Finding omeN

An omen as defined by our internet free dictionary is…

1. A phenomenon supposed to portend good or evil; a prophetic sign.

Let’s find the omen in the video “Finding Nemo” first we will begin by understanding that a war is being fought around us, in us, and through us, those sealed by the Holy Spirit are not prone to evil but to be good. Those who have been on the fence as undecided often times do good to be on the safe side, so they think. However, good is never good enough when it comes to a holy G-d sending a clear message.

Jesus made it clear one must be born again in order to enter heaven becoming a brand-new creation, for a new creation. Those of us, who are aware, we are just passing through being tried and tested. A brand-new heaven and a brand-new earth await the faithful who fight the good fight and didn’t sell out.

There are two characters on a quest to find a missing clown fish called Nemo. One is a blue tang fish called Dorey, who is like American Protestants forgetful never knowing what’s going on half the time, but is loyal to Israel or in this case Marlin Nemo’s father. Nemo is being held captive in a fish tank in the British capital of Sydney Australia.

Allington-Down-Wiltshire-01-08-00-While on their journey, they encounter sharks that are doing the twelve-step program trying to make fish their friends and not food. Everyone knows a shark cannot be anything more than a shark which brings humor to the story. Is this not a picture of the Inquisition and the Roman empire with their pagan ways mixed with the precious work of Jesus Christ, whom was responsible for all the antisemitism? In the crop circle above we see how they have distorted the original purpose of Israel.

Just call me Papa!
Just call me Papa!

The sad truth is they created most of our world governments using their wealth as influence and delusion of being G-d’s only church. Want to stop the evil empire then take away their power by taking the wealth they stole from the world. They exist above ground in China and seek to make China the strength that protects their wealth at the top while we as American’s and true Christians in general suffer. Those who defend and protect her will be left behind with her to pay her back double.

(Revelation 18:5) For her sins have reached unto heaven, and G-d hath remembered her iniquities.

(Revelation 18:6) Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.

(Revelation 18:7) How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while  Protestants hide in underground churches.
Communist China Catholics continue to sacrifice Christ acceptable to all Catholics while Protestants hide in underground churches.
When the light comes on will we have a chance to escape?
G-d is watching why not you? Click to see the video.

Rome is the brains of building the one world order and who was it they were building it for? Ignorance of the law is not a defense at all. Many will come in Jesus name but not everyone will make resurrection especially the Dorey’s who are amnesic at best , will we lift Jesus back into position and please His Father or continue to do it with our eyes closed and pretend we love Him?

Daniell 8:12 says truth falls to the ground where it practices and prospers.  Where was it before it fell and if truth prospers is that evil? Seems like a lot of coincidences surround me that lean-to setting the lost free. I will not be damned for exposing the truth,  I will be damned if I don’t.

My pastors / teachers should take that saying to heart most of them are betraying Christ in word.  However, emotionalism still ranks high with many of them. What good is it if you stay blind to the truth?  True leaders of the church of Christ have established themselves as being true to G-d by not siding with America’s destroyers the root enemy of Israel,  they want that land to build their temple meant only for G-d and G-d insists it be built by a true Priesthood established by Him not the phony one established by Rome who knows not G-d at all.

Another Omen would be the fact truth is making its way around truth is needed to set souls free.

I mentioned Psalm 21 and the era we live in the 21’st century,  they are unable to do their evil plans of the one world order as outlined by Psalm 21:11.  We also looked at 21 7’s which can give us 777 seven days a week here is another 21 that has been overlooked by many who claim they know G-d.

MMLL or mmll stands for 1000+1000+50+50 = 2100 which is shortened to MMC or mmc which stands for 1000+1000+100 = 2100

Matthew, Mark, Luke and Lazarus would be our first four books of the new testament had someone not mistakenly (Polycarp) placed John as the disciple whom Jesus loved as being John.   I find it hard to believe that years after this very humble writer of the greatest gospel ever written is later commissioned to write Revelation he can’t help announcing,  hey look everybody its me.   He is mentioned as the author five times in the KJV,  four times in the ESV, NIV and NASB.  Those who teach should at least study to show themselves approved rightly dividing the word of G-d. The man who led me to come up with Lazarus as the disciple whom Jesus loved has a study that should be done by all.  G-d rejoices in the truth and we can all use more of G-d in our lives so he loves to hang around those whom love truth.  Abel drew him out in the beginning and he will  do it again in the end by knowing what G-d desires,  one of them is not agreeing with the false teachers.

disciplewhomjesuslovedAll scripture is given by inspiration of G-d(2Ti 3:16). Thus, the testimony of scripture is true, and ideas that contradict scripture must be false. Yet, the Bible lets us know that the traditions of men can cause people to hold ideas that are contrary to the word of G-d. ~

In the meantime read the book and admit that you are easily misled by those with all the gold and glitter. Just as the lost angels in heaven where led away when Lucifer led the rebellion,  you would have rode with him then,  as you are doing right now.  G-d has proven it to you. I never felt G-d in a Catholic liturgy and probably never will.

Sorry pastor we will never be friends as long as you remain on a course to condemn the world and not try to find solutions to the problem.  Your Jesus is more like the devil,  than G-d,  so next time you are praying tell him we need that money to get His temple built more than for the harvest.

I love the truth because I was lied to all of my life by those who claimed to love me.  It’s no hard for me to spot the true lovers of Christ from those who are only paying him lip service.

Building this was a mistake? Your sins will find you out.
Ironic when you think about it! So you to want to be lifted out as well…No?

One more while I am on a roll…It is my favorite movie of all time.

toystoryWhere new tech meets old tech, shouting to them “To infinity and beyond.”
We begin the movie with Woody on Mr. Microphone telling everyone to find a moving buddy. We’re going to a new home.

We see Sid as the evil villain who likes hard-rock music and destroying toys. He is a picture of our own serpent. In Sid’s world even the toys gather to fix each other like we are supposed to do in the Church. One of the reasons that I like the church I am in now, people here made an effort to reach out to strangers and new comers. I wonder if I was still with my stepparents if that would hold true? I was disappointed in the non numbers who came up to talk to my stepmother when she was alive attending other churches.

We see that Buzz light year loses faith in himself when he discovers he is a toy like everyone else not special at all, just like those who are destroyed by this world.

Being in Sid’s house too long you lose your identity, and many begin to think they are Mrs. Nesbitt and not the toy they were meant to be. Buzz then realizes he has been marked at the base of his boot. Inscribed on him in permanent marker is the one who loves him Andy, it is Jesus for the rest of us the blood the imperishable marker.

So I would like to close with telling you find a moving buddy we are going to a new home soon.. To infinity and beyond.



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