Some stay some go but all will know Jesus Christ is LORD – Game is still ON

Once you know the TRUTH, you can never with good conscience go back to the LIE, which places people in bondage.   Lies meant to lead us away from the truth. Lies that once held many of us.  We had learned a small measure of the truth enough to accept Christ as Lord, what if we had all the truth?   The truth that sets us free is we discovered a wonderful God loves us.

Like Paul Harvey,   would say,  it is time to hear the rest of the story

The suffering we endure is often caused by our own making and man’s dislike for his fellow man; we need new hearts of flesh by taking our hearts of stone that are too heavy to lift us from the earth on the resurrection day which also keeps us down most days and laying them at the cross for a new heart,   a joyful heart which is what Christ offers us.

We do not fight because of the color of our skin; those who do are small-minded. Skin color is a result of bodies adapting to the rays of the sun hitting the earth.     Some may say our values differ in reality, and they do not differ at all,  no matter where we are from, we have the same wants,  the love of our children and the protection of them. We fight because the darkness in us hates looking upon the image of God we are made in we need the spirit of God within us so we do not fight against ourselves and see the value in us all and that can only happen when Christ comes into us.

HE is valued above all! We are here because the angels who rebelled and keep us in derision seen no benefit to worshiping the SON of God before the creation of man.

Yet they were warned just as we are to look on the face of God one would surely die.

Psalms 1:1-2 KJV
(1)  Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
(2)  But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

It is the angels who will take those who are true to the word of Christ and those who are not are left to be martyrs for Christ in the tribulation.  So do not get angry if you are left behind, consider it another opportunity to reach out to the lost.  A lost you did not reach out to while the Holy Spirit was present with you.

You can say you do not have a problem with Catholics now, but when left in the tribulation, you will.   Have you shown God you did not care or love them as you claim and HIS Jewish people you even care less for by revealing you do not seek to honor the laws of God concerning idolatry and using HIS name in vain,

If the HOLY SPIRIT is present, why is he leading so many into a system that offends the Father and dishonors the Son’s finished work? A system that God deliberately came to end to keep others from standing in the way of the relationship that HE desires to have with them?   HE will be glorified as the one true God overthrowing the pagan gods of Rome who have changed their names to be considered Christian without proper conversion.

Properly converted, they would love whom Jesus loved and came for first and not be stones of stumbling; they would actually really love Jesus if truly converted.

Who were the sheep Peter was charged to feed?

The Emporer is only wearing new clothes.

The devil kept back half the truth from the people of Israel, the leaders of Jesus’s day, rejected the Messiah awaiting one that would establish the seat of David and set up an eternal kingdom where God ruled supreme and put down the wicked pagan practices of the heathen nations. They sought one who would overthrow  ROME and its idolatrous ways.

They want it all or nothing!

Before Jesus came into the world, it was ROME who conquered the lands and placed kings in power to serve their interest and not the interest of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Assistancy portraits with Fr. Adolfo Nicolas
Is America safe, or how good are they at playing ministers in Protestant churches?
Jesuit World Conquest Map
Catholic Jesuit world conquest map.


God being spirit came to us in the form of a man. That man was Jesus Christ; HE was the light of the world.  In heaven, HE was given a coat of many colors, and the congregation rejected him inside that covering.  They wanted someone who would create planets and stars. They wanted a God they could see, and Father did not see it was in the interest of the kingdom to give Lucifer that kind of power.

It is not in the interest of any of us to be given that kind of power.   You can see the mindset of the darkness to provide men superpowers of immortality without temperance that we would continually harm each other without ever dying because the darkness hates the image of God, and the darkness must be dealt with only the light is eternal.

Father continually insisted the SON was responsible for all that they saw and had.

The dilemma the first light bearer found himself in,  the congregation kept insisting they knew better and what God wanted. It makes me wonder whose anger rose first, was it his or the light he carried within him? The fault lied with the unbelief the lack of faith in the congregation in the word of God.  Who felt the SON and coming to worship HIM had no value; they just wanted to be masters of their destinies.

Asking to see the SON  is what made  Lucifer necessary, they stopped believing.

The Father intended to drive free will into understanding what LOVE is and how to LOVE you do not want to live in a world without LOVE, and we have evidence of what a world like that looks like.

