The secrets to harvest locked away in Daniel.

It is for me quite sad that the word of God is so neglected in favor of seeking supernatural gifts that we know are going to be dismissed in the new heavens and earth. For some, they are evidence but not for all.  Some seem overly misguided if they are guiding us back to a system God ended with the sacrifice of HIS SON.

Is it not enough to be broken and repentant with full knowledge, Christ keeps HIS promises. They that call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved that HE is alive and well and working through HIS saints to send a message to the lost that they are lost and that hell is real.

I would take notice of this man of Isaiah 13:12, especially if the prize were to carry his creature to punish the wicked when the time came.

Who doesn’t love God’s justice?

Continuing from the last post-Rome still needs to be defeated, and the armies of the LORD are all the saints who love Christ and can take direction to come out of her my people that includes spirit-filled Pentecostals so that the Jewish people can find Christ and the angels will be more than happy to pull us out when the time comes.

They are focused on the Jews and how we, as servants of God, will win them and show the angels that we can be trusted with the truth and the word of God.  A  minister in the AG faith tells me angels are to serve man like we are the LORD over them?!?

If they are leaving behind all things that offend, that would top my list.

The demons who rebelled sought to be LORD over them as well, just a heads up.

If you are sided with pagan Rome and their pomp-filled with doctrines of demons denying the finished work of Christ (surprising how Pentecostals don’t see that?), they are not helping you at all,  they know a traitor when they see one.

The man even referred to me as a dirtbag.  Right now, I’m God’s dirtbag, and HE is not happy with many who see the truth of HIS effigy sitting in Egypt and not considering HIS overall value to the creation they might as well have built it themselves. Maybe they did, who are you carrying? Is not HIS honor saints worth the world?

I, for one, believe its worth even more than that.

The perfect peace plan for the world is Jesus, and seeing the value of Jesus.

Messiah is to destroy the pagan nations and defeat Rome; at least that was what the enemy had them believing. Now technically, if Christ lives in us, then aren’t we carrying Messiah, and should not the Church reveal to Israel Messiah, we just need to get on the same page or at least the proper translation of it.

The Book of Daniel plays out sequence for the last days, and here  I hope that God opens your eyes to how it must go in order to win the lost to Christ. There is no reason we cannot have fun with this.

The one who is wearing those precious stones that he spent centuries accumulating has to pass them on to the new light-bearer.   Hopefully, his followers will follow and see who I point too. Look I don’t make the rules I just tell you about them. In heaven, there will never again be a need for a covering cherub, as the kingdom would have settled with its permanent residence by free will choice.

However, as long as there are two sides, a Godly covering protects the right side. The one who failed the first time brought us to this place. He was never satisfied with all his jewels and position. He wanted it all.

Know anyone else like that?

God and HIS wisdom, this is mine and you can’t have it!

Ok, I’ll let you have it on one condition the SON gets to complete HIS other 3.5 years.

Genesis 49:9-10 KJV
(9)  Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?

If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me. That sounds like a revival.

Isaiah 13:12.

(10)  The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

I know when I hear the truth, and if I know that it is the truth from the throne of God, then I must adhere to it, and when I hear others telling lies that we know are lies, we need to nip it in the bud before it blooms.

However, because there is so much darkness in the world, the lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its boots on.

Sadly I am outnumbered by the many papists in our churches who have throughout the ages condemn many to hell; Ecumenists defend them more than they would in helping the world see Christ and HIS beloved Jewish people who are important to HIM. They are important to all of us!!! IT makes the whole system work! Below the machine that reveals that to us.

In the book of Daniel, we see great truths; it is the book we are told that unlocks the book of Revelation, and it is a book we should know by heart or have much of its lessons taken to heart.  It lays out the history of the world in a king’s dream with a head of Gold and feet mixed with clay and iron.   God can work and mold clay, but iron needs to be tempered by the furnace before it yields to the will of its maker. Those are the ones that stay.

Here are the key points of the book of Daniel.

    1. Chapter 1. Daniel is faithful and partakes not of the (emperors) King’s meat (food) if the root of the tree is corrupt will not its branches also bear corrupt fruit?  We learn Daniel is proficient in all visions and dreams.

      Jews are waiting for a man with a heart like David’s who see the value in relationship with God and one whom God has his hand upon.
    2. Chapter 2.  We learn the servants of false gods (a cookie Christ) cannot interpret or tell what the King’s dream was only  Daniel understood it and knew it not being told to him by the King. In  Daniel 2:21, he reveals who sets up kings and takes them down.   After revealing the dream, the King falls down to worship Daniel and praise his God, making him a great man among his people of Babylon. Why did not Daniel reject the worship?Because he was worshiped because of God supporting him was worshiped.  Daniel then appoints his fellow  God-fearing men into positions of importance. The image below seeks to do the same thing to establish God-fearing lovers of Christ in critical locations.

