Preparing to take in the harvest… 6000 years in the making.

Jesus set aside 3.5 years to bring in his harvest as a servant of the King of kings,  I have been working diligently on the crop images and videos to share with the lost and to inform them what is going to happen and what will be happening,  once we are gone.

The purpose to make sure the creature loses as many souls as we can muster during the tribulation. I think G-d has covered everything I need to do in order to compel the lost in. However, you’re going to have that skeptic or two, that needs to see the dummy running around with a head injury crying… “Follow me, I am G-d.” He won’t know who to speak worse of Jesus or me, if it’s me, it’s no wonder he needs to build an image. Can you imagine staring into the mirror and seeing the face of the guy who ruined everything for him? I don’t care who you are; that’s funny! So lets all praise the Lord maker of heaven and earth.

Every church that is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ that is Protestant will be funded via the dragon’s treasury. Those who run with her *harlot) will get nothing, and I know who you are. In that funding, money should be allocated to lease buildings for homeless shelters and film festivals. Many theaters have properties for sale. These should be converted into sanctuaries for Bible education. They should not be purchased but leased wherever possible five years tops. Once we are gone these building will be vacated and assumed probably by the state, still they will be great places to hide in. I expect many properties to be donated during this time.

T1 lines tied to a server to allow communities to stream videos to WiFi connected souls. The server should be placed within a home of one of the deacons or an off-site office, someplace where the New World Order basket cases won’t be able to locate it so easily.

On the server will be a series of Christian videos, along with the Christian Crop Circles that point to the word of G-d. A loop that will be started by one of the 144,000 when we are gone with me saying if millions have disappeared, and I now tell you I am G-d or that UFOs took us don’t fall for it. Just be martyred in Christ and join us for some wedding cake.

I am building the prototype now, and it should include the following components…Should you feel you would like to jump ahead before I get into England to release the funds and start it, that would be helping Jesus and I tremendously.

I am using a fractal design R4 Case front end removed and replaced by 2 Rosewill boxes…Case is up to you but black and hidden in a corner is what I am going for. This one is well insulated and whisper quite these will be the equivalent of any servant left behind to witness and help those who are left behind to witness with. WiFi and Smart phones and tablets are here to stay and will be used by those who convert in the tribulation. The system is designed for stealth, quiet and invisible. You won’t have places to hide people like they did in Germany due to heat signature technology.

These are meant to hide in walls, attics, trunks, refrigerators  directly wired or use WiFi no need for a monitor or keyboard the MB is equipped with IPMI so access via laptop or an offsite PC makes them convenient.   With redundancy we are sure to have an impact.  You know the first thing they will do is shutdown websites such as mine that exposes their wickedness.  So having it on thousands of servers will keep them busy while souls are being saved.

Hard drives 2 terabyte minimum qty 3 one is a spare should one need to be replaced.  one 3tb for parity to insure the file integrity of the videos.  We will be utilizing Emby on the servers to broadcast with by the time they complete it,  it will be the perfect weapon.

Emby provides for the recording of podcasts to play anytime to its visitors so people like Charles Stanley, Chip Ingram, Michael Youseff, and  host of other great messengers can be recorded on the servers. The loudest message Jesus is on his way and don’t take that mark no matter what! Hell is real,  we warned you!

The server Mother Board is high-end and well worth the expense it is a favorite of the Lime-technology community we will be using to make our unRaid server incorporating WordPress and Emby Media.

The processor should be able to handle the workload these servers will be busy as people seek to find answers we want them all on the same page and the reason for the redundancy.  You may wonder why we need to do this,  major cloud groups such as Google or Amazon will be easily vulnerable to the minions that will be running the show when we are gone.

Keeping it cool is a must,  keep in mind these will be used to reach those headed for the fires of hell. We want them quite well hidden and cool.  FYI the only ones who will know were they will be kept will be the areas 144,000 when they come forward.  They must be called out and come forward before we leave in order to know the servers whereabouts, they will also be given funds in a debit account to get by until slick gets around my stumbling blocks.

Memory 16 megabytes max,  8 meg minimum.

Then because we expect a lot of souls seeking a new eternal home one without flames and suffering a cache SSD drive should be installed, maybe two. As things progress I expect greater help and professionals to explain the working plan.

If we need to add we left room,  interested in helping out jump in anytime love to have help. If you’re not “Born Again”, you need to be I need listeners and doers not advocates for confusion.

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