGHT! So G-d wants to let others know where the LIGHT is to complete HIS 3.5 years of harvest.

What does the exalting of one out of the world say to those on the fence and in the world? It shouts G-d is good, and the war is real and two are fighting to make one exalted, while one hates the idea, it will be Jesus first, right pastor minions?

A deal is a deal. He agreed to having seven years to rule. However, the Son gets his seven first, look it up its there. He can do it any way he wants as long as it does not violate the law. I am not under the law. I am under Christ, who redeemed me and sent me back to do a job, and it is going to get done at the expense of needless life having to die because some wicked men are jealous of poor short-lived Abel, rather than supportive of the work of Christ through him. Most people stand up to proclaim they are Christ, how many men throughout history stood up to proclaim they are Abel?

The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is,  by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half  hearted. Like many men of G-d I have come to know.
The congregation he was sent to to bring back to worship the Son turned him into what he is, by turning him against G-d. They are shown as half and not whole angels they are half hearted. Like many men of G-d I have come to know.

The minister in question is just like the angels who created the problem to begin with, forcing Lucifer to be made. Spewing their false teachings about the Son then being jealous when G-d does something about it, the wicked turned the covering that carried the light against G-d. Rather than help him bring their brothers back to worship the Son as G-d wanted. They insisted they wanted him to see the Son their way and made the leader they now have one whom denies the Son and His glory.

Who like the Pope denies that G-d even had a son in order to try to have peace with Islam, what a maroon. Like the fallen angels which followed their molded creation, are many a pastor that be who follow a false Christ and doctrines of demons. You don’t have to preach Catholicism to support it. You just don’t expose it giving the devil more trophies.

You would think those who loved the Son and knew he was coming would rejoice at this man whom rises up in the last day to play the role that Lucifer once had not because of his good looks and robust figure, but for whom he carries within him. The outward appearance, is giving the creature what he likes best, fat men in red suits and Buddha. He is lucky it wasn’t Mr. Bean or Carrot Top.

It is a wise man whom wins souls, and my minister keeps telling his congregation that no one will ever be wiser than Solomon (Matthew 12:42) (1 Corinthians 2:16) so winning souls are not going to happen with him; he readily admits it.

He compromised and refuses to repent because he is blind to the compromise that infuriates G-d. There are many like him whom think G-d wants to be worshiped, as the Catholics do, continuing the same sacrifice using a defunct protocol of a priesthood, that ended at the cross. The demons rejoice in watching this ridiculous display that provides false hope. Moses did not enter the promised land because of striking the rock when he was simply to speak to it. Christ needs not to be sacrificed repeatedly this is a mockery and a denial of his finished work, but will they stand up and speak out against it to release the souls trapped within her? Nope because they have been seduced by her, and spew her rhetoric.

Exalted over the Son, who is it that crushes the head of the serpent?

The Antichrist spirit denies Jesus came in the flesh and is the Son of G-d. If your church keeps doing the same sacrifice over and over did Jesus finish his work, and if you disobey his teachings did he come and is. He the Son of G-d? If He is, then why do they not do as he said? Because they are not convinced he is all powerful, just as the wicked angels in heaven did. Why is Mary more prayed too then the Father or exalted over the Son? It’s a demonic thing!

I am not King Solomon; I did not ask to lead G-d’s people I only asked that he give me what I needed to bring in his harvest. His answer when I first was filled with His Spirit to that question was a resounding…DONE! That will take the mind of Christ to bring in the harvest, my minister has never claimed the mind of Christ, and it shows.

The Catholics have their head, and he has denied the glory of G-d as has those whom protect this evil denomination.

The Protestants now have a head, but I will not compromise because someone wants to be friends in Christ, clearly one Christ differs from the other. Those who are elect can tell the difference who is true and who is not.

Darkness wants you looking at darkness and paying it all the attention, when the saints of G-d should be paying attention to those who promote light over darkness. We want ministers to lift up the word and who do not deny G-d His intelligence, by claiming he had no hand in the numbering of the bible or that pyramids would confuse people.

These are the things that Satan would lay claim too because to reveal the truth would set souls free. That is only something the wicked pretend to want to do, because when they are confronted by truth, they do not rejoice in hearing it. Satan is happiest when you are doing the least and paying him more attention than G-d. For only 49.00, you too can be prepared for the days ahead, false teachers have spoken. G-d is coming for a bride without spot or blemish. Most clergies have her on crutches or in a wheelchair before he arrives.

Yes pastor we do not have to agree on everything to be brothers in Christ but let us agree on this… You are a wicked little man.  Repent and do it quickly!


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