      It is our pentagon to do battle by.

One five-sided star surrounded by five others by the way the numbers here point to the wars found in kings. Meant for their eyes only, and we will tell you as we fulfill each battle.

Loose lips sink ships.

3. Chapter 3. The King misunderstands the God of the Hebrews and fashions an image to be worshiped, the faithful THREE Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to bow down to this image and continue to worship the unseen God who delivers them from the fire. Do we have a firestorm coming that we need to be delivered from? Rome wanted American  Power for a reason; historically they like killing people in the name of God.

There are 888 raised sections. 8 is the number of perfection in a triune grouping like this it all three in agreement; Christ is the only way to be protected from death.
Angel outpost observing man. Learning what is good and what is evil. Maybe deciding who is going and who is staying. I’m a dirtbag so this bag needs to stay behind to carry the dirt later on.

4. Chapter 4.  King  Nebuchadnezzar is writing this section giving praise to God and a first-hand account of God’s greatness. Daniel reveals the watchers and that it again is God who rules in the kingdom of men and gives to whom he will and sets up over them the lowest of men.   In verses 17, 25, and 32   THREE times, it is declared God makes the choice who rules who does not.  Nebuchadnezzar made the statement that made him a beast and blind to his change is that he made  Babylon Daniel 4:30. Many a minister falls into this trap of look what I built or my ministry. Their pride begins to direct it in a direction opposed to God. Add Chapter four together what is mentioned three times you come up with seven.

5. Chapter  5 which always comes before 6. The handwriting on the wall comes after those who treat and abuse the holy things of God.

Because of the interpretation of the one-time handwriting on the wall, Daniel is made the third greatest man in the kingdom; the other two are Father and Son. Today many a Pentacostal do the same thing abuse holy things and do not seek  God, and that is why they try to lead us back to Rome. Daniel tells us that the kingdoms will be divided, and today we must choose either light or darkness; there is no middle ground. Followers of darkness will enter the eternal fire with weeping and gnashing of teeth and those in the light into everlasting joy and peace.

Dividing the world between light and dark. Will there be strife? Only with the darkness.

6. Chapter 6  Daniel, we find, is lifted above the King’s other men.

Don’t need the Whithouse just that everyone is aware  Jesus is coming would be fine and what must be done to prepare for HIS entrance.

Daniel 6:3 KJV
(3)  Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the King thought to set him over the whole realm.

Daniel did not slay anyone in the spirit, but they knew the spirit of God was with HIM, and how did they know that?

They did not like Daniel even though God clearly did, so they set up a trap for him that no one should petition any God or man for thirty days except for the King, or they would be thrown into the lion’s den.

It is the darkness that seeks to make the lie credible, making that which IS GOOD look as if it is EVIL so that the undiscerning would be caught siding with the darkness and not the light.

We find in Daniel chapter EIGHT, which coincidently in this book a number that is synonymous with new life and new beginnings. Here truth falls to the ground where it practices and prospers Daniel 8:12, a good student of scripture would know that this is not  Jesus coming down or falling it should be obvious  Jesus did not need to practice truth,  HE IS THE TRUTH!

It comes down because of a daily sacrifice, now Jesus for me and the angels of  God is the final sacrifice, and there is no need for any other.

So a wise OWL  would say “who” what and where is this truth that falls to the ground? What is today’s daily sacrifice?  Hint: The priest put it on four to five times a day in all the Romish churches all over the world in their mock   Levitical positions.

When Joseph Smith, who was born on  December 23, 1805, in Vermont. He began speaking lies right outside the womb; his birthdate reflects the kind of man he was going to be.  The date when added together the month, day, century, and year it points to Psalm  58, and I believe he may have been born at three in the morning Psalm  58:3.  Is it God’s doing,  that Smith chose to lie? God does not desire that any perish or go into hell, but why did he not steer  Smith in a better direction?

Smith, because of his upbringing, saw people as gullible and an easy target to make a living off of, only a knowledgable person of scripture would have caught on and not followed him. His following started with his swaying members from spirit-filled revivals???  Pentacostal churches.   So if the spirit of God was in these people, what made them go and fashion the  Mormon  Church? A Church that claims that they have the TRUTH and more of it than the rest of us.

Who are you going to trust in the last days?

Isaiah 13:12

A discerning man would have noticed the similarities between Mormons and Muslims, each claiming their prophet is the prophet to follow???  Who has no problem with polygamy or defiling children?  Jesus is a better leader by far as HE not only paid the price for our sins but proved that HE even had power over death to take HIS life back up again, having victory over Sin. If he can do it, then having him in us is the way we overcome the world.

