Promises, promises I know only one who can keep them.

All of G-d’s promises are yes and amen.

In my previous post, I re-edited a section to apologize for any misunderstanding.  The light was not Lucifer’s problem his heart and his desire was.  If he was transporting G-d with him through the congregation, then it began as righteous anger among those who claimed to understand the Son but chose not to worship HIM as Father desired. Like Christ, in us, we become frustrated and hopefully incensed at those who mock HIM or deny HIM. Many turn away to people please rather than to please G-d.  People compromise, it happens. However,  to assist and aid the enemy is more treasonous than one can imagine. We are here to learn what is good and what is evil and to hold fast to the good. Jesus is great, and we won’t get any better than that.

I can only conclude that I have found in many, not the will to lift the Son of G-d up where HE had been mocked by the fallen angels in the sight of G-d’s holy angels who chose to honor the Son.  I still see G-d being mocked by the existing priesthood and those who support it as Christian.

Facing east as the sun rises. Lucifer once looked into the glory of G-d. The dream Steele tells a powerful story. Written when Abraham’s descendants were slaves in Egypt it says this was covered in sand someone was trying to hide something. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.

When we look at Israel, they represent the faithful angels awaiting the promise of Messiah. When we look at the bride of Christ, these are the Gentiles who have been reconciled to G-d through the sacrifice of the most High on the cross.  G-d’s honor and HIS Son’s holds great value. Life does not nor cannot exist without them.

G-d placed a covering of precious stones around HIMSELF and proceeded to walk the congregation of angels.  Lucifer lost heart seen no way possible to win the rebellious back to the throne. Rather he sought to take it over for himself feeling it was not fair to make one serve whom they could not see. Talk about the epitome of hypocrisy build any pyramids with slave labor recently?

Satan promised his angels who followed him kingdom’s to which to rule from.  Today the CIA has placed his people everywhere, and now they need peace???

Aztec Pyramid of the Sun false g-d Quetzalcoatl served by a priesthood who kept the king on top of the hill as the people were made slaves to do their bidding.  Quetzalcoatl was a winged serpent that required human sacrifice. Please don’t take me, Mr. Priest, I’ll do whatever you want.  Psst…My neighbor thinks’s you’re an idiot though. A winged serpent?? Lou not a very good disguise eh.

El Mirador another Mayan Pyramid
Pyramids of Tikal in Guatemala a Mayan civilization they also served false gods a polytheistic culture like Rome once was??? Izamna was one served by a priesthood who also held a king in power as well. Human sacrifice was done but of course.  The Catholic church and the Spanish Conquistadors came to tame these savage men and Catholicize them. Diego de Landa Calderón had left after having felt successful in introducing them to Christ only to come back and find them mixing their paganism with Catholicism. He destroyed many of them and confiscated their gold because of their mixing their version of pure Christianity with their deities.  My take on it had they taught them to read the Bible they could have changed the names of their deities to the names of Saints and no one would have been wiser.


  Another set of Pyramid’s underwater you can be sure the wages for making these was meager as well.  Again we will never know what deity was served in this one but can almost be certain there was a priesthood involved and a king on top of the hill.

Meanwhile on the road to building his new world order that began after the fall.

When you own all the horses in the race! Expect evil to have a hand in it. There is no Democrat Republican there is only the Vatican.

 This is taken in our Whitehouse the same year we lost 700 billion dollars, and Obama took office? The priesthood has done it again. That cake is so Pyramid like and so is his position on top of the hill.  George Bush is behind him, and when you support the wicked, you will be judged with them.

Donald Trump is an educated Catholic Jesuit who does not realize his eternal soul is endangered as do so many other Catholic souls who follow blind guides.

If Obama called the movie “Spotlight” a work of fiction, you can be sure it is true.

Funny how Mayor Guliani is now calling 9/11 an inside job? The truth movement is doing their work well. Just in case the blame will go to the Mason’s and the Bush family as Nazi engineers.

The devil likes power, and we made him a home away from home. Where he would feel welcomed. Truly he is not but we must show the world he exists. That’s where I come in. 
 Obama did not work out as hoped to bring peace to the Muslims and the middle east. Will Donald’s Son in Law be the man who brings peace to Israel?  What wrong with Jesus and lifting HIM up Saints??? If we do the right thing, we win a great portion of the world for Christ if we do not, and my Pastor has his way billions will perish.   There’s a price for siding with those who mock Jesus.

Lucifer led his rebellion and was tossed from heaven, his great lie “G-d has no Son” you would think Islam represents him most of all to this day.   No not at all they want to know one G-d.  Satan’s demons were not interested in women man had not been created they were to become  G-d’s secret weapon and would not come until after G-d replaced HIS covering with the making of man building us up into living precious stones. HIS first covering now the prince of darkness carries no light,  no love,  no hope,  no joy and a lot of false promises he cannot fulfill.  Sure those who are thinking they are having fun now cannot fathom the horror’s that awaits them because of the damage they do to others around them.

The first rebellion in heaven had no interest in women they just wanted to be kings and rule over the ones who worshiped the Son.  A second rebellion takes place, and they lose their place in heaven over wanting to defile themselves with women. A lot of men and teens do the same thing today give up heaven for sex. The temporary pleasure traded for the eternal joy.

It’s not whether the earth is flat or round or whether dinosaurs were in the garden or not. The question is what did you do with Jesus? Do we need HIM to have a society or not?

So if I was to be the light bearer today and I was going to promise to serve G-d I would want to place true Christians in power positions I would not corrupt myself with wealth,  I would just enjoy what the enemy stole from me, precious time with my beloved whom I met in Christ.

Keep in mind its ten kings who give power to one.  I know of several Protestant ministers who bowed to the dragon and proclaimed “They are Christians too.”  So don’t be surprised if the angel’s leave you behind.  Now that we have seen the Son we have become more protective of HIS position in heaven. The first covering protection failed or did he???

Maher Rothschild, a German Jewish Banker, said he did not care who was the ruler of a nation as long as he held its wealth.   (not all Jewish people are like him.) The same goes for the rest of us some of us will ignorantly protect the evil intent of others.   Some truly hate Christ, and that is because they do not understand that Christ came to an end the slavery of the pagan priesthood and set men free of which they found themselves caught up in, while in ancient Egypt forced to hide the symbols of the battle. The rest of the civilizations were to further hide the original; he’s cunning but not clever.

Maher Rothschild was not thinking about lifting Jesus with his wealth, and coincidently he stole the British economy right out from under them lying about who won the war.  The church did not see anything morally wrong in putting families out in the street, and so they placed their money in his bank. Do your homework don’t take my word for it.

As for keeping promises, Jesus is on HIS way and we do need to do like the Rothchild’s and the Vatican with our wealth place Protestant’s in political positions.

“Moving on up to the east side,  we finally got a piece of the pie!”

Brother Abel





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