What did the Father hear inside this grand covering walking among the congregation who thought the Son was not worth the stones this creature had been covered in and seen no value in him at all? Prove the SON is real and is in you,  make something from nothing as they rebuked him and his position!

When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness by the enemy, he is asking Jesus for proof of who HE is by asking Jesus to turn stones into bread. In his mind, it is a merciful suggestion as he was asked by the congregation of angels to take nothing and make it into something to prove his worth and that the SON was truly in him.

It is apparent in the symbols found in Egypt of the battle that the SON was not visible in heaven and the number 153, as found in  John 21:11, that God had to split himself in two.

See the post on the value of the fish Peter brought onshore. What Does 153 and 721 have in common?

We who are born again know the reality of the SON in us.

Sure we endure persecution, but we put up with it in hopes of saving our persecutors and opening their eyes to what is wicked and evil. How can they hate us if we seek to reveal the love of Christ?  They hate us because they think we belong to a  religion and that religion is sinister, using the LORD’s name in vain to establish its dominant position.

The game still on sounds awful of me considering what is going on in the world as some game.  You would think I was cold and heartless, but I assure you I am the opposite and that on a lot of things.

Engineers, Mechanics, and Technicians of every flavor find the problem and solve it. I was given the mind of Christ, and my faith is in the power of truth.

This generation knows games. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry as for me; I’m not a big gamer.   Today they have clans and tribes and escape from reality by playing simulated war games on high definition screens. It’s like a drug for many this is sadly a blood lust culture. That lacks the love of each other.

The Bible promises us when Christ returns we will learn war no more our weapons will be turned into plowshares to create food and feed the hungry rather than taking money to control food and food prices by throwing good food away. At the same time, children and poor people starve so that investors can earn bigger profits,  how utterly twisted they are.

What will we do with all those plastic cartridges and DVDs that teach war or witchcraft and spell casting things that  God finds abhorrent HE only allowed for war to defend the truth and protect HIS word against those who would distort or corrupt it. When a person goes to cast a spell, it summons demons from hell to carry it out, and that person becomes indebted to the darkness they summoned.

They hate the light and begin to hate themselves and the neighbors near them because of the image.

When Jesus came up to me in 2009 and touched me saying tag your it after seeing the similarities in America and the pyramid in Egypt, I knew I had won the game.

We are losing a great nation because Rome remained Rome and never found  Christ or the SPIRIT that dwelt in HIM  they continued a system  Jesus set to end because you can trust no man. Men like to set themselves over other men some for good,   others for what’s good for them.

I get to love on my worst enemy and help him get his peace plan and temple built.

I’m Bobby, not Benny or Wigglesworth, just Bobby.

However,  he does not seem to want it now once he learned it would be me. His ministers are all angry with me and try to trip me up and side with Rome as they have.

Like the Jewish people awaiting Messiah, they are disappointed.  My reasoning is this if the devil is out to use me as he desired to use the name of Jesus to build his one world order and make me a pet or a minister of righteousness without truth. The only help I need for him to do is back off and let me finish the work FATHER sent me to do.

I am in favor of 100 percent in completing this New World Order, but if I feel so inclined to reveal the old world order that worked so well, I will.   That’s what it means to have free will and not be coerced in praying away the lamps by those you hold in the darkness who support your church more than the church Christ established.

You love your enemies so that you may turn them to Christ, not become like them, pretending to know Christ.

I would love to slay people in the spirit; however, I want them to fall the right way and come back up in defense of the truth not on their backs but their faces calling out the name of the LORD GOD of Israel.   Right now, they come up stronger in support of the enemy’s plans and allow stumbling blocks in the path of Israel, who Jesus came to first.

How is that God’s spirit in them???

I can’t be fooled. Jesus is definitely on HIS way, and I was the first to tell you. How do I know? I’m the chariot that will be used to send the lost in the tribulation to the cross. The son of God is no one’s pet, and upon figuring that out, the rest made sense.

Is this a birthright you want to take from me? Is that not saying something about where you have placed the SON of God in your own heart?

If you catch the train of truth and choose to hop another to continue down the wrong track, will you not find yourselves in the hands of a living God who has revealed in these last days a simple plan only made complicated by the people you chose to follow on the wrong track?

