The Many Firsts of Abel whose G-d is able.

He was the first shepherd.
He offered the first sacrifice.
He was the first Priest of the sacrifice.
First to bring G-d out of hiding after having cast Adam Eve out of the Garden.
First to receive G-d’s respect.
(G-d’s Respect stretches all the way to the end of time.  Respect goes a long way with G-d.)

First to be killed by a jealous family member caused by a head injury.
First to be older than his Father in the Kingdom.
First Elder of the twenty and four elders of Revelation 4:4 because of Genesis 4:4.

First man among the angels in heaven outside his body.
(He is to the Angels confirmation of the certainty of the Son to come as promised to them by the Father.  Just as the First White Horse of Revelation is the predecessor to the final White horse of revelation that Jesus comes riding on.   The first white horse HE is riding in to complete HIS harvest of seven years.)

First to make intercession (making suit) Book of Enoch Watchers Chapter 22:7
(Keep in mind Cain’s descendants are those who reject G-d they are jealous and reject the sacrifice.)

Before Nimrod began using his false priesthood to control the people with the fear of death false  Abel was the prince over Babylon the First city after the flood to sharpen his skills,  G-d had a plan for Abel.  He lost the battle to the enemy over its control in the heavens in doing we learn.  Babel is just Abel with a B. So B. Abel to give an account of the hope that is within you.  Abel is to G-d as Benjamin was to Jacob.

First to realize bending to the will of others who are not in G-d’s will can be disastrous.
(So do not expect me to side with those who have sided with idolators.  Those who break the least of the commandments will be called least in the kingdom so why do so many defend such ignorance? Submitting to the will of another who is an enemy of G-d makes one a traitor.)

Jesus called Abel righteous…How is that possible, if the blood of animals cannot make one righteous?  Would not Abel have to at some point come under the blood of Christ for that statement to be true in the terms of G-d’s righteousness?

Abel is the first one awakened seven years after the 9/11 towers fall (see Genesis 11:9).
First to see the Lion in Egypt the effigy of the Son.
Like Benjamin,  he enters Egypt to find what the enemy meant for evil
G-d intended for good.

First to see the symbols of the battle built-in Egypt.
First to realize the enemy made slaves of G-d’s people to hide them.
First to understand what the crop circles mean.

First to understand G-d seeks to have a wedding rehearsal for HIS Son Jesus.
First to realize that the 700 billion dollars that left America is to be used for the harvest.

The first shall be last, and that’s how you kick the devil’s…

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