Respect is a SEVEN letter word!

Seven has always been a sacred number in scripture 777 gives us 21 or in my case jackpot. 21 7s gave us 777 SEVEN days a week. Psalm 21 conveniently told us the attempts of the devils at building their device against us cannot be completed. They need a peace plan, and I know where to find one. We are in the 21’st century Jesus is at the door closer now then ever before.

This word RESPECT something that we all seek at some point or another. It is revealed to us the first time in scripture in Genesis 4:4, which is 8 split the wrong way. At the cross the perfect 8 rightly divides giving us 33 or the reason it happened to begin with goes back to Genesis 3:3. Respect shows up a total of 34 versus of scripture, 34 times it is no mistake a signature move on G-d’s part at validating his word.

There is a belief among theologians about the nature of first things, when the Azuza Street revival began there was no disrespect of G-d’s word. They were not carrying a watered-down liberal copy of it, that left this all-important word out. It is missing in the NASB and the NIV and ESV three of the biggest sellers in Bible translations, in this the most significant of places.

Who besides Cain did not respect Abel and the first offering? Abel would have been the first high priest and replacement to the creature in heaven, maybe that’s why he still does not offer it to Abel in his other translations? It seems coincidental as the damned would say. My findings in Egypt guarantee my placement in the realm of respect. He will give it to me, or he will get no temple and no peace plan, that goes for the false teachers and traitors who continually rob G-d of his victory and glory. I will give it to him, but my choice in leaders is narrowing down what fool would find the Son’s honor of no value?

The problem is that the word has lost a significant part of its power. Let us say we are friends, and you just had a spat with your spouse, and you are in the dog house. You ask me to tell your wife how much you are hurting, to tell her how much you love her and want her back, that she completes you and how you are nothing without her. So like a good friend I go up to the little woman and say, (insert name here) wanted me to tell you he loves you. Did I do your message justice? I relayed what I summed up you meant. It’s definitely true, but it lacked the effect intended. Do not think G-d takes his word or messages lightly. He means what he says and says what he means. So to be a fool would be to teach another word and leave essential elements out of it, the plagues of revelation fall on those who disrespected G-d’s word.

Genesis 4:4 is the first-time G-d reveals RESPECT that causes the first man to be murdered and by his own brother. Who would be the first born of men among the angels? Who would plead with G-d for a position given up by what was his closest friend, now his enemy? Why does the enemy not want to offer this word respect to Abel in the other translations? This whole story is based on the principal of respect.

My findings in Egypt should then not surprise anyone. It was always meant for one man to find. Reincarnation is the belief of living past lives and coming back in different bodies. The truth is no one ever really dies they just go to either one place or another. Some go to the glories of heaven through the work of the Son or to a place where the Son was rejected, which brings us back to disrespect.

Usually, a demon impresses past life on a lost soul to discredit the word of G-d and to ensnare the unbeliever’s soul. On resurrection day, every ‘body’ will have been assigned one soul. In the case of Abel it is not so, it is about RESPECT his life was cut short because of G-d’s respect of him and his offering. The enemy was fearful that Abel would be the one who crushed his head because of G-d’s appreciation of understanding. Abel knew what G-d wanted from the beginning.

Abel never truly died nor did he actually break any laws. So to pass judgment on whom G-d had respect towards, really goes against His nature. We see that in King David and King Solomon both womanizers and law breakers. Solomon was said to be the wisest man whom ever lived? There is comedy in this ideology, Solomon had a honey do list that just didn’t quit. His wives and concubines had him building temples to their gods. Solomon baby my pooky wookey would you build a temple to the enemy for me?

As Christians have it better than him. We have the mind of Christ as revealed in 1 Corinthians 2:16 Jesus stressed to the teachers of His day, there is one wiser than Solomon, speaking of himself. It was Jesus after all who imparted wisdom to Solomon to begin with. So to chase this venue of none wiser than Solomon means this teacher just doesn’t know Christ nor does he have the mind of Christ to say such things.

G-d holds the greatest respect towards His Son and why not they are after all one in the same.  No one ever questions the age that both brothers are when they make an offering to G-d in Genesis 4 are they 50 years old or a 100? Either age would still make them children in the eyes of the angels and G-d.

So when G-d casts Adam and Eve out of the garden, and he curses the earth because of sin, we do dot really see G-d again until Abel’s sacrifice. Abel drew him from his place of hiding. Because the bible is read quickly we never see this time pass. How often had he heard his parents tell the story of the garden and the events that unfolded that cast them out?

When I speak of false teachers, I speak of those who go out of their way to protect Satan and his dirty little secrets. That teaching angels did not take on flesh after the rebellion is a lie of the devil to hide his part in building what at the end of the age has become the symbols of the battle. False teachers must dance around passages that tell Adam and Eve to replenish the earth or skate around Jeremiah 4:22-27. Angels where the first part of the story. Enoch tells us much about this original war, and that they did take on flesh to be with the women. Man is another part of the story a brand-new creation for a fresh beginning the classroom for free will to learn man gets a book that the angels did not have.

Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
Mark 13:31 Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.
Luke 21:33 Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away

G-d had respect for one man because of what he understood, he lost his life for pleasing G-d, Abel has in him now the story of Christ. It is a story that plays out every day in a believer’s life in a society absent of the knowledge of the Son. Jesus laid his life down, and it was taken by those He came for. Those who today say they know him as the lion of the tribe of Judah,  he is revealing they are lying and see no truth in the symbols that the blind can clearly see.


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