You can only earn rewards for eternity by serving Christ in the world today. We are not to store our treasures here but give of them so our rewards will be in heaven.

A very noble minister, a brother of mine, will not get the crowns he would have gotten had he remained in Boston, and the spirit of God could have brought conviction on the people of Boston who placed him on trial unjustly for doing what the word of God says. Millions would have gotten the message don’t mess with God’s people, and they could have learned another valuable lesson, and their children would not be sitting in prisons today.

Somebody had another vision, and the man will not be getting his mega-church and be lifting God as he always saw himself doing. Imagine Bostonian’s driving through the tunnel every day, seeing his name on the TD Bank North Center instead of TD Bank North and the word for today that points to Jesus.

Prisons today are there because we choose not to discipline our children and let society do it who tells us its wrong to spank our children. Prisons are today privately owned and funded in a lot of places, and the state incarcerates its heathen children and taxes us all who live near it to have to pay for it because ungodly parents raised pagan children.

It is an elaborate game of king of the  HILL that began before man was created.  God did not start it, and HE always knew who was KING  above all Kings before the creation was even made.

He was not about gathering worship for himself but having creation worship HIS SON; He chose ONE PEOPLE TO  REVEAL THE MESSIAH THROUGH.

God gave HIS creation free will even knowing that it would need to be shaped forming and to see it HIS way. Look what happens when we neglect OUR time with God or do HIS will.

This machine operates best when we love Israel and come out swinging to defend her, and the reason we protect her is that the word of God says we must.

Peter feed my sheep.

When the enemy built the effigy of the Son in Egypt, it was his greatest blunder. He then took Abraham’s descendants to cover his Faux Pas by making them slaves to cover his ignorance of who the highest God was.  It reveals that the SON was not visible in heaven until Jesus sat at the right hand of HIS Father; if the son was seen in heaven by the angels, he wouldn’t have built the effigy with those exact dimensions.

Who is the pet now?

The next Faux Pas was blinding the eyes of the Jewish people of Jesus day whom he had believing that Messiah would set up a kingdom like David and be a military genius to overthrow Rome.   So in their disappointment in whom God sent them, Jesus was crucified by Rome. Who four hundred years earlier came up with the idea of hanging men on a cross.

Wherever did they get that Idea?  In the darkness, there is a mockery of God and the things of God. Yes, I know many of you do not believe in Santa Claus though you entertain the tradition that wreaks a mocking of God.  Because at the end of the day at Christmas, Jesus is on the earth in the manger. Look who is sitting on the throne, taking pictures with your children giving a hearty laugh?

It’s exactly what he wants. When I do my ho, ho, ho’s I’m pointing to the ly’s, ly’s, lys.

The west is the head of Christ’s mind of God, America, and England represented by the older serving, the younger Manassah, and Ephraim.

It is Benjamin who becomes the new covering over the SON.   Lamps are to shine the light and reveal truth not put on public displays of power for the benefit of those who claim they have power while leading us to Rome??? Healings will come when we honor the word and when those who are need of healing bring it to the elders so they can pray the prayer of faith as outlined by the one who was the founder of the true Church of Rome while imprisoned by them. Paul is more like Rome than Peter ever was with persecuting Christians and then converting. The only difference is Paul did not return to persecuting Christians.

Latin is a DEAD language!

Isaiah 13:12-18 KJV
(12)  I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.
(13)  Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the LORD of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.
(14)  And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.
(15)  Every one that is found shall be thrust through, and everyone that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword.
(16)  Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.
(17)  Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver; and as for gold, they shall not delight in it.
(18)  Their bows also shall dash the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eye shall not spare children.

Peter was sent to the house of ISRAEL, and God revealed himself to Peter that HE was indeed GOD with Peter catching his 153 fish after the resurrection.

It reveals the triune Godhead we as Christians all know to be true.


Thank you, Jesus, and thank you, my enemy, who could not see the truth or let others see it as well. Because of you and what Jesus did, I have a relationship with God,  one that you did not want!

So technically saints we have to do the half the enemy had the Jewish people focused on so we can get them focused on Jesus.

This will conclude as part one of this defining moment. Part two is Game ON  the secrets of Daniel.

To God, be the glory!

Brother Abel.

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