Both Muslims and Mormons claim their book is the accurate word of God, and each was handed to them by an angel?!?  Look even closer; it would be a fallen angel acting as an imposter because this is all about pointing to the SON  of God the creator of all life the other gods of the world are false; these books do not center on Jesus. Jesus is all that matters to the Father, and the way we treat Israel is the way the angels see themselves being treated by those who harm Israel.  If they were to let all in, then heaven would not be heaven.

You must be able to submit to God’s authority.

To solve this dilemma of who to trust and place our faith in so that those many poor lost souls can be set free.    God plans to make one man precious at the end of the age mentioned in  Isaiah 13:12.

There are four sections of 12 for Psalm 48:1-14

Like in heaven, of course, the person will turn only after his wound is healed, which says those who missed it do not need a leader with his mind intact.

Mormon’s like the Catholic Church do not appear among the seven churches of Revelation that belong to God whom HE watches over.  Here is where Mormonism fails if you know Jesus and understand what HE accomplished on the cross.  They claim that God restored to them the Aaronic priesthood!


Red Flags should be sprouting up on believers everywhere. Even Joel Osteen should have caught this. The “Aaronic” priesthood, for what purpose would God need more sacrifice after  34 AD?  After all, that was the Levite’s only purpose to make a sacrifice to atone for the sins on behalf of the people who would bring them their offering and admit they were not clean before a HOLY GOD.

Jesus FINISHED the work at the cross, and to be sure sacrifice would not happen again before his return; HE knew the enemy would be angry and blinded by his anger, he would do something terrible. That was, he destroyed the temple and scattered the only priesthood God-ordained.




Only to find out in 90 AD he was going to need it back it is where God intends to rule from when HE arrives here, but before that day, the enemy will sit there to declare himself God. So you do what you know to do best lie and bring back the priesthood and deny the finished work of Christ.

Is this that complicated to understand?

Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who try and build it.

This elaborate game of King of the Hill has lessons to teach us, Father, my only HOLY Father.  I will not call any other man Father or HOLY, for that matter,  Jesus will always be God, and there is none beside HIM.  He teaches us, using visual lessons.

Jesus SAID to call no man Father then why do they insist on rejecting HIS words??? Is that loving HIM with all their heart mind and soul?

Like a bad salesperson who gets his foot in the door, it doesn’t stop there pretty soon; he’s selling your friends and neighbors the same lines.

Be more pro life in this direction and teenage woman will get more of the word.
Leviticus 26:1  Ye shall make you no idols nor graven image, neither rear you up a standing image, neither shall ye set up any image of stone in your land, to bow down unto it: for I am the LORD your God. Also found in Exodus 20:4, it is the commandment they removed from their religion.

Well, I, for one, can’t figure out why Muslims and Jewish people don’t see Christianity as the only way I’m just not Pentacostal enough, I guess?

God knew the devil could not resist mocking HIM and attempt to regain his former position and glory and gather to himself all those precious stones taken from him that made him who he was in heaven, He lost the light, and he turned his back on the truth.

Though he may have got all his stones back, he still is without light, and so is his Church and the ministers of righteousness who defend them.

The lesson to be learned  TRUTH has great value, and the SON of God is the greatest  TRUTH the world must know. The more truth you possess, the more value you are to God; it is the TRUTH that sets men free.

The devil gives out or allows only half-truths and frowns on the full truth and with reason, to keep his captives captive. They may be pro-life at the bottom of the hill, but they are following the blind at the top of the hill who don’t care, either way.  They need a peace plan they don’t have.  Sadly Obama, for them, was a waste of money. Maybe not so for the Church as a whole; it reveals who doesn’t trust God.

When America starts waking up and sees who caused the world’s problems, they will have no recourse but to repent or perish, and that goes for the ministers of righteousness.

Satan does not feel threatened by the preachers of righteousness. In fact, many of them don’t care about the truth. He has transformed many who place stones of stumbling in the way of the lost children of Israel as his ministers. They may be for pro-life, but only at the lowest levels what good would a church be without its parishioners, even a false church, and the devil will play both sides if he feels it will suit him.

His armies are the priests that he restored into a vocation that was no longer needed with their many voices speaking lies and calling good evil. Real good will not conform to his standard of deception.

For instance, I can never go back calling  John the author of the book of John once I hear the TRUTH to do so is to play into the hands of darkness who will defend him as the author when now I know the disciple whom Jesus loved is Lazarus. A disciple is someone who follows the master, not just the twelve. Jesus  reveals HIS  Father as HOLY FATHER  a term only used once   in the Bible and for good reason

The two legs of iron in the King’s dream were the division between Constantinople as the head of the Church and Rome as head of the Church. Each has a HOLY FATHER and a priesthood, and neither of them knows Christ or bow their knee to the truth, which is they are not in the apostolic succession of the body of Christ. Because they do not understand what is going on. They have hundreds of questions while I only have three.

One has to admit it is a brilliant plan to drive billions to the cross.

He does love them, so, won’t you?

Brother Abel.

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