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We are in a Matrix one created by G-d to educate free will, and the purpose reveals the importance of worshiping the Son of G-d. There is a Parallel universe working right along the side of us that we are just now beginning to glimpse with our modern technology. Sin is a cancer that affects a peaceful society and as the human body with its white corpuscles, it must be eliminated even if it means destroying the carrier for all eternity. Better to be washed in the blood and cured then be washed away into hades. There are no second chances once you have left this side of eternity.

At the end of the age, it has become a complex puzzle to bringing in the harvest of souls for the first resurrection / rapture as to not leave too many behind in the final tribulation.

Jesus said that those days will be intolerable it is G-d allowing his creature untethered access to mankind. They rejected HIM and sought to do it HIS enemies way. They arrogantly felt they did not need the Son that they could handle the wrath of G-d. Who by HIS own standards condemn sin for all eternity to keep heaven a utopian society of like-minded, loving individuals who pose no threat to the peace it will offer forever.

This is not a contest to see whose Church is better than another or who worships more loudly.   You may be thinking Pentecostal is where it is all at. The in filling of the Holy Spirit is essential for flight preparation but that alone only places you on the standby list.  Actions speak louder than words and if you are Italian your words are expressed by your hands.

The joke is, how do you keep an Italian silent?  You tie his hands.  To keep me from winning the world to Jesus hide the crop circles. I can’t believe any one doing that even has a relationship with G-d. They want me to do their will to bring about the revival and G-d is doing something different they don’t want him doing.

The first light bearer conformed to the will of the congregation and look where that led us all. They would have me insult my G-d and mock HIM right along with them or I would be validating their right to do so.  Do you ever wonder what would have happened had the enemy simply did what he was instructed to do rather than siding with the half-hearted?

Come and side with us if we all stand together we can take the kingdom by force!
Come and side with us if we all stand together we can take the kingdom by force! We’ll even make you leader.

I was sent to deliver you from darkness not reinforce it in you.

The angels will be taking us home.
The angels will be taking us home.

Mocking G-d is not acceptable to G-d or HIS  Angels, it is one of the reasons I do not tolerate the Sanat Claus.  To make it easier for you to understand,  the following words can be sung to the tune of “Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer”  who was the ninth reindeer who did not attend seminary and was not allowed in their mocking games.

Then one foggy Christmas eve,  Jesus came to say,  “Babel with your light so bright won’t you guide my Church tonight?”  Then all the other Pastors shouted so gleefully  we are sure glad he sent you to set the captives free,  Babel you’ll go down in history!

Nine by the way, is the number for judgment Eight is a number assigned to Jesus and the Father united together. The enemy has you mocking G-d and you need to repent or the angels will leave you to get it right.

When you voted for Mitt Romemoney he strengthened Islam against us. What part of thou shalt not have any other G-d before me don’t Pentecostals understand?

Done in August 2012 as a result of the knowledge of Romes work in placing Romney as a candidate. Islam is strengthened as a judgment against the clergy whom supported Romney. (Romemoney)
Done in August 2012 as a result of the knowledge of Romes work in placing Romney as a candidate. Islam is strengthened as a judgment against the clergy who supported Romney. (Romemoney)

My AG church will be better prepared for the coming of Santa and not the second coming of Jesus but I am sure that metaphor will be missed by my Pentecostal Pastor as well just as did the bag of trash or  going to a missions trip and not having what you need available to you.

To force me to conform to a will other than my fathers is treasonous, when you repent and get right with G-d,  I will then give you what you seek.  Stop trying to turn me into you,  who seek to build trenches and traps for the lost to fall into. No doubt the Holy Spirit told you to hide the crop circles like HE told Bill O’Reilly HE didn’t want to be in his movie “Killing Jesus”  and while you are at it make Jesus into a sinner with doubt of HIS deity.

Can you imagine me at the top of the hill with the bodies of Elijah and Enoch by my side talking to heads of state with their wives dressed in 10,000 dollar dresses wearing 100,000 dollar pearls falling on the floor flopping around like fish?   When all G-d really wants is their heart, to confess Jesus is Lord.   I could  get them to go home and fall on their knees and then if they want to go to church under that anointing,  then bless them, it’s just not going to happen at the soirée.

The Holy Spirit in you is here to guide and help us develop a closer walk with G-d and protect us from the breaking of G-d’s law. Jesus makes the rapture clear it is the angels of G-d who HE is sending into the world that decide who is ready to be harvested and who needs more time in the furnace of affliction to purge the heart of rebellion against the will of G-d. They saw man crucify the G-d in whom they worshiped because many of their former acquaintances denied the need for HIM.  To take the vast numbers into heaven they must be sure the fakes stay out they could cause trouble and we do not like troublemakers.

Darkness proclaims the 144,000 are chosen after the church is gone, how inconsiderate that nothing is set aside by any other Church other than the Anglican church to meet their needs.  They are family and that would make every other church worst than an infidel.  The church of the Angels planned well in advance.  Because they and we are sealed by the Holy Spirit it automatically places us on the train home. It is again like calling men Father or praying repetitiously or breaking the least of the commandments another teaching of Christ completely ignored.

Would it not be better to choose them before we leave so that you can tell your friends and  loved ones what is going on and what comes next?

Sending out the 144,000 money needs to be put away for them some people care about their brethren not these guys.
Sending out the 144,000 money needs to be put away for them some people care about their brethren. Do you care about them?

The list of individuals I will not submit to or under..

Preterist’s who robs G-d of HIS prophecy and claims Jesus second coming was in 70 AD, that this is the millennium age.  (You would all be treated as kings if it were.)

Men who are Ecumenical which is man uniting churches and not being discretionary or wise in whom they are siding with.

Protestants who serve the harlot.

Men who think America is the whore of revelation,  if it is then how will you pay her back double? If she is then come out of her as G-d commands you Revelation 18:4-5.  Pack your things get on a plane leave America and take your Catholic friends with you,  you are no longer welcome here any longer and be assured you are on the do not fly list!

If we cannot win those who are 10 feet from Christ how are you going to win those 20 feet from Christ?  Save the Catholic’s save the world!

James 5:19-20
(19) Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him;
(20) Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

Galatians 6:1
(1) Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

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